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Letter 2

Hello Dear!
How your mood? Today I wish to try to do any your mood even better. This
morning I did not go to my work because this morning I flied to my work. I
have understood for a long time, but was afraid to admit myself which I
have found to you feeling which did not feel before. I wish to understand
that in my heart. I wish to feel your breath. I do not know, that happens
with me. Possibly I can be named strange lady, but I grew loving your soul
and heart. The rest is not important for me. Only the world of calmness,
fidelity and pure heart.I very closely read yours tragic history. I very
much it is grateful for your openness. I am so touched by your letter. That
some times read your sad, but truthful history Frank. I am so much
suffering did not see for a long time, you so have shared the feelings with
me. All this causes admiration you Frank, I am convinced that you present
and sensual the person, believe I is very touched by your words. Your
history, about unsuccessful attitudes with the former wife, your own
children, children which to hate own native father. This all is awful, I do
not know as how to tell correctly. But I perfectly understand you, your
second failure with Diana, all this is sad for me. I feel that you the good
person, you the person of the conscience. You there is nothing are guilty.
And even that circumstance that you have left the term punishment in
prison, it was unfair to you. As such could occur. To me till now it is not
trusted that it could happen actually. But a life complex what completely
to learn it. I very much sympathize with you about your experiences about
happened. You wished to terminate a life suicide, it is the sad fact in
your history. I cannot easy write to you, not constraining the experiences.
I perfectly know that you have gone through actually a hell on the ground,
all your flours of suffering, not each soul of the person can sustain all
these horrors which were sustained by you Frank. I feel in some confusion
now as you have entrusted me the sad history. It has brought me in a shock.
But I am grateful to you for that that you so are opened for me. You the
fair and decent person, is not enough to find such good people on the
ground as you. Frank you there is nothing are not guilty, yours sufferings
on hard destiny. All this has touched my heart. I looked at your photo, I
saw on it the fine person, you showed your eyes to me what beauty possess.
Only now it became clear to me. Why having looked at you for the first
time, I have felt something is sad in your person (now I can read through
your sufferings and flours on your person, it was printed on your eyes).
Your pictures, now are represented me opened. As you know that in a picture
not the most important that is represented, main what exactly the artist
has enclosed in the works, the soul. Your pictures are visible now for me,
I can understand now much looking on them. Frank will not lose Anna, Frank
has found the good friend. Weather solar today. The sun brings pleasure. I
am happy, that I have the friend, and the friend has Anna. Tell to me about
your ideas and dreams. I wish to know all about you. Absolutely all!

Yesterday my boss informed me, that I shall have a vacation
approximately in a week can through 2. But I was not happy. I did not
expect, that I shall receive a vacation. But the schedule made by accounts
department does not change. I have started to cry, because it means, that I
cannot write to you. I cannot use a computer. Then I have learned, that
lady, which gives me to use its computer, will probably receive a vacation
directly after me and if it will take place, I cannot use a computer. I
have imagined, that I should spend my vacation in my apartment, between
four walls. I shall sit without an opportunity to read your letters, I
shall sit in loneliness and to think of you. I shall aimlessly wander in
streets and every night to sleep with tears on eyes. I waited my vacation
the, and now I receive them, but it does not bring to me pleasure. I have
imagined, that I should spend some months withot you, and in my heart have
appeared awful emptiness. All world around became uninteresting for me. And
I have told to me directly: " is not present! It not for me! " Last night I
thought of us. About you and about me. About us together. I could not fall
asleep. I thought, that I can make to see you. I have decided to spend this
vacation with you. I thought, that I can do to meet you. Easier to meet. It
is everything, that I want now. Today I have addressed to agency of visas.
I was asked by a question, how many it will cost for me to do the visa. To
me to tell that visas costs 40-80 USD. They have told, that I should visit
a set of various departments, state and medical institutions. It is
necessary to wait during long time turn. It is a usual way to receive the
visa, and procedure of reception can be delayed within several weeks or
even months. I have told, that I cannot wait so long. To me have told,
which is possible to avoid a set of problems and to do all in faster terms,
if to use a full package of service). The full package of service includes
additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services,
preparation for Interview to the commission, interview. The full package of
service costs 130 USD, but the agency of visas deletes all problems, and
thus increases chance of reception of the visa without excessive delays. I
have asked, as long it will take time to receive the visa, if to use a full
package of service. They have answered, that one week will be approximately
required. Probably 2 weeks if will be a few troubles. I have told, that
this variant satisfies me, and I agree. I have asked, whether there will be
troubles with the visa. To me answered, that they will request the
information on me in police. And if in police to them will answer, that I
the legislative citizen, I shall receive the visa. I never broke the law.
And I never did anything illegal. I shall have preparation for interview.
It will help me to receive the visa. And I have really registered the
reference behind the visa with the big belief and with the big hope, that
you will be happy to meet me, with belief and with hope, that you wish to
meet me. I really wish to give you a gift - our meeting though I am not
assured, whether you wish to meet really me. You can imagine, what if all
will be good, in two weeks we can meet? You would be happy, if we could
spend some days together? I have wild desire to meet you, to cover you. I
have some savings. I do not wish to cause you monetary and credit costs. I
shall do all directly. I know, that you, id do not expect, that I shall
tell all this. But probably to wait eternally. But actually nobody knows,
that waits for us tomorrow. Probably such opportunity will not be presented
more. I have opened to you my heart and soul. I speak that I feel. I am not
confused by my feelings. I speak directly and openly. The loneliness has
made me brave. You can think, that I hasten events. But I have found new
feeling which never had. I am happy right now. I seem, that I have found
that searched for long time. In Russia speak: " Under a laying stone water
does not flow ". It means, that it is necessary to make a step forward to
reach something. I am afraid to lose an opportunity to contact you because
I cannot eternally use a computer of office. But I shall receive soon a
vacation. During all my life I spent my vacation in my City. But now I can
spend my vacation with my friend, with you! It is the big happiness. I
should use this opportunity. In my heart never there was such belief and
feeling. And I am afraid to lose it. There can be I hasten events, but I am
afraid, that everyone will be finished, and then I shall go mad. You the my
dear friend, and friends meet sometimes. I shall receive a vacation, these
are my vacation, and I wish to spend it with the my dear friend. I think,
that it will be remarkable. I am sorry, if have offended you. I hope, that
you do not regard my words as impudence. I simply wish to meet and spend
some happy days with you. That will be after, I do not know. But all people
meet. Te distance does not frighten me. But without a meeting there can not
be a continuation. I hope, that your feelings to me have not changed after
that. But I wish to see you a few to calm my stirred up heart. Tell to me
please, you can meet me? Tell to me please, you will be happy to meet me?
You will be happy, if I shall arrive to you? I trust, and I hope, that I
have not revolted and have not offended you. I trust, and I hope, that you
have feelings to me. I trust, and I hope, that you wish to meet me. It can
be allocated in advance by destiny. I sincerely hope, that my letter has
brought pleasure to you. And I sincerely hope, that you wish to meet me to
spend some time together. And I sincerely hope, that you would be happy to
meet me. You would be happy?
It is a lot of tenderness from Anna!!!

Hello my dear
I write to you the letter, and I smile. I am so happy.I thank you for your
care, it was valid not it is pleasant my falling. But now with me all is
good. I am grateful for your attention to me, it is pleasant. I am glad
that you could so correctly to answer my question. I not the jealous woman.
So there are no problems. Really it serious a case, explosion on surburb of
your city, I heard it in news. Do not worry all will be good for us. You
the fine person, I am very glad that is familiar with you. I have not got a
mobile phone, it is pity I too I wish to hear your voice. What
international airport is close to you, I would want that I could reach you
is better? All time I think of you and I cannot concentrate my attention
which to what. I never thought, that the commission will ask such unusual
questions. Me asked about my sexual life, they have asked about children,
about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to your country, about my
acquaintance and understanding of events which have happened in the world
and in your country, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my
life in detail. I spoke about all fairly as it - is valid. To me have told,
that my answers are unexpected, and as a rule applicants do not answer such
questions so directly and openly. They have not got used to hear such
answers, but they have told, that to hear sincere and truthful answers is
much more pleasant than words which arrive not from heart and reason. To me
have told, that I the first lady who have such support. Now I should wait
the decision. Now I agree with expression: " Expectation of death is worse
than death " I cannot concentrate on what. My heart so anxiety, I cannot
work. They have told, that the decision will be accepted tomorrow or the
day after tomorrow. I so worry. I so want, that this small dream has been
carried out. I simply wish to see my fine friend. I think, that the God
will help me. I simply wish to meet you.
I already see us together, and I absorb a pile. I wish to build with you a
vessel to float under sails at boundless ocean. I wish to meet with you a
dawn and to see off a decline. We shall float on our vessel, and our love
will shine our way. We shall look at night at stars, we shall be happy in
the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect
us. If there will be a calmness, our love will be a wind. Our love will be
a beacon for us. We shall float at ocean of love and oblivion, and nothing
can separate us. We shall name our vessel - Dream. It will be a small
vessel, but very strong. As we shall do our vessel of belief, hopes and
love. I wish to rise with you in a balloon and to fly in the sky. The
balloon is an embodiment of freedom and dream. It is the invaluable gift,
sent to us to see the Earth from height. We shall fly the Balloon, I do not
know, where, I do not know that for. Under us will float the seas and the
countries. And we shall fly at will of a wind at boundless ocean. I wish to
find with you beautiful lake, small and unknown to any. Water will be -is
clear and transparent. Nobody will be there. Only you and I. We shall
remove clothes and we shall enter into water. Water will softly pour us a
cool a wave. We shall float and hold our hands. We shall plunge into water
and we shall kiss. We shall find a small falls, and we shall stand under a
stream of water. We shall enjoy. And above us angels of love will fly up.
It is impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky. It
is necessary to go to dream. It is necessary to clear and build road
directly. If in heart there is a belief and dream if in heart there is a
love and hope, it is necessary to reach dream by all means. I always go to
dream. I do not sit on a place. In my life there were very few easy
moments. On it I try to do everything, that my dreams were carried out. I
understand, that now it - only dreams. But these dreams decorate my life. I
hope that yours also.
With tenderness Anna

Frank here which I wrote my letter to you, but you could not prohonour it.
Now I do not know that to me to do. I shall look forward to hearing from
you only. It is more to me that does not remain. Whether so all has occured
that now I do not know I want.

14 December :
Hello my Lion.
There are fine news - I have received the visa. I shall have a vacation in
2 days.
Today I have gone to the company which reserves tickets of an air line. I
have asked them as I can reach your country and
how many it costs. They have answered me, that the ticket costs USD 1098 .
I have asked them to find cheaper tickets,
because this price road for me. They have answered, that they had cheaper
ticket. It costs USD 913 . I have asked them to
reserve the ticket. But they have refused, because they have many clients
at this time, and they cannot reserve my ticket
without advance payment. I spoke with them during long time and have asked
to reserve the ticket for me without advance
payment, but they disagreed. Then I was asked by a question, whether
probably to pay a part of money now and other part
later. They disagreed. I spoke with them during long time, and I have
managed to convince them. They have agreed. We have
agreed, that I shall pay a part of the price today and ther parts later. I
have paid USD for 450 $. But it was a little
for initial payment. Then I have gone to a pawnshop and have put in pawn my
silver and gold ornaments for USD for 170 $.
It was my last money. Number flight on which I reserved the ticket

4:10 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Birmingham (BHX) 9:05 pm Sat 17-Dec
Duration: 7hr 55mn Air France 1945 / 5140
Connect in Paris (CDG)

7:55 pm Depart Birmingham (BHX)
Arrive Moscow (SVO) 6:45 am +1 day Thu 5-Jan
Duration: 7hr 50mn Air France 5141 / 2944
Connect in Paris (CDG)
It is very difficult to tell for me to you about it. But I have made
everything, that I could. I have paid the visa. I
have paid a part of the ticket. But this money - it is not enough. I did
not wish to burden you. I wished to reach you
with my own money, but unfortunately I suffered failure. Now I should pay a
remaining part. It - USD for 293 . I should
pay this money in currents 2 days. If you require me if you trust me and if
you wish to see me, please, send money . I
understand, that it is the difficult decision for you, but we should trust
each other. Any union without trust is
impossible, if it is the union of the wife and the husband or the union of
the friend and the girlfriend or the union of
business partners. I do not wish to be hypocritical. For this reason I wish
to tell to you the following: I do not think,
that you would like to give love to the woman whom you will not trust. Also
I would not like to give my love to the person
to which I shall not trust. It is the first check on us. And very much
depends on it, there can be all. We should trust
each other. For this reason I was the first who has taken the first step. A
step to you. Certainly, if you do not want,
you cannot help me. It is bad, but not fatal. I shall lose my money. IT is
for 130 for to do the visa, and I have paid a part of the ticket - USD for
620. These are greater money for me, but I HAVE
trust you, and I know, that YOU are a PERSON
HONOUR, And YOU are a GENTLEMAN. If you can help me, I send you my
coordinates. I give you necessary elements to send
money by means of the Western Union:
KAZAN, 420073
For Anna Shadrina
To receive money, I should tell to the employee of bank your full name ,
the full address, the exact sum which I should
receive and some confidential numbers the Control Transfers Money . Please
forgive to me all my words. I speak so because
I am in despair and the disorder. Now, when only one step is separated us,
I am afraid. I am afraid, that you will not
help, and all my diligence will have is useless. I require you, and I wish
to be with you, anda word abuse, your help is
necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much
stronger. We shall pass through difficulties
and a barrier, much easier to make it together. I wish to present you all
my infinite love and fidelity. I understand,
that it is greater money for yo I did not wish to ask you. I thought, that
I can do all directly. The loneliness has made
me strong. I was in the habit to live without the help, and to rely only on
me directly. I ask someone the help very
seldom, but now I ask, that you have helped me. I have made a step forward.
Do your step to me. I hope, that I have not
offended you something. I require you, and I trust you. I know, that you
will not throw me now when there is only one step
between us. I look forward to hearing from you. Kiss. Yours Anna

Good afternoon my lion. I do not know why but I did not see the
answer from you. Possibly it is caused by any technical malfunctions or
still something. I can present that you cannot write to me for this reason.
I am not upset and not I am afflicted. Possibly I hurry events, is possible
you write to me today. But I would like to see your letter. This such
pleasure to see your letters, I receive a lot of pleasant from their
reading. I hope all this annoying trouble, will not be long. I do not give
to it greater value, I know that I shall necessarily receive the answer
from you. Possibly even at once as I shall send this letter. I hope at all
of you well, and the reason of a malfunction of work of mail. I shall not
be to be upset, I feel in good vigorous mood. And i very much look forward
to hearing from you. To me it would be pleasant if in as did not worry, if
suddenly it is valid failures in work of mail as it is probable you too do
not receive the letter from me? I am right, then in this case we should
wait position will not be corrected yet. What disappointment from it, I
cannot see your answer, and you cannot see mine. I hope that soon we can to
write normally each other. I do not give this accident of gravity. I know
that all well. I need only to have patience to wait a little. In that case
I patiently wait for messages from you. But I admit fairly, that I would
like to see as soon as possible your answer. I apologize if I am mistaken
or something I confuse, and simply I take away from you time, I hope it
will not force becomes angry about me. I only wish to see your letter. I
shall be very grateful to you if you will force to smile me, I always smile
when I see your letters. Let my smile will help you to lift the mood.
(Smile.) I wish to wish a fast reply if nevertheless there are
malfunctions, it is not terrible. I shall wait (smile.) Day promises to be
today good, I do not have occasion for anxiety. I with impatience shall
wait your fast reply. Write I wait. Yours Anna