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EM 20-09-2004
Hi there,
I have looked through your profile and I have great interest in you. I will be happy to keep in touch with you if you write me to: [email protected] Just shortly about me. My name is Svetlana. I am 23 years old, single, without children. I live in the east part of Ukraine. I am a student. I was brought up in a good family. My parents are employers. I am a serious girl who is seeking for long-term relationship or marriage. I will be waiting for your e-mail with impatience.
Best regards,

EM 21-09-2004
Dear Ramses,
I am grateful to destiny that we are able to start our correspondence With one another & I look forward to much happiness in this. It's very pleasant to realize that somewhere in the world, may be thousand miles far away from here, there is a person ,whom I am not a stranger any more, for whom I've become interesting & important person. That's why it was so pleasant for me to receive your letter. Who knows: may be it's the beginning of something special?

It's only the start for both of us and it's naturally that we want to know each as better as we can. So, I give more information about myself.

I was born and have lived all my life in Alchevsk - a small town in the Eastern part of Ukraine. At the present time I study in the Lugansk Pedagogical University and going to become a teacher. After graduation I will teach Russian Language and Literature to 6 - 10 year old kids. I adore kids and being around them, that`s why I decided to become a teacher. I am 23. Never married and no children although would like to have kids in the future with the right person. My family is not big - just Mom, Dad and myself, but we are very close and love each other very much. My Mom is an accountant and my Dad is a carpenter. I also have two best friends and we get together very often. That`s when we go to see a movie, or visit other good friends of ours, or just talk about many things. They are funny to be with, but sometimes I like to be by myself for a while, stay home with my family, or read a book.

I would like to find out more about you and even though email is not perfect it would allow us to know each other well enough until we meet in person. It would be nice to learn more about you, your personality and what you value most in a relationship? What you like and dislike in a woman?

I believe that trust is most important, because strong and sincere relationship based on trust, honesty and friendship is what can and will stand the test of time.

I am waiting for your soonest reply with impatience,

EM 08-10-2004
Hello, my darling Ramses,
Excuse me that I couldn't answer you earlier. I have got a cold and I couldn't go to Internet Cafe to write you as I felt very bad. I had very high temperature. I speak English and I write letter by myself without using the help from outside. It's my personal e-mail address. I made it on English server as it's more convinient in use. You asked me about age difference but I see no problem in it. First of all my father is 15 years older my mother. They had happy marriage and in spite of living together 27 years they still love each other and don't miss the chance to spend time together and enjoy the company of each other. I have a lot of examples when age difference create only good sides for happy marriages. Besides, I would not write you if I considered our difference in age to be problem for creating good relations.


EM 04-11-2004
Hello, my darling Ramses I am very sorry that I start my letter with excuses about my absence. I expl2ain you the reason for it and hope that you will not keep evil for me or think bad things. I have a grandmother who lives in another city. She was very ill and I went to my grandmother as she needed my care and support. All the time I spent with her while looking after her. I didn't have the opportunity to write you as the town where my grandmother lives is small and there are not Internet Cafe. I want to say that I missed you a lot and I was sad while not having the possibility to write you and read your letters. I like you a lot and our communication brought me a lot of joy and made my day. I want to go on with our correspondence and relations as you are important for me. I feel that we have a lot in common. Please, write me. Now, I want to share some my news with you. AS far as you remember I studied at the University on the last course. I am a future teacher of Russian language and Literature. Now I prepare for examination that I will have at the end of November and then I will graduate from the University. Today I was at my lectures after the long period of absence. It was so great to see the people with whom I study. They also were glad to see me. Though, all the conversations are about the President elections that were held on the 31 of October. WE will have the second tour of elections as no one from candidates didn't get 51% of votes. I voted for the leader of opposition - Victor Yuschenko. Besides, I found partial job, it will take only 2 hours a day. I will sit with a child and prepare him for school. Of course, I am not paid a lot but at least it will help me to pay for my room. Today I acquainted with this child. it's a boy of 7 years old. He is very smart and funny. Hope that I will get on with him. What are your news? How is your job? How do you feel? I am waiting for your answer with impatience and wish you a good day and luck in your life,
Send you my tender kiss,

EM 05-11-2004
Dear Ramses!
I'm really glad that I got your letter. I the optimist at heart and it's frequently helps me in my life. I already adult woman, and I look at a life with a philosophical shade. But as though I did not try to inspire myself that I absolutely happy woman, I cannot do it. I have good friends, I have work and an apartment. But there are things without which people cannot be happy. And for me it's not material things, but spiritual. I have written to you the first and it means that I am ready to share with you my thoughts. I am very glad and grateful to you for that that you have answered me because I have decided to take only one chance in dialogue through e-mail. And if my letter to you would remain without your answer, I think I would not use this way second time. Anyhow, I hope that you, as well as I, have interest in our dialogue, and I will wait your answer. I need to take exam in World Literature and another exam in Russian Literature.

You asked me to tell you more about my family... My parents take care of my grandmother but they work. It's only me who could go and support my grandmother. I live with my parents. I am the only child. My parents are common people, with normal characters. Sometimes they quarrel, sometimes, they have something like a honey-moon (so funny!) but there is one thing my parents taught me: when you choose a helpmate, you chose him/her for the rest of your life. My mum often says that life is changeable, and you never know what can happen tomorrow with you or anybody in your family, that's why it's especially important to have a reliable, serious person next to you, somebody you can always rely on, and somebody who can be sure, you are the person he can always expect help and understanding from. she says people are different and we shouldn't try to change them, but if you marry somebody once, except and love him as he is. She teaches me that family is something that should be built like a house. there must be a solid basement of trust, attention, and reliability. every day you live together is like a brick in the house. And if one brick will crack, the whole building can be ruined one day. and as every house, this house should have a good roof, that will never leak. I mean there must be no betray and mistrust, or everything inside the house will be wet, dirty and uncomfortable. well, I'll better stop before my letter turned into a philosophical essay. If you are serious in you wish find a soul-mate, I an waiting for your respond.

Take care,

EM 21-03-005
Hello, my darling Ramses,
I am very glad to see your answer. I didn't expect that you wrote me so soon, that's why I didn't check my mailbox for some days. But Ifelt a real joy when I saw your letter. Thanks a lot for your picture. I like it a lot. I see that you have a very good rest. At least the place is very beautiful. It's strange to read that in the period of Ukrainian frost you were at the place where it was possible to swim and sun bathe.

Don't worry about Spring. I am clever and modest girl and the spring can't make me crazy. I leave this role for you. I am very satisfied with my job. I have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday and Wednesday I teach for the children at the age of 14-15 years old. Friday is my favorite day because I teach for the 9 years old boys and girls. The children are very interesting and funny.

I see that you are faithful man. I have always been thinking that any woman have to be allegiant to her man. My parents are together 25 year and I am 100% sure that my mother was the only woman to my father and my father was the only man for my mother. This is what I have been taught since my childhood. This is what I know of a relationship between a man and a woman. I am old-fashioned girl, I was brought up like that. I do not know another side. There is no other idea in my mind than to be faithful to my husband. I am looking for serious relationship. I need a man with whom I will be till the end of my life. I do not believe that divorce is a good decision. I think this was invented for those people who got used to run away from their problems without solving them. And the youth and beauty is not the matter for the divorce. So by these points you can be sure in me. And when we are together you will be able to see that with your own eyes.

Kiss you many times,

EM 24-03-2005
Hello, my darling Ramses, I am glad to hear from you. I have never been abroad. I wrote you that I am still alone and I didn't find my destiny. Now the main even is my job at school. I wrote you before that I like working with children. Yes, I need to prepare lessons and the preparation takes a lot of time. I am not tired of lessons but I feel tiredness after being engaged in preparation process.
In Ukrainian school it's usual thing when a teacher works with different classes. The level of children is different, depends on the ability of children and their wish to study a definite subject. Though, I should admit that I have a lot of talented pupils that have read all the Literature program beforehand and I have the possibility to give them additional tasks. I have never thought of carrier of model. Besides, beauty is not the main thing to have success in this carrier. When I was a little girl I dreamed to be an actress as the most part of girls dream.

When I was ten we had a test. One question was: What are you going to be? And all the girls of my group wrote "an actress". Later when I was 14 that question was asked again and not all girls wrote the same. Some wanted to be a doctor, some - a teacher but I didn't change my mind. I wanted to be an actress. I prepared to be an actress. I learned by hard many rhymes and poems. But as for my parents so they didn't like my preparations.

I had to move in the other city to be able to study but my Mom couldn't imagine how I would be alone in the unknown city. But I wasn't frightened of it. Then my mother began to read me many articles about stars' lives I liked it but it was only one side. My mother talked to me as to a grow-up many times to make me understand that it was good only from one side but not from another one. She said that such people had no time for the family life. And the family was always at the first place in my life and that's why I decided to choose a profession that would do any harm to my future family life. I want to love and be loved, to have beautiful children and I think that my dreams will come true and I'll be happy because I chose a family oriented way.

Some of my pictures made by professional photographer and some of my friend. Of course I can send you my usual photos. Now I send you a photo with my friends. Send me picture of you, with your family, friends.Now everything is safe in Eastern Ukraine.

Waiting for your soon reply,

EM 05-04-2005
My darling, dearest Ramses,

I adore writing your name as it means a lot for me. Not only your name , but you. I like you and I am very glad that we have met in this huge world of Internet. I think that every of us has moments of life when life feels to be cold and unfriendly. Now when I found you I realized that life is a wonderful thing that brings us much good. I am sure that you are the best man in the world. YOu are kind, sincere and understanding. Though, as my friend says every Princess finds her prince one day. I hope that I found my Prince - YOU. How did you spend your weekends? How is the beginning of working week? I went to Alchevsk to visit my parents. I missed them as recently I didn't have the possibility to see my parents. WE had family dinner and remembered funny stories that happened to us. My father recollected a story about me and my friend. We were abut 7 years old and it was winter. My friend had a cat - big and black. WE like to ride toboggans from the hill. One day we decides that it's unfair that a cat had no Entertainment and we understood that it's our right to correct injustice. Poor cat...
It was put on the toboggan (I should admit that it was not easy as cat didn't share our view on the problem of justice and injustice and made 3 tries to go away from us) and we pushed the toboggan with frighten and tired of fight with us cat. It went from the hill and it's natural that at the end of this little ride trip - the cat disappeared for 3 days. Only hunger made it poor creature to return home. But please. don't think Bad of me. Now I don't do such things as I am an adult. What can you tell me about your childhood? WE also spoke about you with my parents. They pass their regards to you
and they are glad that I found the man whom I like so much. I think very often of you. It's impossible not to think of you. I try to imagine you, our first kiss, our spending time, our first night... I want to wait you at home and when you enter our door to say "Hello, my darling Ramses" I need you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I want all my dreams to be the reality. I want to see you every day, touch you kiss you, talk to you. YOu are reading interesting books. Are women and men are really so different and how the author of the book you are reading explains these differences. AS for you and me I see that we are a like and we look the same on many things. What dishes have you tried in Russia?

I kiss you,
YOur Svetlana

EM 09-04-2005
Hello, my darling Ramses,
Thanks for your letter and compliments. First of all, I don't consider you to be a Saint. I understand that every human being has good and bad features of character. But you have much good in yourself and of course it makes me to write about you in such good way. The way you try to deny everything - only show that you are modest. Though – the lack of horse in the stable... Ok ... I will think if I will consider you the Prince for future! (joke). Toboggans is a kind of slee. Alchevsk is situated in 45 km from lugansk. it's very far from. I liked the story about houses. My father tried to do everything by
his own hands and I respect people who behave in such way. What is "beo"?
My parents. My mother is an accountant. My father is a carpenter. They live very friendly. My father's name is Vladimir. My mother's name is Tamara. They live in Alchevsk , in the city where I was born and where I was brought up. I moved to Lugansk when I entered the University. Thanks for the site. I will look at it with big pleasure.
Thank you for photo. I need to go now. Hope for your soon reply,

Kiss you,

EM 16-04-2005
Hello, my darling Ramses
Thank you for your letter and our communication. I am very glad that we communicate and in spite of far distance between you and me - wehave the possibility to get to know each other. I feel sadness today as my grandmother is very sick. She called me and asked to come to her and help her as it's difficult for her to be alone now. I will go to
her tomorrow and say you that I will not be able to write you for 7-10 days that I will spend with my grandmother. She lived in the little town and there is no Internet Cafe. As soon as I return I will write you.

Miss you a lot and think of you,

EM 23-05-2005
Hello, my darling Ramses,

At last I feel our beautiful, marvellous Ukrainian summer that came earlier than usual. Evening sounds to be more romantic. Though, it's probably Cupidon, the God of love works harder with throwing his arrows. Do you feel it? Yesterday I went with my pupils to Slavanogorsk. It's a beautiful city that is situated in Donetsk region. This city has a monastery complex that includes 3 churches, a monastery and houses where monks live. It's a picturesque land with river and chalk mountains. One of the churches, the churches of Saint Nicholas is on the top of chalk mountain. To get to this church, people need go through caves. Children get a lot of joy of this trip because they like going in caves. What a marvellous trip. Even now my heart keeps the beauty of little church found on the top of mountain. I mentioned that to reach it we must go through caves. We decided to add some pleasure and go without candles (Such caves don't have any light except those the tourist go with them as candles). We had a lot of impression: bats flying on our hands made us think about vampires who were ready to bite our tender necks, the feelings of darkness made us fear of facing rocks on our road. The duration of this cave is only 1 km. It takes us 15 minutes to climb of the top of mountain. But there were one of the most excited minutes in my life. Then on the top I stood and admired the beauty of landscape, this very moment I thought: How marvellous it would be to be here with my beloved and feel his embraces.
To be honest this trip was unexpectedly for me, as I went instead of a teacher that become sick. When a school organizes such excursions there are two teachers who have to go with children as attendant. This time I was such a teacher. I was very glad to go on this tour as I liked it very much. Of course it's a pity that I don't have camera and I couldn't take the beauty of this place on camera.
Now, you are not with me but even being in Slavanogorsk without you I felt your presence as every your letter is kept in my heart, every your line dedicated to me make me feel that YOU NEED ME. It's a real pleasure to feel that somebody needs me. Yesterday in the bus my thoughts were with you. I were in Slavanogorsk but my heart was with you.
Do you remember such lines of a famous poem:
"My heart in the Highlands, my heart in not here".

I want to make it in my own way:
"My heart's with your soul, my heart is not here
My heart's with your soul with only my dear."

You can visit me any period. I will always happy to meet you. But I am not able to give you my apartment as I rent it. It's possible to find good apartment or room at the hotel. I will help you with it. AS for tourists trip, of course, it would be interesting to make them with you.

Take care my darling,
Kiss you,

EM 08-06-2005
Dearest Ramses,

How are doing my darling? I hope well. How did you spent this weekend? Where have you been? Let me know, Ok? I am very happy reading that you want to visit me. It would be so wonderful. Of course I will be with you in Ukraine and I will help you. AS for hotel, I would advise you to rent a room. If you want I can seek for a good one.

Now I am free, there is vacations in Ukrainian schools for 3 months. I try to find a job for a summer period. On Monday I will have the reply if I will get the one. Though, I spend my time very good. Yesterday was nice and amazing. My parents came to visit me and we went to the forest near thirty kilometers from Lugansk. The weather was fine, the sun shined so brightly that even in glasses it was hard to look at it. My parents rented a small boat with oars and we began our voyage. First my father used oars to move the boat, but when we reached the middle of the river, he threw the anchor out of the boat and began to fish. At the same time me and my mother began to speak about different things and laugh. My father told us not to speak but just to whisper.
we didn't listen him and followed to speak. Finally, my father stopped fishing, stood up and threw my mother in the river (of course not in evil way). After that I decided to follow my mother by myself. When me and my mother found ourselves in the water we began to laugh much more louder than before. My father told us that we were two smiling mermaids and forwarded the boat to the bank of the river. When he had already been at the bank and began to make fire, my mother and I decided to make a revenge to him. We found the bucket in the boat and filled it with the water. When my mother helped him to cook something, I took the bucket with the water and overthrew it on my father. Then he began to run over me and laugh. Actually, he told us that he suspected something and this water was just a good thing for him because his body was almost overheated. Then we sat around the fire, ate some vegetables and spoke about different things. I talked with my parents about you, I told them that you are the person I was looking for. My parents was very happy when I told them about you. Actually, I missed you very much, for a moment I imagined that you was sitting with us around the fire as a one family, as the people who need each other, as the people who love each other.

I'm Waiting for your letter with great impatience,
My kisses to you,

EM 13-06-2005
Darling Ramses ,

You're miles away, but I'm not away from you at all. You're in my mind every day, in my soul always. When we're apart, we're not apart at all, because our souls and heart are joined forever, and I know exactly that I want to be with you. Until we meet , I shall continue to punctuate my every sentence with a kiss. And I will continue to appreciate you tenderly and gaze at your picture wishfully every night before I go to sleep. Soon, these lonesome nights will be left forever, and we'll happily share days and nights. I belive that you come to me soon. Accept my congratulations about finding your car. I will be glad to assist you in finding good room here and my advise is to find a good apartment. I don't think that you will like our hotels. Besides, their price is not corresponding with the quality.
You can reach me on the phone number: +380507535744. Spending time in Kiev would be wonderful. I like this idea a lot. Kiev is very charming city and you will like being there. I am sure. I will think how to find the flat or hotel room there.


EM 15-06-2005
Hello, my darling Ramses,

I am really happy that you will come to me. Besides, I am glad that we have 14 days to spend together and I can build good plans. I told with my parents how it's better to find a hotel for us. My parents advised me to address to the Travel Company because summer is hot period and it's difficult to find something good by myself. This morning I went to local Travel Company and explain them our situations. Travel Manager said me that it's possible for them to find good apartment in Kiev and in Yalta for 14 days. They will provide me with photos of a flat and all the necessary information.

The process will be in such way - I need to tell them exact days of your arrival, Travel manager will find good apartment and provide me with photos, in the case you will like the apartment we need to pay some part of money beforehand. It's also possible to rent a car.
AS for options, to be honest I prefer to go to Yalta. It seems to me that our meeting will be very romantic at the seaside and you will like your spending in Ukraine. Kiev is also very goos and beautiful
city but nothing can replace the romantic nature of Crimea and the beauty of the sea and the wonderful air. Please, call me or write me as soon as possible,

I miss you,