Scammer Surikova Tatyana

St. Petersburg Russia

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She claims to want to leave Russia because of no work and no life. She will tell you that she has one sister named Svetlana who went to the United States and found her true love named Ben Eldridge. She will tell you that her Farther was killed in a work accident when she was very young. She will ask for money about 2 months after she has written to you. She will say that she has a passport but needs money for a visa and other travel documents. She will ask you for around $900.00 USD to be sent to her so that she can pay the Agency that she is going through for her Visa and other travel documents. After she has asked you for the $900.00 if you are stupid enough to send her the money in the first place she will write to you saying that she has to have $2,000.00 more USD before the Agency will give her the papers that she needs to travel with. She will tell you that she needs this money to get through both the Russian Customs and the United States customs inspections. She will tell you that she can not raise that much money and needs you to send it to her so she can come to you. She will tell you taht the only way she can raise that much money is to sell her jewelery that her dead farther left her and to sell the jewelery that her mother has given her. THIS IS ALL A PACK OF LIES!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE HER!!!!! I just about fell for her lies so I did some checking with U.S.Coustoms and found out that when people come into the United States they do not need excatly $2,000.00 USD they just need enough money to show that they will be able to stay in a hotel and take care of themselves for a little while. There is no set limit on the money they need to travel with. DO NOT BE FOOLED IF SHE TELLS YOU SHE NEEDS EXACTLY A CERTAIN AMOUNT!!! She is very good at her lies. Good luck and do not write to her if you get any letters from her