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Good afternoon my dear XXXXX! Dear I is very glad that you have written I so my love waited your letter. I descended in agency and all have learnt, that it is necessary for me and as to me all it to make without any problems. I have come there to agency and me have invited in an office, me have asked that I want, I have told it that I have found the beloved abroad and I will leave to it, to me have told that first of all I should call to Moscow, in the Moscow Embassy and order documents, then I will need to go to Moscow to give the documents for reception of the visa and the international passport, I have told well, I will call and order documents. We with the girl have started to call in the Moscow Embassy and she has told that I will go abroad also to me it is necessary to order documents, she has told to me that at departure from Russia I need to have at herself the visa, the international passport and the insurance and has told that I will need to pay for these documents money, I have told that I know it also I have asked the prices of documents, to me have told, that the visa price will cost 124euro, the international passport 197euro and the insurance costs 86 euro, to me have counted the full sum and have told that on all documents to me is necessary 407 euro, and still it is necessary to buy tickets aboard the plane. I of this girl have told that I will talk to you and in a current of 1 days I will come to you in agency and we will call again to Moscow and we will tell precisely will take I documents or not. Here now I have written you also all have told concerning documents, now we need to solve with you concerning documents my dear. I have still asked her on the account of tickets favourite, she to me has told, that when I will order documents and to pay them after that I as will speak them a city and the airport yes where the ticket is necessary to me and they to me I will reserve the ticket to you my dear! Favourite I to the girl have told that they to me have tried to do tickets as it is possible more cheaply because I gain them not on the money, she to me has told that will try to find tickets approaching for me but after I will begin to cry for documents. I hope you me you understand favourite XXXXX?

I to her have told, that I will try to come to to agency this week and to pay all sum of money for documents. Now you know, how many it is necessary for me of money for a trip to you my love XXXXX. But it only for documents my favourite. I very much ask you, that you sent me money that I have started to do my documents. I ask you that you understood me correctly and into the trip account! Well my dear XXXXX? I have learnt, that they can be received through the company on remittances Western Union (it I was advised by the girl from agency of travel). You need to know my data to send me your money.

You should fill my data, it:

1. A full Name: Ekaterina

2. A full Surname: Dorofeeva

3. The country: Russia

4. The address: Novocheboksarsk Street - Vavilov, House - 34 Apartment - 14

5. An index: 429950

When you will fill my data you then fill the data and specify there the sum of money which you send me. When you will fill all in the form of the Western Union you should transfer this form and money in office of the Western Union my dear XXXXX!

I think, that you already have understood it. As when you will send me money, you should go at once to the computer and write me the letter with the information that you have sent money through the Western Union and as to write me details which to me it is necessary for reception of your money. I need a detail for reception of money, it:

1. Your full name

2. Your full surname

3. Your country

4. A city, whence you to send money

5. Your full address

6. Yours post code

7. The exact sum of money which you have sent me

8. Number of transfer MTCN

I hope, that you have understood all, that I have written to you about the company of transfer of money and as I hope for you, that you will do all correctly that there was all without problems. Well XXXXX?

I feel in myself, that you at me the unique beloved with whom I will be the happiest woman all over the world. When we Hicham will meet you, our hearts and our love will be in a place and in a place we will be most at the happiest the pair all over the world, we will be glad each other! You agree with me my darling!

Now I will expect every day ours with you of a meeting and I will think only of you because every day to me so it is strong you does not suffice also me so it would be desirable on to arrive more likely to you to be with you nearby always always! I am very strong without you I miss also to me very strongly you does not suffice! I am very strong at strongly you I love my love Hicham! I wait from you with the big impatience of a fast reply and as, I wish you happy and fine day my dear XXXXX!

Every day I think of our meeting and about us as to us it will be good when we with you will be in a place my dear more and more. I very strongly grieve without you and very strongly you I love my love. I will call to you tonight, therefore wait for my call. I wait from you for a fast reply the my dear prince. My mum sends you greetings. With love your favourite on always Ekaterina!