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Lviv Ukraine

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THis is writing to you your Inga Goncharenko.

First of all I want to thank you for your such a beautiful and lovely letter. You even can't image how I was looking forward to receiving the letter full of passions and warmness from you. You know it is winter now but my soul is freezing without you. and I always begin to read your letters and it becomes warmer. but I think that It will be much warmer if we meet each other. I'd like you to hold me with all your passions and never give me up, because it's time to tell you that you behave become a great part of my life, you are a sense of living. My darling I can't wait our meeting any more. I like to travel very much and I never been aboard. It will be great if I can visit your country.Oh, my dear, if we can be there together I'll be the luckiest woman in the world. You know I want to meet you as soon as it possible. It's very hard to have such a large distance brtweem us. i want to be with you, to catch your strong hand, to love you. just to have lovely man near me. I am so impatient to have you in my arms.This will be the greatest happiness in my life. Day by day I desire to be with you and all of me is waiting for you.Tell me, for godness, when Will I be the happiest woman in the world? When will I be able to see you? This is like dream now, but we make it happen. I'd like to be with you forever, and never complain to be your woman. My darling,I promise You will be the luckiest and the most desirable man in the world. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. So, I wait for your replay. I want to make our own world and we call it paradise where you will be my angel. Thus,I want to be in the paradise soon.

I am sending you my deepest love and warmest kisses...

Ok darling.... you know today it is the Christmas in Ukraine and i hope that i will have free time at night at 12 to go to church to pray for being soon together.... i need you so much......

be good and be safe baby and know that you have a special place in my heart...

Your INga

p.s. my address is

Nezalezhnosty street, 24/13



From: Inna [mailto:[email protected]]
Thank you so very much for writing me and expressing your
true feelings and thoughts. I am most greatful for having
the chance to write such a man in hopes of developing our relationship.
You know, i would like to speak with you but....
I would very appreciate talking to you on the telephone.
It would make us closer to each other but this is a shame
for me to say that I haven't a telephone. I mean to say
that I have a telephone at home but it is connected only
with local telephone network and it can't recieve
international calls. I asked my parents to buy me a mobile
telephone because it would be very convenient for them
always to know where am I but it's very expensive.
HOney, you know i want to be with you very much and also i think
that it is better to meet with you somewhere but not in my country. It
is so cold here and i don't want you to get ill here because a lot of
people are ill. HOney I think our first meeting must be in warm
country, where is sun and beautiful fresh air... i want to explore you
there... HOney... you know frankly speaking I think there is no needs
to have a great plan for the meeting ....the main of our meeting is
you and me... i and you and our relationship. We have to know if we
really are suitable for each other. If we really have a lot of common
things for being together.. i am sure this first meeting will help us
to develop our relationship between you and me....
We have to meet fist , see each other, spend some days to gether,
speak abour everything, and decided what to do the next.... I know
that it is not time to marry but i don't aks you to do it right now. i
want only to meet you, to see your face, to touch you and be sure that
you are real for me....i hope Andy, you can understand me and i will
be waiting for your letter and your thoughts

Letter 2

here’s a line from the letter before that about the travel agency…

So we have to take some steps for our meeting.. what do you think????

YOu know usually people go to the travel agency to make arrangement for their trip abroad.

My friend gave me the address of the agency she used to go on her vocation and she told me that it is very good one. Here is the address [email protected] Please write them and ask all information about my trip to you. And then let me know, Ok?

Letter 3

“Absolute Agency” – a disgusting little site that apparently is nothing BUT scammers.