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Luhansk Ukraine

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I contacted this woman by sending her a wink on the web site. She answered me back saying that she was interested in corresponding with me...she gave me her email adress and asked me to send her some pictures of me.
So i sent her photos on her private mail and i said a few things about myself and i asked her the same questions, like where is she from? what she does in life? does she has any hobbies?

I recieved a letter, a big one...she said how wonderful it was...she was talking about love and happiness but nothing at all about her real life!!!

So i sent one more letter...a small one...3 lines!!!! Saying "please tell me where you from, what you do in life and do you have any hobbies?"
I received her answer. Bige letter again...saying gain the same kind of things about love and happiness and about me, about the fact that she was waiting my letter very much...

I have read on the web site many different case of scam girls and i am 100 % sure this lesya is one of them.

Letter 2


My dearest Johan! Thanks a lot for your respond. When I knew that you
had sent me one more letter, it pleased to me very much. I’m so glad
that you liked my profile and among such the beautiful girls you
however paid attention to me. Thank you so much for your photos. It
seems to me that you are kind, interesting and pleasant person. In
this letter I would like to tell you some more about me. Let’s begin
with what I appreciate in people most of all: honesty, candor,
kindness, and generosity of heart. I think that between man and woman,
their relations must always be honest and open. They shouldn’t reserve
the things, which they want to do or have done. On my opinion, the
woman is made for care about her man, for creation of warm, family
happiness, for to come true all his wishes and dreams. I believe that
every person can find another half in this world. But for this he
(she) must open his heart for love. But love cannot only be taken,
people need to tell each other about it, to give it each other and
demonstrate it each other. It’s a pity but during my life I didn’t
meet the deserve man, whom I could give all myself completely. But I
believe in myself and I’m looking for him. I know what I can do for
this man and what I can give him. I like to do my house keeping and do
it with pleasure, because I like my home tidy, clean and cozy for I am
home oriented. I like to cook very much, especially for my close man.
And I want to believe, that it’s you. BUT!!! I can be not only soft,
tender kitten and also to be a tigress. I hate lie. I can’t to forgive
faithlessness. I’m waiting for your letter impatiently. Take your good
care. Lesya.


Dear Johan! How I was happy to see your letter today. I really made my day.
I am like on heavens. You know words cannot express all my feelings
but I will try tell you, I am not for pen relationship but something
that could be a reality – a relationship that could lead to being
together as one, and, share all the treasures in stock. I feel I am so
similar to you. I feel as though I'm a fairly simple person. When 2
people "fall in Love" there are a lot of things going on emotionally,
physically and hormonally and eventually this conditions settle down
and reality of real life sets in. It is easy to fall in love but it is
hard work to stay in love and to keep the fires of passion burning
brightly and requires both parties participation to make it work. When
we fall in love, we as humans often overlook or not pay attention to
qualities or traits of the other person that might be a source of
concern. Now that there is mutual respect, trust and unconditional
love present, there is nothing you can't talk about, work out or
accomplish and there is no limit as to how far your love can be taken
because there are two people living for each other and with the desire
for the common goal of eternal love for each other. There is nothing
more rewarding or satisfying than when 2 people from their love for
each other, make love, create love and extend their love through their
children. What do you think? Sincerely yours Lesya.

3rd and LAST LETTER so far

Hello my dear Johan! I'm very glad to hear from you again. How are you? How
is your mood? I'm very glad that I could run away from all my business
so as to spend some time with you. It's really true, when I write you
letters I imagine that you are near. And you know in this unbelievable
and furious speed of life and remind about you often and often. And I
always am eating by the curiosity, if you answered me or no. And when
I found your letter a smile appear on my face. And you know, when I
came home after hard day I tried to imagine that you were near with
me. We are sitting near the fireplace. The fire warms us. We are
listening to music. By the way which music do you like? You hold my
arms and say me "everything will be all right.. You are strong...I'm
with you... And I feel your power in my blood. And then a new day
came, I with new power, which I got, thinking of you, rush to it. As
you my dear I also want to feel stability and reliability in the life,
which only beloved person can give. And I’m tired from loneliness. I
think our life is not for to be alone. It's for to love and to be
loved, first of all. I think if a person hadn't love during his life,
he didn't live. Love is life. I think it's awful when near with you
there is not a person, whom you can give all your the most beautiful
feelings, whom you can give your soul, your heart and yourself
completely. It's so great even to sit near and to enjoy that you are
together, to hold arms and look at eyes each other and enjoy that you
are together, to fall in sleep, listening to the breath each other and
wake up from the beating of beloved heart and enjoy that you are
together. And my dear, could I ask you, why is not a woman near with
you? I mean your beloved woman. Why is your heart not full of real
love, why do you feel alone? I think it's very important that two
people would be honest and open in relations. And express their
feelings, their desires and wishes. That's why I want to get to know
more and more about you, your life. When is your birthday? In what
position do you like to sleep? Do you want to have children? What is
your favorite smell? Do you like to be weaken by the kiss in the
morning? Are you passionate and romantic person? Do you like to
“spoil” your beloved woman and how? I’m sorry dear, may be I ask a lot
questions, and I think it’s better to stop now. I don’t want that
you’ll run away from all them. I’ll never forgive it to myself. But I
want that you know that my questions are the showing of my interest to
you. Your Lesya.