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Hello my lovely ****.I too wish our meeting, but I do not like that that you do not believe me. I only completely began to trust you, and you write me again about the not trust. I certainly can send you a copy of the ticket, but only on later. Because it is necessary for me to make its copy. You promise me good life there at you, and may not arrive to me the help to you at all. You probably deceive me. You count money which it was necessary to spend for documents and the ticket, but you do not consider. That that I am ready to devote to you all life. And my life does not cost 1100 $? Which to you should be spent. Lovely you understand, that I do not think out these figures. It is such law, that at trip abroad in USA the citizen of the Russian Federation should have at itself a living wage on that term on what the visa is made out. You should know how many there at you a living wage for one day. And so multiply this sum by quantity of days on my visa and you will receive that sum which I should show at passage of customs house. I from first my letters did not deceive you I wrote to you the truth, I told to you even that about what my friends and even my mum do not know. You write to me that you love me, but I do not see it. Because the person which likes, should trust the partner in everything, and you do not trust me. Therefore and I begin to doubt of you. If you may help me that to me it it is necessary to know. Because every day to me will give for the ticket ever less money. If you will help me, already it is necessary for me to leave 10 numbers to Moscow what to start preparations for a start, well and if is not present I as soon as possible should hand over the ticket and to send you money. Because if I shall >return back the ticket already after a start of the plane to me will return only 25-30 % from cost of the >ticket. You unless do not see on what I dare for the sake of you. I have lost work, the aunt, mum each evening >speaks me poorly looks at me that you have decided to play my feelings, but I do not want to trust in it >because I love you and it is difficult for me to think of it. I do not sleep any more at night all time I >think of you I think and I pay and so each night. Understand me I did not know, that so will be, I simply >wanted to love and be loved. During our correspondence I had time to grow fond of you strongly. Also I can not >make anything with myself. I can not live without you. I LOVE YOU. Very ...

Very ... Very ... Very ...
STRONGLY. Yours Anna.


Hello my beloved ****.

I write you today little bit earlier. Because I today have finally discharged from office with. I >yesterday have received money. Many thanks. After bank I have gone to agency to book a ticket. When I >have come there. And after conversation with the agent I fell mood
slightly. Lovely please understand >me. I can not arrive till March, 8. Because I was told by the agent on
travels, that at planting aboard >the plane there is such survey at which under laws of Russia. The citizen
going abroad should show at >the airport at customs house money. It is necessary to do what to show,
that at the citizen which leaves >the country there were no problems for habitation in the other state at
once as he will arrive there. I >hope you of me has understood? Lovely I did not know what to do and consequently I has taken the ticket >for March, 12. Lovely you I hope you believe me. To me I was very bad even did not know, that money >there are necessary. My beloved ****. On presentation at customs house to me have told what to be >necessary 1600 $. You might not borrow at the friends. This money are necessary for me only for >presentation at customs house as soon as I shall arrive to you I of them at once I shall return. >Directly at the airport. So it is not necessary to return this money. I promise, that I shall not spend >cent in flight. Also I shall return all to you as soon as I shall arrive to you. Certainly probably you >do not believe me. But lovely it is the naked truth. May take an interest at your airport. And you will >be convinced, that I do not tell lies to you. I hope for your understanding, I very strongly love you >and I hope, that you can find such sum of a duty. Lovely in a duty it isrequired to take only on couple >of days. I very strongly love you. Also I hope, that you will answer me
soon. I adore you and I miss. >You my love for ever. I hope, you that be can think up. I hope, that you on
former love me. Also you do >not deceive me. You see I very strongly love you and want to be closer to >you.
Yours Anna.


Hi ****.

Lovely ****. I have received your letter and was glad to answer it. I >am very glad because I have received the
passport and tomorrow I shall receive the visa. And the agent has told me, >that it is necessary for me to pay money to the ticket. I even do not know, whence to take such money. But it is >necessary for me to find money till March, 2. And to pay to their agent. Lovely try to find this money. I very strongly >love you. And I send a copy of the passport >as promised.


Hi my love ****.

Lovely I went to the grandmother and talked to her about ours with you to a problem, on what she has answered me that at her is 530 $ and that she may lend us them. I was glad, but I have told her, >that it is necessary 1070 more $, on what she abused us with you. She has told, to me that if you >want our meeting you will send money. I hope you may occupy money. Lovely I still went to agency and >to me have told, that return of the ticket is not possible. Therefore I was
going to go tomorrow to >Moscow. Send to me please 1070 $. I can take them in Moscow too through the
Western union. And if >you will send them to me, you me will meet 13 numbers at the airport. You
can meet me. Loved mine >for me this meeting is very important. Therefore try to occupy this money
to couple of days even. I >as shall come I shall return to you money.

Yours Anna.


Greetings my favourite ****!!!

I am very glad that you have responded to my letter!!!
****, I in these days off thought of you my favourite!!!
****, I am ready to arrive to you, I shall take holiday and I can arrive to you,
but darling ****, I now am in bad position, at me it is now bad with money, yes if
and it was good, my money would not suffice even on the visa.
****, you can help me with money for a trip to you my favourite?
I love you mine ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Write to me at once!!!


Hello my dear ****! I can't to say anything so I'm very happy because my dream can be a real...
Hurry to ask you questions! Now I'm need in 500$ to visa. I know that it is a lot of, but to meet more quickly I has addressed to a travel company and I shall come in USA as the tourist. It is difficult to the lonely young girl to visit your country, but The company of travels
gives 100 % a guarantee of departure. Therefore such expensive price of services and documents. I trust to agency of travels. In case of failure they return all money. If to address at once in embassy, it does not give what guarantee and does not return money. Also how you can say me money. ****, me have told
in agency, that you can send me of money on system of remittances Western Union, it is very reliable and fast system of remittances. To me have told in agency, that when you will send me of money I can receive
them already approximately in one hour. ****, for this system following my data are necessary:

Republic Chuvashiya
The city of Cheboksary
My full name: Anna Filimonova

****, send me of money on this system and as soon as I shall receive your money I at once shall go to order documents for my trip to you. ****, I am very glad, that we is very fast with you we shall meet, you cannot to yourselves at all and present. ****, I very strongly love you!!!!!!! ****, I with impatience wait when you will send me of money and as soon as you will send them to me at once to me write the letter! It is a lot of, many kisses from your favourite Anna.