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Zarubina St 128-57, Kanash, Russia

Here is her money letter:

Hi my love!

I am glad to receive from you letters. Your letters bring to me pleasure and

heat in souls. I was in tour agency. I have found out that it is necessary to arrive to you.

I can receive the visa only in embassy. In our city there is no embassy. Therefore I should go to Moscow and there to make out

the visa. It is expenditure many money and time. To me have offered services of tour agency. Thus to me will not be come to go to Moscow .

I only should give the necessary documents for registration of the visa and to pass interview and physical examination. I can receive the

visa after 8 working days. The visa will be the valid 90 days. The total cost of the visa with services of tour agency will be 365

Evro. And I do not have passport. I have found out that it is necessary to

enter the name for reception of the passport in turn. Reception the passport may borrow a lot of time from 2 about 6 months. But there is

other way. In tour agency offer to make the passport for short time (the termless order). It will cost 130 evro.

In total it will be 495 evro. It is not convenient for me to speak about it, but to me it will be come to

tell. These are the big money. I can not find so much money.

I can find only near 100 evro. You can help me with payment of registration of the visa?

I on this Monday can already take holiday and go to Moscow for all this work. I very much wish to meet you.

For that that you could send money I send you my address:

My first name Olga cheshaeva Nikolaevna. My address

such 128-57 zarubina st., Kanash, Chuvashiya, 447005

To this address through the western union you can to me the help. You

agree? On Monday I shall wait from you for money my darling and our meeting already will be in our hands. I dream of us. I dream as

we together shall spend time. I cannot wait that day when we shall be

together. My parents not against that that I would visit you. I very much want to meet you.

I very much want to arrive to you and to spend with you a lot of time. I dream as you meet me at the airport about flowers. You give me

flowers with words of love. It so is pleasant for the woman. Then in the evening supper at candles. Slow dance. You whisper to me pleasant

words. Music was finished also the tape recorder any more does not sing. And we stand and we look against each other very close.

You speak to me: " I LOVE YOU " also you give me the passionate kiss. It is very romantic. I hope my dream will come true. I shall wait your letter.

Love and kisses.

Yours Irina