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Hi my friend Alexander.
I am pleased to read your letter, thanks, which you write to me! I very much would be Like to study (find out) concerning you more. Now it is a little concerning me: I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia, My birthday of January 1 1974. I have no any of the sisters or brothers, I the unique(sole) child in Family. My urban Ekaterinburg Posed about the Ural Mountains, my city - main city in Sverdlovskaya oblast (Sverdlovsk Range). You perceive me? Well, my body height of 170 centimeters and weight of 54 kg, in Me a chestnut hair and brown eye. Now in me length of a hair is long, I think you, all this sees on My photos. I shall send certainly you even a lot of my photos. Please, send to me your photos, WELL? I shall be very pleased to see them. I am single, and I have no children. My favorite The colour is red. You know, unfortunately, that I have no the telephone of a house, for this reason you could To not invoke(produce) (to name) me. And nevertheless my salaries - 40 dollars within the whole month. So, also I very much like Sports competitions and everything, that to this is connected(linked), I - engaged gymnastics, I very much like a The able-bodied image (mode)((image)) of life and I think, which everyone should it like. I can speak English tongue a little. I had Never in America, but it will not be a good lesson, I think, to study the Englishmen. Yes? I work In shop of the foodstuffs by the cashier now, I stand behind of a cash department, in us in do(make) purchases of a product From submission (nutrition) are sold. I like to dance!!! For us in Russia it - spring. I on life the pleasure The man. I want to find to me immediately companion of life, with which I would lead(carry out) rest (residual) From life. In a choice I do not want to do(make) (do)((make)) an error. I would like, it well has learned(found out) (found From) concerning the friend the friend. My lists (diagrams) are very serious. I now live with the mum. She most The good man. I today have said to the mum, that to me the man has answered. She has said That is it well. But she, while in it does not trust. All this seem to the mum much more. We with it(her) as two The people, which goes on a labyrinth. At the end of which we shall meet, or we shall not meet. But I Think, that for us everyone will be good, also we shall understand each other. It is good, with which you choose to be Cautious in to study (find out) me, I think, that is it is, as it should be. I can not do(make) (do)((make)) the promise it The future will hold for us, but I shall help you to study more concerning me. I never was wedding. I Have no own children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life. I was badly to feel The computer but I to study in it. I work in one shop as the cashier. For me maximum education. I in The parcel(sending) to you of the letters should use a translation program. I now to hunt(catch) (to catch) on courses on analysis English tongue. I think, that we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend and then meet. Mine The liked foodstuffs - Pelmeni. Pelmeni this simple Russian dish, which is made (has made) Pasta and meat. It Is very tasty(delicious) (delightful). I like to prepare a soup. I know many different prescriptions for good Nutrition. Me still to similar government a pie of honey. It also is very tasty(delicious) (is delightful). I like roses, tulips, has aised(increased). I Am bad to feel the computer. The letters to write to you I enter in internetcafe. There is a service (service) The Internet. I to hunt(catch) (to catch) on activity 7 times per one week. In free time I like to listen to music. To music I listen Any other business in dependence on mood. I never to be wedding. I want to frame good. Probably we become The good friends or are more, if we are very successful. As with you my period of validity is carried very much out(very much spent) (is maintained) Small free time. So that my representation days were filled with these problems. When I have free time from My order (order) concerning services, I am usually transfered I (am substituted) somewhere for my own activity, so that I had Any there is a lot of time for my own pleasure this year. I hope, to what I to not sound similarly to, I complain. Even That I am carried out(spent) (is maintained), it very much renumerates for me. I am simple I have business a part of my time now for greater Compensation after that (in the future). In an exchange I feel, that I shall have the much greater control (control)((management)) concerning my period of validity after that (in the future), As I shall be my own flexure (camber). On personal norm (standard) I would like to find mine The husband of section my period of validity of second. I was not successful enough to find the man for me. I wish to Find the man, who will believe strictly in exact adjustment and quenching for a period of validity. I know, that It there will be firm (difficult) job, but I shall be executed (is transferred(handed) (is displaced)) ((handed)) to this purpose. I Will try to form the strong obligations of privacy (trust) and communication(connection) with you and to be good The mother of our future children. I would hope, that your purposes will be similar, I would like to hear yours Ideas, that you wish during the future. I hope, that you find my words of interest percent)((interest)) and that is it is Beginning to help to you to know me little bit better. I wait the answer from you again.
Your friend,
Best regards,
mailto:[email protected]

Letter Requesting Money

Congratulations my love Alexander!!!! The large thank for your good letter! Well, I searched for the visa, one still, and to me it is necessary to pay to 50 dollars the visa and registration for 25 dollars, and it is necessary to transfer (to move) the review in hospital Rentgen and it more to cost 150 dollars and more and more registration of the document, foreign passport, which is 400 dollars, should satisfy me. You understand? I have left in embassy, and in me, 50 dollars were, and I begin registration the visa, it is necessary to pay it, I have told, that I have 50 dollars, and they have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have begun registration. I so have understood, that for the visa of this money will satisfy, because on me, so have told. But today I have left there, and to me have told, that to me have given the visa, which it to finish registration it is urgently necessary to bring to all of themes to the documents, which is medical and another. I have told, and it is possible later in some days, because I owe, enough money to receive all these documents, in me at once shouted, злоупотребленный and have told, that for you then have begun to do(make) (would do((make)) the visa, if you enough money, but I speak, that the expenses of the visa (stands) 45 dollars and registration are little bit more, but to me have not explained at once to receive the visa, is necessary, which were applied all necessary documents, I certainly has apologized, and has told, that I shall bring soon, one of these days. To me have told, that they can wait approximately within 5 days and if I shall not bring the necessary documents, they will stop to do(make) (do((make)) the visa to me. And it even worse, that, if I shall not have time, to me, has told, which can not do(make) (do((make)) to me the visa more, they will take offence at me, for my actions. But I promised, that I shall do(make) (do((make)), all is correct, and to me trusted. Therefore I very much ask you, I try to borrow from the one whom - that, money if you now have not it, in the friends for example. Concerning me now in such situation the help nobody can, I searched already, but not for any successes. Therefore I hope only for you, you one to me can the help. As I believe in you, and in us to both, that all in us will well! And I hope, that everyone will be good. I know it. I ask, that you have sent this money to me as soon as possible. Please send to me 350 dollars these 5 days. Well? It is very important. I wait! I want to inform that money to send system of bank named by Western Union better. This system is very reliable, also money of transfer (moving) is executed within the limits of 15 minutes. By the way you should send money to my passport the data. - my data:
Svetlana Antonova,
Sovetskaya 38,
Apartaments 26.
After you will send money, you in bank inform to ten numbers (numbers) (number) ((figure)) (MTCN, number (number) (number (number)) control (management) (management)) and do not pass(miss) to write your complete address and complete name (name) (name) ((name)), which you are filled in a package (parcel((sending)) of money and should inform me it. I wait your answer as soon as possible. Please, help me. I know, that you the good man and you correctly all clear. I wait for you. См.. You it are fast. Yours for ever.