Scammer Petuhova Marina

Cheboksary Russia

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Marina Petuhova is a very good scammrt. if you tell her you will not send money she will tell you that someone is going to help her and you to pay for her to arrive to you . this will leed to her sending a check from someone that can not send money to her so she will ask you to cash the check and send her the money from it,
DO NOT DO IT, THE CHECK IS FAKE OR STOLEN , iF YOU SEND THE MONEY THEN THE CHECK WILL COME BACK TO YOU AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY IT BACK WHILReSHE GETS THE REWARD. guys whatch out for her she has a few e-mail address gmarina --yahoo kapriz171---mail ru she is a total lier and ruthless .
still working hot and heavy. if she has csamed you watch out , she will try to get you give you a bank account number or send you a check that is will be stolen from someone . do not cash it and so not fall for it . still useing the same adress as listed below . real scum this bitch is .
She is a nasty dangerous slut. She will customize and personalize her letter's for you. She will tell you what you want to hear. Make love to you in the letter itself. Try to seduce you with tales of love and oral sex. She is listed on this site as two other women as well. A Ludmilla unknown and Tatyana Golovkina. She is all over the web. She contacted me through as Evgenia using this e-mail address. [email protected], but I have also seen her,,, and who knows where else. This one is like a cancer boys, be careful