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Hello  my  dear  friend!  My  name is Julia! I am 25 years old. I am a
beautiful  young  woman,  going  on  this  remarkable life without her
companion.  All my life I have lived in Russia, I was born in the city
of  Cheboksary  is very beautiful and small city. Throughout my life I
can  say,  never  left him. As a child I, of course, visited the major
cities  of Russia. In such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara. Have you
ever  been  to  Russia?  And where do you even been? What did you like
most  and generally liked it? I would be very interested to hear about
it.  I love my city, as such, with its noise, transportation, museums,
streets  and  houses.  Just  because  it is - My City! In this city, I
graduated from high school, having studied it in 11 classes, I decided
to  find the economic ability. Then I went to .. State University. And
now  I  have  a  diploma  of  higher  education  and specialization in
accounting  and  auditing.  After graduation, I had intended to easily
find  a  profitable  occupation.  But  understand  that this is not so
simple.  Since  our  city  is  very  small,  work  to  find  it almost
impossible.  My  specialty, of course, in demand, but only at the very
highest quality. To take the place of a good accountant I need to have
work  experience,  which  means  work  on the previous location for at
least  five  years.  But  it  is simply impossible, because as a young
professional,  had  just  graduated  from  university,  may  have this
experience.  After  all  my  searching,  I was accepted into the shop,
which supplies around the city a variety of electrical components. The
store, called "Light" I'm working now for 2 years. I there combine the
two  posts,  I  work  as assistant accountant and administrator of the
hall.  Of  course,  I dream of something greater, but this work I also
really like. My working day lasts seven hours, and I have two days off
per  week,  including  all  public holidays and red calendar days. Our
shop  is located in the city center and is large enough. Home store in
the  near future want to expand further and open another shop, which I
may have to take the post of chief accountant. What I am very pleased.
Tell  me more about your work, what is it? Do you like what you doing?
It's  always interesting to learn more about your life. He ran forward
a  little,  I  did  not  tell  about  what I like to do. When I was in
school,  I had a great interest in dancing. At school I was one of the
most  active  students. I always participated in various competitions.
At  school  I was always called gifted child. In dance, you might say,
has  found  himself. In addition to school, I also attended classes in
dance. True, it was not very convenient, because it was a dance school
in  half an hour from my house. I got dancing lessons for three years.
I  still am fond of dancing. Most of all I prefer to dance the eastern
countries.  Now,  when I have spare time left, I go to a fitness room,
where  I  can engage in their favorite thing. I think I have some very
beautiful  body  and  beautiful  figure.  I always try to take care of
their  appearance. This helps me a sport and my dance classes. Tell me
about  what  you do you like? What do you do in your free time? Do you
love sports? What kind of sports do you prefer? Sports in my life took
a  very significant place in the dances, I find everything I need. But
in  winter  I  love  to  skate like skating and skiing. My grandmother
lives  not  far  from  the  city.  All her life she and my grandfather
worked  at the recreation center "Parus". Now they are already retired
and  they  have  there  own  apartment, where they live. Previously, I
spent every winter with them. There I rested and very good time. Now I
very  rarely  have  them.  If only I had rolled a free day and I could
spend  it on the beach. The last time I saw them last summer. I really
hope  that  will soon be able to see them. With parents I do not often
vizhus. Up to 22 years I lived with them, but after I found a job with
which  I  can  rent  an  apartment. The parents also live in their own
home.  In  our  city  very much so-called private sector, where people
live  and  the  rich  and  poor. The rich are buying up land there and
build  houses there, while the poor patch up holes in their houses and
hope  that someday will comfortable apartments. Many private sector is
already  demolished  and  in  their  place built residential high-rise
homes.  So  my  parents,  too,  hope  that  someday  they too will the
apartment.  While  in this house I grew up and lived a very large part
of  his  life. Our house is very old and when I had the opportunity to
rent  an  apartment,  I  invited the parents to move with me. But they
were  categorically opposed. The house they built with their own hands
and  invested  in  him  all  his  life.  Our  house  is located on the
outskirts  of  the  city,  so  I  can not often visit them. But we are
trying  at least once a week to meet at the dinner table in our house.
Tell me more about your family. Where and how to live your parents? It
is  all very interesting. Perhaps you're interested in the fact that I
turned  to the Internet to get acquainted with a man. I would even say
he  is  not  acquainted, and find a partner for life. This is my first
experience  of  acquaintance.  I  very much would like to make friends
with  you.  Of  course, I had relationships with men, but simply could
not  find  a  suitable me. I would be very interesting to know why you
decided  to turn to the Internet? What are you looking for? I hope you
understand  that  I  need  only serious relationship. I would just not
doing it was, if looking for just flirting or regular communication. I
am  old  enough  and serious person. I am a purposeful young woman who
only sought in his life itself. And I have always sought to everything
you wanted. Now in my life came a time when I need an assistant of the
soul.  The  man  on whom I can always rely on, whom I believe, to love
and  care.  I  want  to  start a family, and for this I need a man who
could  understand  me  and  help  in  every way. Also I wonder whether
you're  married?  Do  you,  children? And how do you treat children? I
have  never been married, and I have no children. Just Yana, I have no
bad  habits. In general, I am energetic and purposeful person. I would
really  like  to  get  to  know you. I hope to soon see your letter. I
would like to see more of your photos. If possible, I'll send you your
own.  I  wonder  what you look like the sound of your voice, simply, I
really  want  you  and  I are friends. I look forward to wait for your
answer.  I hope that you will not ignore my questions. Your new friend