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Moscow Russia

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Letter 2

I shall try to explain to you all. I had money for purchase of the
ticket and additional money initially for residing at America. When I
have paid for the insurance document I have practically spent all
additional money. It is very difficult to receive the visa in your
country and I did not know, that to me will come to collide with
additional charges. Now I have no money to buy the ticket to you. I
have no additional 550 $, I do not know, where to me them to take. I
tried various variants, I can not find this additional money. Russia
not the rich country and I collected and saved money for this trip
long time. It was very difficult to save the necessary sum of money
and now when I was necessary 550 more $ do not know, that to me to do.
I made a copy of documents and put them to the letter. I hope, that it
will help and you will understand all. I waited for our meeting, I
already in the ideas was with you.
But a reality severe. I can not remain in Moscow. I have spent many
money in Moscow already and I can not remain and wait here more. I
think, that I shall be compelled to come back home. If nothing will be
solved today, then tomorrow I shall take tickets to home. It is a pity
to me to speak it, but I am afraid, that other chance for our meeting
any more will not be and that to us will come to leave for ever. It is
very a pity, that our desires were failed...
Yours Liubov