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letter 1:

Sent: 24 July 2005 18:32

Subject: Hello !!!

Hello my dear friend, Eddie!
I am very glad that you have responded to my short message to you.
Really pleasantly that I have interested you. As you know from my short
letter of me to call Veronika.
I hope to you this name is pleasant. Now to me of 28 years! I hope my age of
you I do not confuse also to you approaches!
I was born in city under name Kazan .probably you did not hear about this
city because it is small city which is located in a southwest of Russia! You may take a map of Russia and try to find my city. he is on river Volga
so it will be easier to you than him to find.
My city small but very beautiful. The beauty is created with set of greens
and water. I have received secondary education too in this city. After the ending 11
Classes I have left to act in Kazan in university and have successfully
acted on pedagogical faculty! On a speciality I the philologist!
After the successful ending of university I have come back home and has
tried to find work on a speciality.
But as city at us small I can not find anything suitable on my speciality.
In a result I was employed in a kindergarten by the tutor where I work now. The truth I dream of the best work but it is necessary to be content with
that that is. You probably know that in Russia a problem with workplaces.
I have slightly run forward and have overlooked to tell about my childhood. At school I studied perfectly and all Spoke that I the gifted child. I was
very quick child and inquisitive.
When I went to school I I went to musical school played on a guitar and a
But now I have already lost all skills though sometimes I can execute
something. Except for that I actively went in for sports. In the winter I loved a ski
and skates.
And in the summer I liked to float, in university I to be engaged began
professionally navigation and tennis.
The first at me turned out better. I have many diplomas and letters on
navigation. But all of them now lay in a case.
You are interested probably by that why I have addressed to the Internet to
find the partner in life?
Simply strangely enough it sounds but I could not grow fond of the person in
I had many partners but with anybody at me has failed to get serious
I have girlfriend which too has found the love in the Internet and she has
advised me to try.
And it at me the first experience and I hope that all to turn out I always I
hope for the best.
Already began to eat you have answered me and you have liked me! We shall
look that will be farther.
And why you search for the girl in the Internet? You like Russian girls and
You had serious relations earlier? Probably you were married? You have
And in general as you concern to children? I very much love children
therefore I work in a kindergarten.
Though my dream to work at school the teacher of a history. As you probably interests on my intentions how many are serious? And that I
want further?
I in general very serious person also do not joke with such things as love a
marriage and so forth.
I am going to construct serious relations and it is possible to leave for
the husband further!
In a word I search for the big love! Probably she still exists in our world
where so much bad.
And if she is that I necessarily her Finde. Who knows probably we with you
we shall go far in our relations.
Who knows probably you and there is my prince on a white horse. Now I want to learn what your intentions and that you want from relations?
You want a marriage? Family and children? Or you search simply for
friendship? What the marriage means for you?
For me the marriage is the most important and serious step in life and he
needs to be made safely and is considered.
Many people concern not seriously to this and as a result get divorced. I do
not want to make such mistakes.
Now I live with my mum which call Nadezhda or am simple Nadya! She works as
the cook at school where I studied.
She perfectly is going and has learned me to make masterpieces of cookery.
Daddy at me is not present and there was no he has thrown my mum when she
was pregnant. And my mum forbids to me to speak about him.
As you can see it was necessary she to my mums is not sweet also does not
want that with me has taken place as.
Somehow at us conversation was and she has told that even if to me will come
she will not leave her against if only I was in reliable and loving hands.
On this note I want to finish this letter to you.
Sincerely I hope that you will answer and that I have liked you.
It will be pleasant for me to continue with you correspondence!
Yours faithfully Veronika from Russia!

letter 2:

Sent: 14 August 2005 15:35

Subject: Hello my sweet!!!!

Hello my sweet, Eddie!!!!
Lovely, I leaved with mum to the grandmother and consequently could not
write to you so for a long time.
I am glad that at you all well and very glad to receive from you the new
letter. At me too all is good.
Day has left good and after your letter he became simply magnificent. Your
letters for me as a dope.
They lift mine mood and do my day simply remarkable.
Today in the morning I so have easily risen was pulled have drunk a cup of
hot coffee and have gone on work. Now at us dinner and I write you the letter.
Something now occurs inside me my soul sings and I it am pleased can give
100 % that you on me so operate. I want you to name my young man! And you want to name me now the girl?
Rather strange that I ?? do not see but my feelings grow as it may be. I through letters understand what you the person.
And I see in you persons which may understand me and it is pleasant for me
to read your letters. I was already possible to tell have lost hope to find persons which to me to
like. You have woken my hope.
Now I feel that is on light of persons which to me concerns on special.
It is pleasant for knowing that for whom that except for mum I am necessary.

I want that you too felt the same.
I want that you knew that I think of you also you to me are necessary. Today I go on training in pool in the evening I there will be there two
hours. Then I shall come home and probably I shall look the TV set slightly and
shall lie to sleep.
Tomorrow again a working day. Road tell me what lady's wear to you it is
How you like that the girl put on? You have loved spirits? You have parks of
entertainment there?
I very much am pleasant like on different roundabouts in soul I still the
I know that in Europe in some countries the big parks of rest. There the set of roundabouts and is a lot of entertainments.
At you probably in general a lot of different the place where is possible to
have a rest well.
At us in city almost anything is not present. The unique pleasure is night
clubs and cinema.
You like to go to cinema? I frequently go with girlfriends at cinema. As I
love theatre and museums.
At mine mums there was a hobby she earlier listened to various old operas in
execution(performance) well-known ???????? Road I think you want to know what character at me and my habits. In
general I quiet and ?????????????? the person.
I do not like when people quarrel also itself I I do not love quarrel. The
main thing to solve the conflict quietly and then always it is possible to
come to the compromise.
I have a habit to reconcile people and speak at me it well it turns out. The
only thing that me may deduce(remove) from itself it when the person to
speak lie looking to you directly in eyes.
And at what he knows that is not right but all the same lies! It so low. And
what you may ?????? to me about your character? There are any features of
your character?
It like all that I would want to ask you in it the letter and I shall
finish him on it.
I shall wait your answer dear! I hope you soon will answer.
I send you an air kiss and most best regards.
Yours Veronika!!!!

letter 3:

Sent: 17 August 2005 10:00

Subject: Hello my sweet heart!!

Hello my sweet heart, Eddie!!
Today remarkable day and at me excellent mood! Thank for your new beautiful
letter. How you? How your relatives and friends?
How affairs at work? All well I hope? Because if something not so I shall be
upset. Greetings to you from mum and her best regards.
I shall tell to you slightly as passes my day. Today as always has risen
early has taken a shower has drunk some coffee and in 8 00 already was at
My fellow workers too already know that I correspond with the person from
other country. It is good because usually it happens less. Now I on dinner also have
dropped in to the girlfriend to write to you the letter.
Want to notice that our relations accept more and more serious character. It
appreciablly is very good. I hope you all are glad that so occurs.
For my part it already is more than simply friendship it already than
feeling stronger. I notice main recesses in contents of our letters. More than tender compliments and there is more than sensuality. My heart is
already located to you it is possible to tell that you already have a
particle of my heart.
I hope you too are ready to give me a particle of the. You in my ideas the
majority of time when I think.
I frequently think of you even when a meal by the bus on work I already
think that I shall write to you and I would think of that that would be
desirable you to inform me.
I still did(made) nobody happy in my life I have in view of the man. I very
much would like to make happy you lovely.
For the woman this big happiness to make loved the man happy. If the man it
is satisfied in all the woman means is glad.
I very much want to give all energy to you I have chosen you from among many
and I do not regret about it. You much for me mean also it value I means you for me can not tell that it
has turned out casually.
This realized feeling it not mere words this desire to be loved and to love
and this serious desire.
If all this was not serious then I would not dream of walks with you in the
evening under the star sky. I would not represent us sitting for a little table at restaurant and lovely
talking. On a table of a candle and a wine.
To a word I should tell that from alcoholic drinks I prefer only a wine and
white moist.
In my dreams we always together and never depart from each other on a step. You always accompany with me and not only in a reality but also in ideas.
At us speak that when there comes love that in the sky the new star lights
up. And while she burns love does not pass.
Yesterday in the sky there were many stars I are sure that the new star
there has appeared and she inflames all more strongly.
And than our feelings that more strongly she will be stronger will burn. And
I do not want that she faded! There are many different ways to express love but will express love through
letters very difficultly. Sometimes it happens to look to the person in eyes to express the love
Sometimes it is enough to make any pleasant gesture to express the feelings.
In the letter expression of love are only words.
But sometimes it happens that words not enough to express that that you
want. How many words only think was already told by different people of love and
till now nobody may pick up correctly definition of this word.
It speaks only about one love it is impossible to describe words of her only
is possible to see and feel heart.
I have question to you! You are ready to live in the consent and love with
one girl all life? To you to not bother to see each day one and too the person?
You are ready to accept new love and to keep her eternally? Lovely what part of a body in me is pleasant to you most of all? And in
general that in me it is pleasant to you? How far I from your ideal or on
the contrary may be very close I to your ideal?
It is pleasant for you when the woman pays you many attention? You like to
give a lot of attention to the woman as?
We would admit you would see me for the first time that you have told me?
You enjoy the romantic moments for example kiss, embraces to keep for hands?
When your first kiss was? My first kiss was when I studied in 10 class. It
was so awkwardly and funny.
I remember it as though it was yesterday. I should you tell that very much is pleasant to me when from the man well
smells. And it is not pleasant to me when from him smells as tobacco or
alcoholic drinks.
I always try that from me always well ?????. I think to men too it is
pleasant when their loved woman well smells.
The closest airport in Moscow "Sheremetevu". Lovely, I would like to come
and meet you. How you look at it?
I think it is time will finish it letters lovely and to wait your answer!
At parting I want to you the gentle kiss and strong embraces will present.
With the best regards your true and i hope loved Veronika !

letter 4:

Sent: 02 September 2005 13:50

Subject: Greetings my love!!!

Greetings my love, Eddie!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
At us weather recently does not please Inhabitants of our city because constantly there is a cold rain, Also the wind blows.
Mine mum asked me that I transferred you big and and ardent Greetings, and also strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most magic kisses, And my most passionate embraces.
I constantly think of you, my love.
These days we walk with my best girlfriend on city, Also we talk about you, my love.
I very much like to tell about you to my parents, and my best girlfriend.
I very much would want, that you were near to me.
You would like it, my love?
I very much would want it.
I very much miss on you, my love.
You miss on me, my charm?
My sweet, I would like to remain with you for ever.
I want to come to you all over again for 3 months that we could live
together and learn each other closer.
I want to be with you!!! I miss you every day!!!
My full name: Veronika Dozhdikova. The city of Kazan.
And now I finish my letter to you with ideas on you.
I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!
Remember, that I love you!!!
I yours forever!!!
Yours Veronika!!!

My address:

Veronika Dozhdikova