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Honey, my love!
I have just from school honey, i was teaching today but i could think
only about you and my trip, i really couldn't concentrate and was
waitng to come here,see your letter!
Sweetie, dear James please dont' worry, we still have time to do
everything and lets start with the visa. It would be so great if you
could help me with the money for it and then we can talk about the
date of my flight, we can wait a little , til we have all the money,
i will do my best here too. Its just that they are delaying my salary
again and i don't even know when i can get my salary before the
vacation. So i will try to get the money for the train to Moscow, it
will be as you said around 100 dollars as you said. Sweety please
understand that i'm ready to do everything here, i'm trying just i
don't have the money right now for the visa and i should apply for it
as soon as i can. Of course sweety i will be able to stay till the End
of January and that's because we have New Yeae holiday too here and
they will be derived from the days of ma vacation so i could stay for
my birthday too, it's 10 of January! oh I'm so so excited as well
sweety! HOney, please dont' worry i understand here the problem about
not telling your parents about this detail, all parents are the same
and mine are of course worried about me too, so i won't tell them all
the truth lets say so ok?
You know i now have to think what i'm going to take with me, i want
to get you a present and i still have some time for it.Sweety what
kind of clothes i should bring and do you think i can stay with you
while i'm there? I also told at work today that i will be coming to
see you very soon, they are very happy for me and wish me a lot of
luck! WEll i know that everything will be great, i have such a desire
for us to meet in real and i feel happy as never before my dear!
James, here is my adress, my home adress:
y name is Platunova Nadezhda
Zarubina, 15-29
Yoshkar-Ola, Russia 424000
I counted here and in Canada dollars it going to be around 300
Canadian dollars. How are you going to send them sweety?
Sweety i wanted to thank you so much that you understand my situation
about the money and you want to help, i'm so impressed really. It's
just i feel now really cared and not alone, it's so great to think now
about 2 of us, i'm really really happy!
My love i have to finish now,i'm a bit tired today, i haven't been at
home yet all the day on my feet...i will some here tomorrow in the
morning ok? I so much wait for your letter and i miss you!
Your girlfriend

My love my darling!
How are you my dear James? I hope you are well, honey i so much want
to be with you now, to kiss you, to feel your warmth, to hug you and
just close my eyes for the second and imagine that there is noone in
this world but you and me!!
My love thank you so much for your compliments but you are going to
spoil me my love!!! YOu are so handsome yourself and you know it my
love!!! I love your pictures my love, i even started talking to them!!
Honey i'm so glad that you talked to your mom my love,i really hope
that we will get on very well with her, well at least i will be my
best sweetie,you know that i'm very open person and i guess if the
person is open to you it's easier to be near him, learn him or her better.
Honey we are bright example of it, we were sharing with eachother, we
were open to eachother and we found so much in common!!! Honey i feel
so close to you and i feel so confident about you, so please dont'
worry everything will be great between us and honey i can imagine how
we will enjoy eachtother everyday!! PLease don't worry honey that i
might be bored or i won't like something, i love you and you will be
with me and it's the most important!
Honey today i went to the travelling office to get the visa and papers
for my trip. The travel agent told me not to forget to bring to Moscow
cash money to show at the customs. I was so surprised so i reasked her
about it. She explained me
everrything but sweetie...she told me that at the customs in
Sheremetevo, tourists leaving Russia for Canada have to show that
they have enough funds to support their staying in Canada for at
least 3 months. She said that this is done because i'm travelling as a
tourist and Canadian government doesn't want me to live on the
streets there and starve to death, so they want a proof that i have
enough cash money for 3 months, the time my visa is valid for... I told her
that i'm going to see my boyfriend there, he will take care of me in any case.
But she said that at the customs there dont' ask for that they just
look at my visa...Sweetie she told me that in Canadian dollars it is
700 for a month and that will make 2100 in totall....honey i'm depressed now, i don't know what
to do i have only 200 dollars left from what you send me and from what
i have saved for my trip to Moscow, i worked as
much as i could this past month, i was tutoring and now i'm in such a despair....i
have to have this money till Monday before i leave to Moscow.
If i don't have them that means that i will not be able to sit on the
plane...Sweety she said that i just have to show them, i dont' need to
give them anything, but i have to have them in cash..So the agent said
that whoever helps me, i can give it all back to him but I have
already called my parents and they can only help me with about 7000
rubles, so this will be 300 Canadian....
I dont know where is the way out now, my dear, i just couldn't imagine
this to happen i wasn't ready....i'm so depressed, i can't believe
that something is preventing us now!!!! I really need your support
sweetie, what should we do? I feel that there is no way out!
I will be waiting for your letter my love, please write me
your Nadyusha