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Hello my dear friend!!!!
Good day Benny!!!!

Thank you very much for the possibilities to know more about
each  other.  I'm glad that you have decided to give me your
e-mail address. This is means a lot for me. And I think that
we have common interest to each other. Isn't? Its great that
we have something in common already Smiley.
Just  in  case  I  would  like to remind you that my name is
Zhanna.  It   is   very  hard  to  tell  about myself but my
friends  know me as cheerful and good-natured person. I want
to take as more as I can from my life cos I realize that the
life  is  very interesting and I don't want to waste my time
for  something useless and bored. I do believe that in whole
world  I  really  can find a true man who can love me with a
passion  for  whole  his  life  and  would be never tired to
receive my love. Who knows may one day I can understand that
we  have  a  lot of things in common and you can became that
I  don't  have too much demands to my man. First you need to
know  clear  that  I don't look for the rich man and I don't
look  for  the  way  to  escape from my country. In spite of
difficulties  here I love Ukraine. For me most important who
my  man  is as a person and what he would be ready to do for
me. The words are very important but the actions are proving
the  words and this is one solid thing. Don't you think so??
I hope you do, because I don't like the men who is promise a
lot and do nothing further to prove it. This kind of man can
not be serious and I always trying to keep away from them. I
will be really happy to hear the answers on all my questions
and to read your points of view. They are very important for
our  beginning  and  for me. Please don't ignore it. I don't
want  to  speak  with  myself. I promise to be attentive and
understandable  in  my letters to you and expecting the same
from  you.  Ok? Lets start to write our own love story book.
And I hope it will be really nice conversation between us.

P.S. I'm sending my photo to you to give you more confidence
in  my  intentions  and hope to see yours. My e-mail address is: