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back in 2006.
she sent me a interest on Loveaccess. which I am a member. I sent her an email since I liked her profile. and what she had to say on their. she sent me her first letter.
march 7 2007.
by her 8 letter which I liked all of them she was telling me all about herself and her family. On the 7 letter she was telling me her birthday was coming up on the 30th of march, on the one of yours her birthday was 1/4/1978. so that kind of bothered me. but when I read the letter you posted about her asking the man she was writing to about the English lessons. but I did not see any of this till 9/15/2006. I had never written anyone from over seas and know nothing about scammers till then so I googled her email address, and that's when I seen the post you had for her. I printed it and still have it till this day. I have all the pictures you do. but that is still nothing bad. I decided to get her English lessons. and when I was on the web site, I seen how much it cost to do translations. so I thought it would be nice so she did not have to pay for my translations of letters, so I went and started paying for that also. Which she thanked me for. and took the burden off her shoulders. and she would write me as much as she could. I have to tell you things were great. she sent me some pictures of herself in her pajamas, silk ones which seemed very nice. but I have to tell you she is very smooth. I am almost sure if I would have not got her English lessons and paying for her translations through Ukraine-club. this would have never went anywhere. I did not think that then by her letters only now.
I noticed that as we wrote to each she would get more affectionate at the end of each letter. especially after I got her English lessons and translations, and got her a bottle of perfume through Ukraine club for her birthday. almost for got to tell you about that. I know all this sounds fine. I would agree. the next pictures she sent. was of her in Independence square, 16 of them. very nice. and things seamed very great, between us. The next few letters she talked about all the things we could If I would come to Kiev an visit her. and started telling me how we could go on boat trips that they have go up and down the river in Kiev, and we could be kissing and hugging. and after we would get back we could go get something to eat, and then go home. (just like she put it in her letter)
....and...well, I guess it is the other dream and I will discuss the continuation of this dream later, ok. sounds still ok. right. next letter, April 10. 2006. This is the 11 letter. This is the letter where she tell me how she feels about sex and what it means to her and how she likes to do it. Its a long letter, and she describes in detail, she likes oral sex in both ways, and she likes make love being on the upper side and in doggie style as they say. I like to make love in Lingerie and sometimes be creative when making love, How? It is hard to describe, it is necessary to be checked only in practice. and then she goes on to tell about not having an orgasm on regular level. I have to tell you this made me very hot for her. and she wanted me to reply and my thoughts on this. If you want I will send you copy of the email. and the next email she sent me 5 pictures of her in her pajamas silk two piece. Have you got what she doing yet, building me up. after that came Easter, I sent her a gold chain for Easter. which she just loved. and sent me some pictures of her in her living room 13 of them. I have to tell you she would always tell me how she wanted to be with me and I was the only one for her and everything. if you want I can send you alot of theses emails. she is very good at building you up and making you think we are going to have the best love life and togetherness of all time. and this is only April 25, 2006. the way she writes, to me I am all ready in love with her and I have never met her, and can't quit thinking of her. see whets going on yet..... when you are the person being that is getting this written to, you just lose all conception.
I had alot of my family and friends saying, how could you both be so in love and wanting to be together so quick, just writing in a short time. sometimes you have to be on the out side to see this... It get better, I well skip to months later, in July we stated talking about me coming to see her in September, and the last week would be the best time. So I said I would. The next letter she said the last week of September would not work and to come in the second half of October. But she kept put it off till finally I was going in January. the 5 through the 23. and she could not wait to meet me at the airport. Of course, I should tell you about, the dreams she has about us. like going skinny dipping and making love on the beach. she is a little more graphic. see what's.. going on yet...
and also I have to tell you she wanted me to get an apartment in kiev, for two weeks and she wanted to stay with me their. would you like to here about our first night together. how she wants it. of course it involves sex. to read our letter to each other, you would think we were madly in love and you could not wait to here how our time together in Kiev would be like. Let me put it this way, She had me so convinced. That when I got to Kiev, we were going to have the time of our lives. of course you have to remember that all this is going on under the watch of Ukraine-club. and when I tried to get an apartment from them in kiev, which they have trip packages, pick you up at the air port and everything, I could never get a response from them in Kiev.
so I went through another internet apartment renting company. I will cut to the heart of it. sorry so long. let me put it this way. I am going to write a full account of our whole correspondence to each other. When I got to kiev. she was not at the airport to meet me. She was in Paris France. when I got to my apartment and called Ukraine-club, that's what they told, me, and not to worry. and this is Friday, and they told me she would be back Monday. You can see already this is not going very well, met her Tuesday night after she got off work. she came to my apartment. and you would think she had never new anything about me. she was very cold hearted. and when I hugged her their was no feeling in it. and she is just like her photo's. lets put it this way. she was their a few hours we talked and we had even went to the grocery store to get grocery's for the apartment and when we got back, it was 10:00 and she said she better go home or her mom would kill her. and she said she would call me tomorrow from work. the whole time I was their, it came down to me buying her things. and her wanting things like one night we went out for coffee, and she wanted 400 dollars for sports club. which of course I told her I did not bring that much with me and I would have to think about that when I get home. and let her know.. theirs more. of course. but later.
out of the 18 days I was their I only seen her 7 days in the evening after work. believe it or not, from her she had to work everyday I was their. the last day I was their she came over that evening and we did have a pretty good time. but just before she was going to go home. she wanted my email. because she wanted to email me directly and not use the translation company. of course I ask her don't you have it. and she told me that the company, does not let them have our emails. so I gave it to her. and she went home. I have to let you know I have just touch the highlights, of the evening. and our time together. Like I said before I am going to make a full write up of my three weeks in Kiev. you will have to read it.
When I got home I had an email from here on how she spent as much time with me as she could. It didn't take long with her emails and where she worked they were cutting her pay 40% and she would not be able to write me because she would not have enough money. and would only be able to here and their. another one in a few emails she wanted to keep up her English lessons, another she wanted to get her mom a washing machine. for women's day. I told her, her birthday was coming up at the end of the month and maybe I would help her get her one for her and her mother for both. now you have to remember, all this time we are talking about getting married and how she thinks she will make a good wife. you will have to read the emails. you will see how good she is. when it got close to her birthday she wrote me and I had wrote her and asked her what see want for her birthday, never guess!! she wanted me with her first but would like a computer so she could email more and would not have to go to internet cafe. Of course I said maybe later. Have I got your attention yet.
all this was going on from when I got home in January, till April, In April She actually ask me if I could get her some things from Victoria secret, I see your eyebrow going up!! but they do have cloths too. she actually requested this one that's how bold she was getting. I just had to go their, and told her to send me what she wanted. If you know or not they can't get this brand in Ukraine. not sure why. So I told her to send me her mailing address,and I would see what I could do. This is where it gets good. When I was their in Kiev visiting her, one night I asked her where she lived by the address I had for her, and she told me that she did not live their anymore and it was an old address, at this time we are looking at a map of the city, so she can help me find some places to sightsee, while she is working. So I ask her to show me where she lived. and she told me up by the Moscow bridge area. on the map. which if you know kiev. its up on the north side of the city. and I also ask her where she worked on the map which was quit a was away to.
Now I bet you are wondering why I am telling you about this. goes to the address, my apartment in Kiev. was at 45 krasnoarmeyskaya street apartment 71 floor 5. her old address as she was saying it that night. 114 Krasnoarmeyskaya 136. So when I ask her for her address for the cloths she wanted. I was expecting to get an address up by the Moscow bridge area, right... This is the address she sends me as her home address, 114 Krasnoarmeyskaya street 136. six blocks south of my apartment in Kiev.. you can tell she did not remember us talking about this that night in January. This girl is very smooth. It took me seeing this address to bring me back to realty. she lied right to my face and did not miss a beat. that night. so I sent her an email,

Think hard, before you answer this question. Are you sure you want to use this address that you have sent me.. 114 Krasnoarmeyskaya street 136. as your home address..


since I sent this I have not heard from her. and I doubt that I ever do. you have to remember we have been writing each other one, two times a week since last march. and I have left some things out and not got into detail. really. I have been trying to write this as I am remembering it. I have all my letters from her printed and on disc. I wish I would have stopped, with her when I seen your report, when I googled her back in august last year. but since all she had ask for was English lesions I did not think their was nothing wrong with that. I had no problem with doing that with her at that time I first met her. I figured if things went well it would be nice if she knew English If I decided to go see her. I got to tell you, as soon as I agreed to help her with English Lesions and helped her with Translations. she went nuts for me... as you see in the beginning of this letter. I will get you some emails. if you want.
I wasn't going to do anything at first, about her but I feel some what guilty. If someone else gets done like she has done me. she speaks really good English now. thanks to me. and if she just got a hold of you one or two months ago. that is right after I got back from Kiev. she is going to be back at it soon. and if she dose. their is going to be nothing out their. I am a member of and I am going to be posting more on therе. I have already put a more detailed submit on the scam news their. it is much more detailed than yours. here that I am writing now. sorry so long but I will not let her do this to someone else.. its bad enough. she has got me for thousands of dollars and she was never sincere. hope this helps.