Scammer Sinyaeva Liliya

Donetsk Ukraine

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Comments : She is a professional scammer. She has many pictures and uses many different names. She has been arrested also for these scams.

Letter 2

This woman will be reported to every scammer list and authoritiy to prevent this from happening more.

Beware of this woman and her partner !!!!!!!!!:

Her address is 91000,Ukraine, Donetsk, st. Artema, 21/32 to Siinyaeva Lilly.

Also address: apt 23, house 21,Artema street, Donetsk.

She is a Professional Scammer!!

Beware of her…She has current litigation pending now…

She is posted on several of the Scammers Fraud list!! Beware of her.

Her accomplice is Boris Tereshchenko He lives at the same address.

She has scammed many people. Attached below is some more information:

Results from Investigation in Russia: Good evening, Dwayne,

I've got the results of the check on Liliya ("Lilly") Sinyaeva about 40 minutes ago. Here they go.

The identity (Liliya ("Lilly") Sinyaeva) is real.

The postal address given (apt. 23, house 21, Artema street, Donetsk,

91000) is real.

The marital status: lives with the man, Boris Tereshchenko, medium level businessman, who owns two stores selling digital electronics.

Living together not being legally married is very common here. As far as I know far not all men mind their wife or a girlfriend to run this kind of "business", gives her something to do.

Criminal records: Had a criminal case against her opened on September the 2nd, 2005, the reason being an American citizen filing a complaint about being scammed by her. The case has been closed on September the 27th by the decision of the district attorney's aid because of procedural mistakes (here it mostly means he had been given a bribe).

My counterpart in eastern Ukraine (he is a ranking officer in Lugansk (capital of the province neighboring with Donetsk) police) has also e-mailed me the texts of two letters from that case (I'll copy them into this message, I guess you can compare them to the one you've got concerning a phone call), and 2 photos of Lilya, one the same as you've sent me and the other one I'm also attaching (sorry for the low quality of someone's scanning).