Scammer Garcusha Alesya

Kherson Ukraine

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I just wanted to write and thank you for your help and advice regarding Alesya Garcusha, email address from Kherson in the Ukraine. I really thought that she was genuine, but recent events have proved you right and me wrong about her. Since our correspondence, I have unearthed a number of complaints and enquiries about her on the internet, one as recently as May 2007, and I have come to the conclusion that she is up to no good. Last week she sent me birthday greetings on the twelfth, and then on the thirteenth I found her profile on Harmony Dating, which she had accessed that day, when she was supposed to be hard at work, and had no time to email me. I am tempted to update all the photographs you have of her on your web site - there are quite a number accumulated over the past fifteen months of communication with her. Essentially, she was telling me how much she loved me, how much she missed me (if you remember I was over there in April of 2006) and looking forward to coming to England. Luckily the only cash I parted with was some money I sent her for her birthday in April. I did think that maybe she had grown tired of waiting to come to the UK, but the more I researched her, the more worms I uncovered and my unease has grown to the point where I am fairly certain that she is not genuine. So, my thanks and apologies to you, and if you would like me to update her pictures (and she has blossomed into a very beautiful young lady...and I just wish she had been genuine, as I'd grown very fond of her and was looking forward to meeting her again).

Letter 2

Hello Irina,
You may remember me from a few weeks ago, and the discussions we had relating to Alesya Harcusha, who is now on Elena's Models ID 1377454, and who has had her profile on your site, Harmony Dating and Bridenet UK removed at various points for being a suspected scammer.
I noted that someone called Cecil is currently unsure of her sincerity, and has been writing for your opinion on the subject, and I would recommend that anyone who is doubtful about her should be put in touch with me and I will tell them everything about her.
The scam is, as you said one of morality, and it went like this:
I arranged to visit her in Ukraine after several weeks of writing and telephone conversations.
I was going to book into a hotel, but she recommended that she could book us a cozy apartment for my holiday.
The apartment cost me $80 per night, plus a booking fee of $80, making a total of $1200 from a man called Max.
I later discovered that this apartment is owned by someone else and is available at $60 per night, with a discount for booking over 7 days. So, Max had overcharged me and pocketed the difference. This price was negotiated for me by Alesya's stepfather, Andrey Piven, so I suspect he received a cut from this.
During my stay Alesya paid for nothing, and I treated her to new clothes, new shoes and several outings, some of which included her sister Tanya, and her stepfather anbd mother Larissa.
They ate heartily at my expense, and even suggested a celebration for our eggmagement - something that I suggested was a little premature as we had only known each other a few months.
I did however, let her have the cost of an international passport, which she subsequently had made, and we were making plans for her to come to the UK.
Then she went into hospital for a spinal operation, was out of work for several weeks and had her mobile phone stolen.
I sent her money to replace this so that we could communicate, and on a monthly basis sent her money to save for her airfare.
We were planning for her to be here for Christmas, but then I discovered that she had posted her profile on several dating sites, was communicating with several other men at the same time and that her profile was active when she said she was visiting her sick grandmother in the country.
She is a very devious and cunning young lady who plays on her innocent looks, claiming to be a good Christian girl, visiting church several times during my visit.
All in all it has cost me dearly to uncover her deception, and I intend to report her to the relevant authorities, so I would appreciate some advice as to how to do this. Who do I report her to?
Lastly, please tell Cecil, and anyone else, to contact me about her and I will set the record straight for them.
Many thanks.