Scammer Burak Svetlana

Brest Belarus

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I am writing to advise you of another scammer who should be added to
your list. Svetlana Burak of Brest Belarus is such a person. Over a
period of nearly 2 years she managed to get me to send her more than
$2,150.00. She is a very clever woman who professes to be a economist
working as a manager for a large corporation.

Even though I was very cautious and very much aware of scammers,
Svetlana (Sveta) managed to get me to send her money for an airline ticket.
When the day of her flight arrived, she claimed that there was some
mistake with her tickets and that she would need to spend several extra
days in Frankfurt. Needless to say, she did not come for the visit as
expected. From this point onward I was very careful and continued to
write to her for another year since she explained that during her stay in
Frankfurt she need to enter the hospital for an appendix operation and
then returned to Brest to find that her brother had been injured in a
natural gas explosion at their country home.

The letter exchange continued for some months and finally she began to
plan for another trip. She claimed that she still had the money for
the airline ticket and we again planed for her to come to America for a
visit. I should tell you that she sometimes worked as a model and
managed to travel extensively. She claimed to be able to get a visa based
upon her stability in the country of her birth. I was still concerned
and she eventually told me that she would not be able to come unless she
managed to pay the police some amount of money to process her
paperwork. I know something of the police in her country, and I did believe
that they were attempting to extort money from her to allow her to leave.
At this point, I was asked to send her $1,000.00 to pay to the police.
I refused, but she continued to write and finally told me that she
would be able to pay the money to the police herself if she received some
funds she expected. She told me the date of her trip and asked me for
the loan of $600.00 just to insure that she had enough for everything.
She said she would pay it back if she did not need the money when she
arrived, but she did not want to have to cancel the trip again. At this
point, I sent her the last $600.00 by way of Western Union. Needless
to say, she did not come and I have had no additional communication from

I am including some of the photos she sent to me (there are more than
75 photos she sent). I hope you will post them at your site and
hopefully they will prevent someone else being as foolish as I was. She is a
very clever woman who managed to get me to send money even though I had
doubts all along the way and suspected she could be a scammer. I
suspect that the reason our letter exchange continued for so long was that
she was also writing to others during that time. I suspect there may be
many others out there who have sent or will send her money unless they
are warned in time. I cannot otherwise imagine why she would spend so
much time for just $2,150.00. I suppose if she were writing to 6 or 7
people and somehow managed to get them each to send this much the sum
would be enough to live on. In the past she has used at least 2
different email addresses as follow: [email protected] and:
[email protected]