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My Darling Benny!

It  is  great that we got the chance to talk to each other and that we
can  start  knowing  each other better. Of course I am grateful to you
that  you  did  not  think  for  a long time and that you gave me your
e-mail  address, this way you simply showed me that you also wished to
try  and that you also had that feeling that everything could work out
between  us.  I know that it is too early to talk about it, but let me
be honest from the very beginning as I do not wish to be involved into
any  kinds  of  Internet games and any kinds of Internet tricks - I am
here for finding my man and for being with him! I hope that it will be
possible  for  me  to find that my only one whom I waited for all this
time and whom I am ready to give my heart and my life! I am not scared
of  being  in  love  and I am totally sure that it should be something
great  when  you  feel those hormones in your blood, when you see that
world  was  changed  for the better and when you understand that it is
your  happiness  to love and to be loved. But anyway let me start from
letting  you know some information about myself as I think that we are
here  for knowing each other better at first! So my name is Marina and
my name does not have short variants like other names have, but if you
wish  you  can  be  creative person and you are able to create a short
name  for  me, who knows, may be I will agree to be called the way you
will  propose,  moreover  I think that it will be special that we will
have  our  own names for our communication! Smiley So I am Marina and I am
26.  I  will be 27 this autumn and my birthday will be on October, 10.
As you understand I am Libra according Zodiacal calendar and as far as
I  know  Venus  is my patron and it means that I am the real woman who
knows  how  to  be  the  real woman, I am of a cheerful and adjustable
nature  and it is really so! In my home life, I will always tend to be
very  nice  and  peace  loving. I am sure I can create a home which is
glamorous  and  at  the  same  time  comfortable.  I  will  be  always
successful  in  keeping your surroundings happy and cheerful. I do not
know if you liked this my short description or not, I simply wished it
to  be simple and true. So if you still have a great wish to go on our
communication  I  will  be  more than happy to have your letter and to
answer  it.  I  will wait for the letter from you impatiently. Here is
the address for you to use in order to write me:

best regards,