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we met on a dating site called coupleme, and we chatted for about 4 weeks on yahoo, she told me web cams were not allowed without a police permit, due to all the porn, so I felt comfortable enough to invite her to canada for a holiday, she told me she would love to come but could not afford a passport, so I checked into it and she did also, then she came back and told me what i already much it was , so she seemed for real so i sent 300 canadian dollars, well she got her passport in 1 week and emailed me a scanned in picture of her passport, then, the next thing was a medical exam, so I looked on the canadian embassy web site for doctors in the philippines that they recognize, and I knew she lived in cagayan de oro, and the closet doctor was in cebu.........7 hours by ferry, so she also checked into it and came back with the same information.......and again i thought it was legit, so i sent her money for the ferry ride, money for 2 nights in a hotel, money for the doctor exam and blood test, then preparing of the documents, and of course a ferry ride back to cagayan de oro, well after that, she needed to hire a courier to send her visa application to manilla, and it was cheap enough, so i sent 150 dollars some of it was just for her, as i told her to buy something nice for yourself, then she got a call from the canadian embassy in manilla, and they scheduled an interview, so she told me it was in 6 days, and it takes 1-1/2 days by ferry to get to manilla, so i went on the net and found the ferry schedule. and go figure she was right on the money, so i sent her $800 canadian dollars, and she was scaired to travel to manilla alone and asked me if I could send some money for her friend ana to go along(picture included) so I said yes and sent her another $200 dollars
so 3 days later she is in manilla and we are exchanging text messages on cell phones from alberta to philippines, and she told me to go on line as she needed to chat with me, she told me she had good news, and her visa was pending, but she needed "show money"to show the visa officer in the embassy in manilla that she had enough money to pay her way while on a holiday in canada, she said she needed $50,000 pesos, about $1200 canadian so I sent it and she even sent me a text telling me she was in the bank, near the embassy opening an account and getting a bank statment, well she reurned and got her visa promptly, and then wanted to fly back to cagayan de oro from manilla, so i sent her $400 for her and ana to fly home, then I bought her a ticket , but she wanted the money, instead i bought her a ticket and sent it there, then she got sick at first she said the doctors told her she had spinal meningitis, but 3 days later she was diagnosed with typhoid fever, and would not be able to fly as it would take 6-8 weeks to recover and get medical clearance, so i cancelled her ticket, and got a monor refund, but 3 weeks later she was well and fine and wanted to come here now, so i told her it was too close to xmas and too expensive, she told me she had a friend in a travel agency and could get 30% of a ticket price,
it did not seem right to me , so feeling kinda bummed out i decided to check her out and got in touch with ""point man cebu""
( type that into google) i asked him to check her out for me, so his wife posing as a delivery person trying to deiver flowers, but nielle would have no part of this delivery. so i told point man cebu to call her and while i was on the other line, he called nielle and put hwr on speaker phone and i could hear thier conversation, he told her he was trying to make a delivery and the delivery person was having trouble finding your address, and i heard her say i am in ozamis city, well that is miles from cagayan de oro, anyway she told point man cebu to throw the flowers and chocolates away and i will tell him (meaning me) i got them, so he said ok no problem,
hung up the phone with her and satill had me on the other line and i heard it all, then he tells me his partner, a filipino, is convinced that the person on the phone was"" bayot ka"" meaning a gay man or a transexual............but not a woman.................. anyway there was no way the person i had pictures of was ever a man, she was gorgeous.........any way i told nielle i had a computer virus and lost some files and asked her to resend me her pictures, that is where she screwed up...............she sent me the passport picture what i thought i got her......but it had a different date of issue, and a different i tracked her thru western union and found that she picked up every money transfer in the same place in ozamis city..................... so much for thr trip to cebu and manilla, she never went anywhere, check out the 2 different passpot pictures
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