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Stavropol Russia

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Hi, I am grateful to you, that you answered me my announcement.
I did not know your address earlier. The matter is that I have addressed in
service of acquaintances.
As they have achieved that the letter has come to you I I do not know.
But I am glad to this.
I did not know you will answer me whether or not my announcement. But
I the truth am very glad, that you wrote to me also I now I write you
the letter. I do not know, that speak or write in letters at the first
acquaintance, but I shall try to tell about myself and I shall put the
letter the photo. I hope, that my photos like you. I shall begin the
letter of that I was born in the city of Stavropol city. This city is in
the Russian Federation. It is very beautiful city, I was born and grew
in him. I live in it now. I do not know you heard about this city whether or
not, but
you can look at him on the Internet. My full name YEKATERINA AKIMOVA.
Everyone call me simply Kate. My growth makes about 170 see. My weight of 56 kg
I was born on April, 16, 1979. I the third child in family. I have
two more sisters. My mum and the daddy both worked at a factory and
were good experts of the affair. Now they are not present, but I
frequently recollect about them. From the childhood as well as all
children I went to a kindergarten is probably the happiest time, when
there is no any cares and parents love you and give you caress and
care. I was the disobedient child - so mum spoke me, I at all do not
remember it, but it was pleasant for me to listen to stories of my
mum. After a kindergarten in 1986 I went to school, in the first
class. It is the most remembered the moment at each first-grader. The
first bell rings and everyone start to study. I studied 10 years at
school. After school I acted in institute on a speciality management
of the state organizations as appeared then this speciality now to
nobody is necessary. After the termination of institute I went to work
in the building organization by the manager. To me carried with work
and I now work. I have two senior sisters, both of them married, they
are more senior than me. One my sister call Maria, I another Anna.
They have children, they are my nephews. I love the nephews and I
dream sometime to have same children as they. Now I live one in the
one-room apartment. Sometimes it happens me sadly, but I try to be
engaged in the hobbies. I very much like to borrow
with sports, we sometimes with girlfriends go to sports a hall to be
engaged in aerobics, but on it not always there is time. It is a lot
of time now, but it probably work borrows from each person so. I very
much like to look cinema, especially to look him at a cinema. I
sometimes go to a cinema to look interesting film. Tell, something
about itself. Tell about your city, about your work, about your life
and do not hesitate to ask me, in fact the more we learn about the
friend the friend, the we can better get acquainted with you. Write to
me please.


P.S. You can send the following letters on my home E-mile: [email protected]