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also she uses the following e-mail addresses:
Also from time to time she says she is from: Nizhniy Novgorod or Kirv cities! Telling sometimes that she is 26 or 28 y.o.

Letter 2

She places personal ads on "Christian" or "Single" websites. She is very deceptive. She sounds so real and responds to everything you write. Like talking to the girl next door. She called me on the phone, she is a woman, perhaps not the one pictured, but there is a woman at the other end. She writes very touching and sensitive letters about her loneliness and what you mean to her without mentioning money or asking for it. Her ip address gave it away! Also when you see "X-Mailer: The Bat!" in the full headers (yahoo) of the email (gmail, click "show original"). After 2 weeks of not writing, she emailed me admitting she deceived me and she hoped I could find a wife in America. She said I was "dear to her" and told me never to send money to anyone. Maybe she felt guilty.

The first 2 letters explains the cost of ticket and "free money".
The last letter concerns "visa money" - my name is *** from Houston, Texas, USA- --- thank you!

From: Elena Vasileva Mailed-By:

Reply-To: Elena Vasileva
Date: Jan 6, 2006 3:36 AM
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Hello dear ***
I have not received 20 $ yesterday because to me have told, that I can receive only one translation in day and I have received money for the ticket to reserve the ticket and to buy the ticket up to Moscow.
Now in Russia in western union the day off and it will work for us on January, 10, I shall receive money on January, 10.
I have not overlooked, but I simply could not receive 2 translations in day!!!
xxx I went today in agency of visa.
But in agency of the visa I was told by bad news.
When I I already was going to leave the secretary
has wished to me good visiting at the relatives.
I have told, that I do not visit to the relatives.
I have told, that I visit to the favourite man, friend.
She began me to ask, whether I have freemoney.
And I have told, that is not present and I do not know that it!
Then she has told, that if I visit the man in USA, which I did not meet.
That by the legislation of the airports I should have at myself minimal cost of the ticket, on a case if on what - that to the reasons we can not will meet.
At the airport will ask the official invitation from you, or documents,
which confirm, that I have the relatives in territory USA. If I have no such document, I should have with myself the ticket on a return way or minimal cost of the ticket of the plane from USA up to Russia - 500 $ on January 11, 2005, it lawfully and now.
Still also at myself I should have 300 $, that at such situation I could live in hotel and eat some days. If I do not have all it at itself, it is considered, that I can become the tramp in USA,
illegal immigrant, which then will send from USA on territory of Russia free-of-charge for the man at the expense of embassy of Russian Federation.
Therefore control is made at the airport at planting aboard the plane.
If I have the ticket in the return end, from at me will not check it.
If I shall fly on business trip, me too do not check.
And physical persons, which travel
in USA should have at itself 200 $ and minimal cost of the ticket. If they it have no, they are not supposed up to a start. The man is warned about it,
when receives the ticket, and as I made out the ticket from agency of the visa, I was not warned beforehand.
xxx It is necessary 700 $ or about it, that me have passed at the airport before my departure in Moscow.
I reserved the ticket for January, 22 when has learn about it.
Therefore there were approximately two weeks and you should find this money for this time. Because I can not arrive to you.
There is other output, that I while hand over the ticket and I take it on later term. On such term for which we shall find this money.
Write, that to me to make. Whether you can find of money whether or not the coming week.
xxx it is difficult for me to write about it, at me today bad mood.
I am sure and that at you bad mood also!!!
I know as you wait my arrival, but I can make nothing with rules!
In the airport of me simply will not let in the plane and I cannot arrive with you.
I should have except for the ticket also "freemoney", to me have told, that now it is 700 $.
I shall bring them in USA, therefore you can borrow money even. Freemoney will check up in the airport is a guarantor, that with me all will be good. And then I shall bring this money in USA.
I cannot write more, I want to see your letter.
I love you and I wait for our meeting.
With love Elena.

From: Elena Vasileva Mailed-By:

Reply-To: Elena Vasileva
Date: Dec 15, 2005 5:20 AM
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Hello dear ***
I have received your letters.
I shall read it now.
*** I wrote, that the ticket can be bought only to me and I was necessary to use agency hope, that it is good.
They to me have told, that the ticket costs from 900 $ and to me the exact place of arrival is necessary to tell.
I am glad that you have contacted agency and I am glad that the ticket costs even less than you wrote to me, it is good.
I mean can faster arrive to you.
*** I wrote to you that you did not worry about me.
I shall be glad to any room.
If you want, when I shall come we can make beautiful your house together?
Can result to me with itself curtains?
They will not borrow a lot of place.
They very beautiful and Russian a tulle it is very good.
Yes! Yes! I would like to educate education our children.
I do not want that them someone brought up another.
They can perfectly study at home, and then when time they college or something another will come will learn.
Yes a coat warm, thank you again.
I for the present could not make a photo of it.
I too thought, that the ticket will cost more expensively.
But there is nothing bad, that it is cheaper, because so we shall meet also it only that faster that I want.
I love you my dear ***.
Your Elena

From: < >

Date: Nov 13, 2005 5:49 AM
Subject: FROM ELENA TO ***
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Hello my ***
I am glad to receive your letter.
Today in morning as I spoke, I went to visa agency.
I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need
the visa,
foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined a type of the visa and it's type tourist.
I think, that it will be enough to know each other and in a
consequence to marry.
Validity of the visa - 3 months.
I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time
of performance.
and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents
and leave the
Therefore, if I wish to fly in the country earlier, I should write
the application
and pay the visa on near future.
Then the visa will be ready during 2-3 weeks.
It appears to receive the visa not easily.
It borrows long time.
To receive the visa it is necessary to make very much much: it is
additional payments for a
of the visa, consular services,
preparation for interview with commission, interview.
And for getting a visa is necessary to go to Moscow where there is an
They have told that I will must visit set of various departments,
state and medical institutions both in Bryansk, and in Moscow.
It is necessary to wait for a long time the queue.
Therefore I can make visa, only at help agency.
The full package of service in agency costs 400 $.
The visa costs 180 dollars. Registration of the passport for travel
abroad costs 70 $. The agency
takes 150 $ for the work, that is I will not need to go to Moscow and
to submit documents to
I should pass only the commission in hospital of city Bryansk and
collect documents in
corresponding establishments of our city.
Now you see on how many difficultly to issue the visa.
And to start to me will make it to me it is necessary to help yours
Because I know, that you love me and you should not be frightened
difficulties before reception
of love.
Because this most important in a life for the person reception of
love, creation of the family.
The financial help also will be necessary for me also.
Because I cannot pay the visa completely.
You should me help to pay for the visa to me it is necessary 400 $
completely to pay the visa.
I think, that I should be with you ***.
And I hope, that you will not be frightened of all these
We should begin planning of our meeting.
Now I shall pass medical inspection in the free form, and you should
me write the invitation
This letter I should print and bring this letter in agency of visa.
You should write in the free form, that you really want my visiting
of your country. That we with
you good friends.
You should specify phone, a home address and a full name. You should
specify the income and
confirm with it, that you can support my existence at you on a
It is necessary to give this letter agency of visa, this letter will
prove the purpose of my
arrival to your country.
Now you see ***, that the visa to make difficultly.
But do not worry we should pass through it.
And then it will be possible to feed really fiber in your park.
*** you should write the letter of the invitation if you will not
understand as precisely I
shall write to you.
Also you should go in Western Union and send me 400 $, after payment
the visa, will pass two
weeks and we shall be together.
Thank you for the information on the airport I shall go in agency of
visa and to allow it this
****, I shall write to you tomorrow in the morning.
I hope to receive the answer and ask a question if something has not
I love you and I wait for your letter.

Letter 3

Elena Vasileva along with Travel 4 You Agency used a Visa/Russia Bride scam. From Sep-04-05 Elena first contacted me through a Single Christian website She continued through her email and later Her last contact was in Feb 4, 2006 admitting she deceived me and she wished I find a wife in America. I tried to reply the same day but her email was discontinued. All Western Union transactions were sent to this address as requested by Elena Vasileva for ticket/Visa money she would use to come to America as my future wife. Country Russia City: Bryansk Zip code: 242620 Street: Novozibkova st. House: 9 Name: Elena Lastname: Vasileva . Amount sent -$2,190 to Elena Vasileva via Western Union for internet cafe costs, coat, Visa and ticket money. The agency involved is : Travel 4 You Agency website: They did send me some emails before I sent Elena the money. They insisted the ticket was to be bought by Elena Vasileva throught them. I had told Elena I would buy the ticket through Air France. Elena said Travel 4 You Agency required me to buy the ticket through them. She gave me their email. They responded with information about ticket costs. They have not replied to my emails after sending Elena the money. She has been reported to the FBI.