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My dear love Scott!

It was so pleasant for me to get your letters! With every your letter
I feel that we bacoming more closer and closer! Every time, when I
reading your letter, my mood become well and my heart is knocking so
strong! I miss you very much and all my thoughts last time only about
you! When I coming to Internet club and saw a letter from you, I
pleasing as a small girl. You are the unique man that can understand
me now and can support me in difficult situation! I am sure in you and
I can trust you in any case. I think a lot about you and about us and
I understood that I dreaming about making a family with you to have a
honest, loving, reliable husband like you, who will be sure in hisself
and in myself. I dreming about that time when I will be helping you in
all about house, to work and rest together, laughing and solve common
problems, because your problems will be my problems and on the
contrary. I think, it has to be so if people love each other.

I thought a lot about this all and what we have to do now. I think,
that we have to meet in person and I am ready to arrive to you for us.
How do you think about it? I dont see more best way to know each
other, I think, we cant get such result just communicating through
letters. But I am very serious about you, and about our meeting. We
did a big step for making serious and longterm relations. I think we
dont have to stop here, we have to make next serious step, the meeting
which will let us to know each other better and it let us to continue
our relations.

I talked to my girlfriend what do I need to come to you, is it real or
not. She know about it because she visiting sometimes another
countries. She sayd that I need visa and air ticket only. She sayd
that it’s not a big problem to make a visa for one or two month. She
advised me to go PVA (Perm Visa Agency) and to ask there about it. So I
will ask my chief to go home early tomorrow and I will go to Perm to
the PVA to ask more about it.

My sweetheart, how do you think, if I will come to you, where is the
best place for my living? At your home or at a hotel? I would like to
stay at your home, if its not a problem and if you want it. I hope my
wish to come to you to meet in person is not confuse you. Please tell
me the true.

My dear Scott! I do not have a big salary but it's not bad for Russia.
I saved some money for any case, but I was not sure for what. I think,
that this case is come. I dont sure if this help us for visa and
ticket both, I dont know how much does it all cost, but I hope it will
help us. Also I would like to go to cash departments of airport to
know how much tickets cost. My dear Scott, I need some information for
this. Please write me closest airport to you and what date is better
for my visit? I shall be waiting it with impatience.
Forever yours, Irina

SA> Irina,
SA> Wow, sure said a lot in your e-mail. I know
SA> where you are going with it and I must say, for now, it will have
SA> to remain on e-mail. If you were here, I would love to meet you.
SA> It is not possible for me to come to Russia right now. In the
SA> future? I don't know. I do know that you are beautiful woman,
SA> one that I would love to hold, but it takes more than that. I am
SA> still in the middle of a divorce. I was married for 14 years. I
SA> am hurt. I am, at times, lonely. I still have a lot of feelings
SA> that I must deal with. I need time.
SA> You said that we were born for each other. What tells you
SA> that? Sure, you are beautiful, but hon, we hardly know each
SA> other. I do want to get to know you more, but we really don't
SA> know each other that well, yet. Your friend is right; we need to
SA> communicate more so we will get to know each other better.
SA> I am a pretty easy going guy, except for when it comes to my
SA> work. I have a high pressure job and sometimes I tend to
SA> overreact at work. I am a passionate person. When I love
SA> someone, I love them completely and expect the same in return. I
SA> like candle light, romantic music, cuddling together, kissing,
SA> making love.
SA> Please be patient with me, as I still have many issues to deal
SA> Have a good day.
SA> Scott

SA> Irina wrote:
SA> My sweetheart Scott,
SA> I was very glad to receive your photos. I like it very much and it
SA> made me happy!
SA> I thought about you all last nights. You no just my simple friend.
SA> no look like juts new person in my life. You already mean more than
SA> other people which I knew long time befor.

SA> Today I had good luck to meet my school girlfriend in our shop. She
SA> lives in Moscow now and she has arrived to visit her parents. So I
SA> really surprised to meet her. She graduated from Institute of
SA> Languages. She works like translator now and she just returned from
SA> Seattle. We spoke a lots and she told me how is she living and what
SA> news. She told that Seattle is very nice city and it's very big. I
SA> was a little afraid to tell her about you but when I told her she
SA> that I did all correct. She told that we have not lost a chance and
SA> have to continue communications make it more closer! She told that
SA> it's not often people at another part of the world finding someone
SA> that can makes feelings and if it exists they have to keep care
SA> it. She said, that important things are understanding and

SA> Why don't you drive? I do not drive because I have no a car.

SA> I agreed with her and I think that we have it with you! I think we
SA> have to do anything for us, I feel our feelings are very important
SA> our future, we have to use this chance that given for us and not
SA> our happyness. I am afraid to lose anything we have now, because
SA> letters is good and it give us for understanding each other but it
SA> does not compare with personal meeting. I believe that we are born
SA> each other and we can pass a life together. I think, that one
SA> in person is better than one million letters. Do you agree with me?
SA> What are your ideas? I would very much like to just that you hold
SA> in your arms for as long as it can be, that is a day I have been
SA> dreaming of for quite sometime now. I think, the most important
SA> for us is not to lose our chance that is given for us. I have a lot
SA> thought about it. I need your thought and ideas.

SA> Love you, Irina

SA>> Hey, hon.......I am attaching some pictures of my new
SA>> apartment..........................
SA>> What are the chances of you coming to America to visit some time?

SA>> Irina wrote:

SA>> Today I have not received your letter. I do not understand why you
do not write me.

SA>> Irina

SA>>> Irina,
SA>>> I apologize for not answering sooner; I have been moving and
SA>>> have not been here. I am really busy at work today, but I will
SA>>> answer you. It may be tomorrow before I can answer you, but I
SA>>> do it.
SA>>> I hope you are having a good day...........
SA>>> Scott

SA>>> Irina wrote:
SA>>> My dear Scott!!!!!

SA>>> I becoming attached to your letters and I like it very much. Its
SA>>> it become mean for me more and more!
SA>>> So, how are you today? Today is a best weather here. Small wind
SA>>> bit sun and very fresh air cause of yesterday night was rain.
What you
SA>>> know about russia? Here is all growing up, communism was bad idea
SA>>> Russia, and most of people glad that it over. How long winter do
SA>>> have there where you live? Our usual is five month, like in most
SA>>> Russia we have strong frost each winter is about -40 -50 C.

SA>>> I like winters but if you life in hause and have your own heating
SA>>> good you can life winter good if have fire-wood or solid fuel in
SA>>> villages and gas heat in my town and others. If use electricity
SA>>> it cost much money in my country. Most of appartamets of big city
SA>>> have district heating it is some time no good work in winter . In
SA>>> country we never have big earthquake's, hurricane's or other
SA>>> cataclysm. That my country is no reach - it is right, only Moscow
SA>>> St. Peterburg is very reach city's other have moderate level of
SA>>> In my country we have no good car manufactures, so never buy
SA>>> car, my dad have one and spend many time in garage to repair it.
SA>>> cannot drive, but i would like to get study it, may be some day
SA>>> have my own car.

SA>>> My dear Scott, its a little confuse me, but I would like to share
SA>>> dream with you. Today night I saw that we sat together at a coast
of a
SA>>> big lake. I have not seen this lake early, but it was so
beautiful and
SA>>> quiet, and barrels an easy warm breeze. We looked at night sky
and we
SA>>> see nice moon and a lots of stars which was reflected in a mirrow
SA>>> water. It was so good and I feeled your strong arms on my
SA>>> We spoke about us and about our feelings to each other. I
SA>>> that we had to tell each other something important, that will
SA>>> all our future. But at this moment I waked up but I had
SA>>> from this dream for a long time. It was so real, that when I
SA>>> understood that it's only a dream, I was very sad. I have never
SA>>> such feelings. And I believe that someday this dream become true!

SA>>> My dear Scott, I often think about you and about our relations.
SA>>> seems to me that every day we become closer. We know more about
SA>>> other and I like all that you wrote me. So, I will go home now to
SA>>> think about this all. I hope I did not confused you with my
SA>>> What do you think about this all?

SA>>> Yes, maybe we can have post address of each other here is my and
I wait
SA>>> yours.
SA>>> 617470 Russia,
SA>>> City: Kungur
SA>>> Street: Gogola
SA>>> House: 7
SA>>> Irina Nikitina

SA>>> Hug you, Irina

SA>>>> My reply is in red below.........

SA>>>> Irina wrote:
SA>>>> My dear Scott!!!!
SA>>>> Is recieving mail from you, really makes my day so much better.
I feel
SA>>>> so unusual urself cause of know some one so far from me. I like
SA>>>> you letter, I like wait when your letter download, I'll be feel
sad if
SA>>>> no letter from you, from this time. I am so happy that I have
you as
SA>>>> my friend! I am glad you are my friend, too, Irina. It is
SA>>>> cool to have a friend in Russia!!!

SA>>>> The weather, ok, the last two days it warm and sunshine. I like
SA>>>> best of all, but winter can to be next. There is alot more to do
SA>>>> outside too. I like comen back from cold street in warm home,
SA>>>> watch TV with hot tea. Most I like skied and it is so beautiful
SA>>>> all looking white. But summer it can swim and to become tanned
walk in
SA>>>> forest, work in garden . I like camping in childhood it happend
SA>>>> now no good company for. I like rain in the Summer.Yeah, I
SA>>>> guess I like certain things about each season. I have skiied
SA>>>> and I loved it. I want to do it again. I like the summer
SA>>>> it is warm and I can go to the beach or take the boat out. I
SA>>>> spring because everything is ALIVE again and colorful. I like
SA>>>> fall because everything is colorful. I like camping too. I
SA>>>> get to do it much anymore, but I like it. How much snow do you
SA>>>> have when it snows there? Not all year, but if it snowed a
SA>>>> snowfall, how much would you have? How cold does it get in the
SA>>>> winter? How hot in the summer?

SA>>>> Scott do you have hobby? I used to build race cars, so I like
SA>>>> to watch NASCAR racing on TV. I like college football and have
SA>>>> season tickets to the Univerity of Tennessee. I am also active
SA>>>> church. Music? Yes, I like music. I like Contemporary Gospel
SA>>>> 70's love songs. I am a romantic. I like candle light, soft
SA>>>> music, wine, cuddling, kissing. Home animal? I don't have a pet
SA>>>> home. When I was married, we had 2 dogs. I like pets, but
SA>>>> single, I don't have time to take care of them. Perhaps some
SA>>>> I will have another pet. I love Jack Russell Terriers. maybe
SA>>>> better say pets? I
SA>>>> like very much American music I like Elvis Presley, Phil Colins,
SA>>>> Adams, Madonna, Russian music is no my favorite, I like watch
movie, I
SA>>>> can watch all type of movie drama love story comedy triller
SA>>>> but flim must very good, I no like spend time on bad movie. I
SA>>>> "roman with stone" I like Forest gamp, and I like Al Pachino,
and Tom
SA>>>> Hanks, and television series "Friends".I like movies, but
SA>>>> mostly comedy, romantic, and some thriller (The Bourne
SA>>>> I like movies that make me laugh, touch my heart or excercise my
SA>>>> mind. What kinds of sport do you
SA>>>> like more?I love college football. Go to
SA>>>> that is the college that I like. Best of all I like valleyball,
SA>>>> waterpool, boxing, swimming,
SA>>>> ice skiing.

SA>>>> I have a male cat called Pestik. When I got home from work, he
at the
SA>>>> door waiting me or running to it. I had him from when he was 3
SA>>>> old. To grow him was no easy is so bad eater, cannot eat much
SA>>>> allway like to play. I like cats and also I like dogs. Sounds
SA>>>> like Pestik is a good companion (friend).

SA>>>> At all my life I had only two boyfriends. I am very attached
SA>>>> and if I becoming love someone I am ready to be with him for all
SA>>>> life. I always thinking that if people love each other they have
SA>>>> fogive another's mistakes. My first boyfriend was at school till
SA>>>> therd year of univercity. Then he had to leave with his parents
SA>>>> Byelorussia, and we left. We was a good friends, and he wrote me
SA>>>> couple of letters but now he is married. We lived like a brother
SA>>>> sister. Then I met another boy, but after three months of
SA>>>> communicating he became to drink a lot and became very ungry for
SA>>>> anyone. He leaves from univercity and he lies me a lot. I did
SA>>>> imagine what happened with him. Then they take him to army and
SA>>>> last talk with him, I understood, that its not my choice. I dont
SA>>>> that he loved me. Anyway I would not like to continue any
SA>>>> with him and to say a true, I would not like to have any
SA>>>> with any Russian man. And I am so happy that I met you and its
mean so
SA>>>> much for me! I can understand your frustration with Russian
SA>>>> men. I can say this: You are a beautiful woman and would have
SA>>>> problem finding a man over here. You are a very beautiful

SA>>>> Dear Scott now every day when I go to bed I reading your letters
SA>>>> before sleep and I am always thinking about you when I waking
up. It's
SA>>>> my first thoughts! Please write me more about you, about your
SA>>>> about what are you doing these days! You are so sweet,
SA>>>> Irina. My moods are up and down right now. I am in the middle
SA>>>> a divorce and it is painful. I was married for 14 years. It
SA>>>> hurts when that ends. I am staying busy dealing with that, with
SA>>>> moving, with starting a life on my own. I am normally a funny
SA>>>> type of person. I love to play jokes on people, tell funny
SA>>>> laugh, tickle my parter (are you ticklish?). I like romantic
SA>>>> dinners, time spent together just watching a fire,
SA>>>> rides, etc. I love to cuddle, hold, kiss, make love. I am a
SA>>>> passionate person. I like bright colors. I am a Christian and
SA>>>> was active in my church until my divorce. Now, I am looking for
SA>>>> another church, where I can serve. I taught Sunday School for 9
SA>>>> years.

SA>>>> Gotta go get some work done. It was good to hear from you.
SA>>>> Saturday night I was pretty depressed, so I went on the internet
SA>>>> from my cell phone. I read your letter and it made me feel much
SA>>>> better.


SA>>>> Realistically, what are the chances of you taking a trip to
SA>>>> America? Could your family help you?


SA>>>> I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the
SA>>>> additional pictures you sent. You are very, very pretty.


SA>>>> Your friend, Scott

SA>>>> Your russian friend, Irina

SA>>>>> Irina,
SA>>>>> Also, I do not have internet at home, only work, so I will
SA>>>>> not be able to e-mail you this weekend. I will answer your
SA>>>>> Monday.
SA>>>>> Scott

SA>>>>> Irina wrote:
SA>>>>> Hi Scott!

SA>>>>> I was glad to receive today the letter from you. It was very
SA>>>>> for me. Thank you for pics. I like it very much.

SA>>>>> I want to tell you about my work. Now I am working as manager
SA>>>>> biggest trading company at our city. This is firm that sells
SA>>>>> wear. My duties are to show clothes to clients, to tell them
all about
SA>>>>> it, to take orders. Usually we sell many parts of clothes in a
week. I
SA>>>>> do not know precisely as much. Usually it is various dress,
SA>>>>> skirts and suits. I love classical style in the lady's wear.
SA>>>>> clothes very convenient and beautiful. My heads very proud for
SA>>>>> they always say that I am best. They are very good and strong
SA>>>>> and I like them a lot. My work is not very far from me, and I
SA>>>>> go there by myself. And how long from your home your work is
SA>>>>> Can you write me more about your work? What is most intresting
in it?
SA>>>>> How do you spend your free time?

SA>>>>> Of course you wonder how I got decide to write someone so far?
I was
SA>>>>> similar with one woman from my town. She has worked as teacher
SA>>>>> english in school of our town she often went in the city Perm
SA>>>>> courses of english and got correspondence with American man.
They had
SA>>>>> meet after tree month. She get visa and she travel in America,
and get
SA>>>>> stay long time and after they maybe decide get married. I dont
SA>>>>> how it work cause of I have no meet her over one year, then we
had no
SA>>>>> intenert in my town I have no her email adress. It looked like
a fairy
SA>>>>> tale. I like my country and my life here is no bad.

SA>>>>> Do you like your place of living? your country? Yes you have
SA>>>>> life there. My friend has said that American men are better
SA>>>>> Russian cause does not drink so much. They more oriented at
SA>>>>> and care of family.They like to have job, and for for family.
SA>>>>> of my country cause of many people no want to work. Everyone
SA>>>>> want to have family and care about her home, kids and husband.
Time is
SA>>>>> go. I'm single women never have been married and have no
children. I'm
SA>>>>> alredy no small girl and want to find my happines - have my
SA>>>>> But I'm still young and can find my happines. Life is life like
SA>>>>> in one of American song.
SA>>>>> Unfortunately, I have never been outside Russia, but I hope
SA>>>>> And I dont know a lots about a trips though a countries. But I
SA>>>>> happy that I meet you and I hope to know more about you. My
time is
SA>>>>> over now and I have to go now.
SA>>>>> I'll wait your letter tomorrow.
SA>>>>> Take care, Irina

SA>>>>>> Irina,
SA>>>>>> Thanks for replying........
SA>>>>>> Yep, e-mail works instantly.
SA>>>>>> So, you never answered a couple of questions: 1) What did
SA>>>>>> you see in my profile that you liked and 2) How does a
SA>>>>>> girl like you not have a husband?
SA>>>>>> Your town sounds like a nice place; nothing wrong with old
SA>>>>>> towns. I have lived in a variety of towns, so I am not "from"
SA>>>>>> place.
SA>>>>>> You told me you majored in economics, but what do you
SA>>>>>> actually do each day for work?
SA>>>>>> I am sorry to hear about your mom dying; I am sure
SA>>>>>> that was a tough situation.
SA>>>>>> So, how did you learn English. Have you always spoken it as a
SA>>>>>> second language or did you learn it in college? Do you travel
SA>>>>>> much?
SA>>>>>> I have been to Romania on a few mission trips, but that is
SA>>>>>> about it, besides Jamaica for vacation. I love to travel, and
SA>>>>>> love going to Romania.
SA>>>>>> I look forward to hearing more about you. Questions for me?
SA>>>>>> I have attached some pics of me......
SA>>>>>> Scott

SA>>>>>> Irina wrote:
SA>>>>>> Hello Scott!

SA>>>>>> I so ready today to receive a mail from you! And I so glad to
SA>>>>>> that you received my mail and answered! And I so happy that
SA>>>>>> understood my entire letter! Electronic mail workin so fast!!
I would
SA>>>>>> like to continue our correspondence and I hope you too!
SA>>>>>> So, I have to write you a little about me.

SA>>>>>> My town is Kulgur about 10000 people here. It's old town. We
have some
SA>>>>>> very old Churches with very olds Icons here. I was born here
SA>>>>>> leaved this place one time when I was studing in the Perm
SA>>>>>> Kulgur is a very small town and only a couple of people here
SA>>>>>> their own phones with internationl connecion. But several moth
ago we
SA>>>>>> have Internet club here and its no much popular cause of cost
SA>>>>>> Now it get cheaper first sevice it is email. The only way for
me to
SA>>>>>> write you is to get here and pay for time at computer to write
SA>>>>>> if send only letter cost no much, use internet like meet
people cost
SA>>>>>> much. I know that in America almost in each home has Internet.
In my
SA>>>>>> country it will be too.

SA>>>>>> My friends say I'm very cheerful, attractive and devoted
woman, and I
SA>>>>>> will not leave my friend in trouble. I like to cook very much
and I am
SA>>>>>> cooking always only by myself. When I was a young girl my aunt
SA>>>>>> learned me good cook I have good practicks when was student
and have
SA>>>>>> been far from home. I like to cook many meanl's from meat,
chicken, I
SA>>>>>> like salads, fish. I like eat too, no only cooking. I like
soups and
SA>>>>>> potatos and red fish with fried onions. But it better no eat
to much
SA>>>>>> cause of care about body wight. I like fruits grapes,
SA>>>>>> peach, appricot, here we have no many fruits but my aunt have
SA>>>>>> and there is appels tree. I like drink coffee and clear
SA>>>>>> water. Alchocol? Red wine, no dry and a bit lite bear with
cheaps. But
SA>>>>>> I don't drink a lots, only sometimes at holidays. I do not
smoke also.

SA>>>>>> My father works likes a pediatrist in your
SA>>>>>> hospital. He has cured many
SA>>>>>> children in our town. He is 65 yes old but still work. He very
SA>>>>>> and respect person here. He has a lot of business trips in
other close
SA>>>>>> cities. They are not very far. He like forest, soccer and me.

SA>>>>>> I have no mother. Its not easy for me to say about it. She
died in a
SA>>>>>> road accident when I was 2 years old. My father love her very
much and
SA>>>>>> its a very big loss for him. I know a little about she, only
from my
SA>>>>>> father told me. Now my father has another family, but we love
SA>>>>>> other very much and I am always going to him at weekends. Now
I living
SA>>>>>> with my aunt. When I was a young girl I lived with my father.
And all
SA>>>>>> home businesses depended on me. That's why I think I am
SA>>>>>> woman. I like only honest and open people even if its bad. I
hope I can be
SA>>>>>> good housewife. And I would like to find a man to give him all
my care and
SA>>>>>> love and to get this back.

SA>>>>>> I would like to tell you about how I get idea to write you a
SA>>>>>> but its seems I have no much time now. I will write you about
it at my
SA>>>>>> next letter.

SA>>>>>> Looking forward to hear from you tomorrow, Irina

SA>>>>>>> Irina,
SA>>>>>>> Thanks for sending the pictures of you. My goodness!!!! You
SA>>>>>>> are beautiful!!!!! I am amazed that you are still single.
SA>>>>>>> I am sending pics of me also.
SA>>>>>>> I like the town where I live. It is not really big, maybe
SA>>>>>>> 100,000 people. I live in a very pretty state, Tennessee.
SA>>>>>>> mountains, some hills. Very pretty.
SA>>>>>>> Your English is fine. I have been to Romania 3 times on
SA>>>>>>> missions trips, and you do very well with your English.
SA>>>>>>> My birthday is October 28, just turned 38. I am 5' 8" tall,
SA>>>>>>> weigh around 185 lbs (not sure in KG).
SA>>>>>>> It is good to find a soul mate and you are