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Uzhhorod Ukraine

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Yevgeniya Khyzhnyak from Zaporozhye, Ukraine is a scammer!!!
This lady is a scammer. I sent her $2500. 00 for visa and plane tickets to US. I have found her profile on 7 diff web sites. I will send to all of the scam sites, FBI, and all Government Agencies investigating internet fraud.

From: "evgenia2003"
To: "Forrest Roberts"
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: our conversation on phone

> FR> Hi
> FR> I enjoyed our phone talk very much. You speak excellent English. I
felt very relaxed and comfortable talking to you.
> FR> You did not seem like a stranger whom i have never met. I saw only
your picture on the internet, after hearing your voice you came across like
a real person. I hope you got the same feeling about
> FR> talking to me. We are worlds apart but maybe this is the beginning of
something great.
> FR> Something is missing in my life. I do not like living alone, i enjoy
the companionship of a mate. Even if you are doing different things you have
the comfort of being close to someone you care
> FR> for. I enjoy doing things with the person in my life very much. Maybe
this sounds crazy to you. I enjoy romance passion and friend ship in a
relationship. I am telling you all of my little
> FR> secrets. Your picture reflects a beautiful woman and a person who
might be a little lonely, as i am and one who is looking for something
different in there life. We cannot predict our future but
> FR> we are human and can breathe and hope for the things we want.
> FR> It honestly was a great excitement talking to you. I didn’t want to
stop but i was afraid i would boar you. It is late and i have closed my
business and am going home. Tell me about yourself and
> FR> ask me any thing you want to know about me.
> FR>
I close by saying good night, and wondering if you thought about me after
our talk
> FR> Forrest Roberts

> Dear Forrest,
> It was wonderful talking to you today. I have just came to the
> Internet cafe after making my pictures. I made a lot and I hope all of
> them will be developed. After talking with you I have called to the
> tickets agency and found out the price for tickets. They said the same
> what you have told me that if I buy beforehand something before month
> my flight to you then the price will be cheaper twice. So the price
> from Kiev to Houston and back from Houston to Kiev totally is
> 1460$, but if I buy tickets there and back now beforehand, then the
> price will be cheaper twice 700$ for tickets there and back. I think it
> is nice price. Plus it is not high season, when prices are more
> higher, they meant Christmas time. What do you think? I also cold to the
> Embassy to Kiev. As for visa, it costs 100$ plus they charge for entry
> to the Embassy, it costs 65$. Now you know the prices and I will wait
> for you calling today. I am thinking about you all the time and very
> excited about our meeting.
> I am sending a kiss with my letter,
> With Warmth, sincerely, Yevgeniya

From: "E H"
To: "Forrest Roberts"
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 3:34 PM

My dear Forrest,
At last I came back to Zaporozhye and after taking my luggage to my
home I came to the Internet cafe to write you, my dear. Sorry that I did
not write you from Kiev, because I was very busy with receiving visa. I
have great news for you: I received visa to your country! Thank you for
your care, I have appreciated everything. I am going tomorrow to buy
tickets and I will let you know everything about my flight to you. You
can not even imagine how happy I am that we will be together very
soon! I would like to jump on the plane right now and hug you and kiss
you! I am very tired now, I was on the train 16 hours and now I am at
home and I have a lot to wash. Call me tomorrow and we will talk after
such a long time. I will go home now to sleep, it is 9:58 p.m. my time.
I kiss you very tenderly,
Always your Yevgeniya

This was the last letter from her.
There are pictures of Yevgeniya Khyzhnyak::

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