Scammer Kozlova Elena

Kazan Russia

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Here are all her letters...

My darling. I already used this agency at my travel to London. And all that they have told to me it has appeared the truth. And they have satisfied all the conditions then. If you simply do not wish to see me near to yourselves tell it directly. Or probably you are afraid that I can deceive you? If it so that we in general need to stop dialogue. All attitudes should be under construction on trust first of all. I love you. Also I hope that nevertheless we shall meet. It is a little price for services of agency above because of that that it
legalizes all papers in short terms. I shall send a copy of the passport to you. It is not difficult for making. In the beginning I only need to scan it. I have now returned from bank. To me there also have advised to take advantage of services of the Western union. My favourite here requisites of bank in which I today have visited. Alpha-bank. Krasnodar, street Red, 124B, an index 350000. The manager has told to me that for reception of the help from you I will need to
name your exact name and a surname, the sum of your help to me. And also a ten-character code of translation. Favourite I shall hope that you can probably help to meet our love. And to help me for payment missing sum. And our meeting will be the happiest event for me. My darling my name Elena Kozlova. Probably my home address is required to you. Here it. Russia. The city of Krasnodar. Street Turgeneva 150, an apartment 43. The Postal index 350000. Your embraces are desired for me. I love and adore you my darling. And to represent us together. I shall try to check up mail from you in the evening or tomorrow in the morning. The best regards to you. I hope that all of you to trust me, and our meeting will occur. Many sweet kisses for you my favourite!
Elena loving you


My darling I to visit now agency of travel. And to learn about an opportunity to visit you. I to receive there consultation. The manager of agency has told to me, that the visa to me will be cost of 350 dollars, and term of its action six months. And the air ticket up to the airport nearest to you average cost of 1200 dollars. Manufacturing of the passport is not required to me as it is available for me. In fact I already visited England. And validity of the passport five years. The agent of firm has told to me that manufacturing of documents borrows from three about five days. The
manager also has told to me, that if you will wish that I have remained with you after term of the expiration of the visa. That we we should address in emigratory service. And together with them to issue
to me residence permit. This all in that case if you decide to leave me at yourselves. My darling, probably we need to meet. I can take holiday on work. We can learn each other better. And our feelings will
develop. You can probably look for to me work there. And then I shall bring also the contribution to the general budget. My darling I can arrive to you. But I should to ask add you to me a little on official registration of papers. For me is available now six hundred dollars of savings. You can probably help to meet and add our love missing nine hundred fifty dollars. My darling, I understand that it is a greater
sum. But at me remains a few savings now. My unsuccessful trip to England thoroughly has spent me. My darling I to think you good the man. And I to trust you completely. In fact all attitudes first of all should be based on trust. And I think that our love does not remain simply dialogue on distance. And we can feel embraces and sweet kisses each other. My darling, the agent of travel has told to me also that I can make payment in any day. And the firm at once will begin
official registration of papers. It to me has advised to visit also bank, and to learn from them about an opportunity of use of the western union. Now it is the most safe way of movement of means in Russia. My darling I hope that you can probably help to transform to
me our meeting into a reality. And our hearts will find each other. I to love you is very strong. I would like to see your smiles, and the nobility that they are intended to me. It is a lot of kisses to you. I love and kiss you my favourite!
Your Elena