Scammer Snopkova Galina

Luhansk Ukraine

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Translation agency scam. Four nice letters with photos and then the money letter.

Letters from Galina

Letter #1

Hello dear friend,

How are you today? I hope that you are enjoying it and my letter will
help you in case your mood is not perfect .I do not even know what to
start with . So I want to be a source of something warm and caring in
life of people around me .But it seems to me that I forgot to
introduce myself .

So my name is Galina , but here all my friends and relatives call me
just Galya .I am lucky because I have loving family ( I live with my
parents and a sister) and I have a lot of friends .My mom always says
us ,"Girls, before doing anything, take into account not only mind ,
but feelings and the desires of your heart too ." Maybe it is a simple
women's logics , but in her case it works .They are a very happy and
touching couple with my dad .I would love to meet a man with whom we
could make a strong and happy for the both of us partnership too .

When I decided to start my search in Internet, I hesitated a lot, to
tell the truth .But the examples of some girls who succeeded in it
made me feel much more sure .And also I remembered a well known
expression that it is better to feel sorry of what you have done than
what you have not .But I think that I will not have to do it because I
belive in positive always .So if you got interested in a 25 -years-old
, green-eyed and friendly lady with lots of interests and lots of
tenderness ,write me .

I hope to hear from you soon, Galina .

Letter #2

Hello , Oh Thank you for your compliments:) i am flattered that such a
nice man make this compliments:) by the ways end your photo please!

I thank you for the respond .Sorry for the late answer .Frankly
speaking, I did not hope that you would answer me at once .I am glad
that you sent me both - your story and photo .I hope you will like my
photo too .This is me and my good acquaintance ( we study together) .

I do not even know what to start my life story with . I am an ordinary
girl with ordinary feelings and wishes .I can admit that I do not have
any outstanding talents .But I really do not feel unhappy about it .I
am what I am .Also I need to tell you a bit about my life .I am afraid
it is not so interesting for you .The matter is that I am a student
now .I study management .I hope that I will become a travel manager
some day .I live with my parents and a sister .We live in the east of
Ukraine, in an industrial center of the country - Lugansk . It is an
average city with no metro or high traffic .But it is also very
convenient because I live and study at the same city .

As for my hobbies, it is impossible to enumerate all of them in one
letter .I have so many interests .I want to be able to do a lot and
know a lot .Most of all I adore music .I listen to it almost every day
.Especially I like Rasmus, Pink, Eminem, etc .I like foreign music ,
but I dream of listening to a song in most international languages and
understanding what they sing there .I heard that there people who know
all international languages .It seems to me that they are really happy
.Tell me more about your country .Do you know a lot about Ukraine? I
would love to invite you to my city too .I send you my best wishes,
take care, Galya .

Letter #3


Thank you very much for your letter again. you know, i was really
waiting for it. i like communicating with you. i have told you that i
am an average girl, nothing special, and i am very much thankful to
you for your interest. Thank you for your photo. You looks so happy i
like such photos. I can imagine that you are a very optimistic person!

what else can i tell you? ask me a question, and i will answer you.i
was wondering what is your day like? have you done something
interesting today? me not. now it is summer, and i have not so much to
do at the university, just to fulfill some debts and that is all. i
came home and we prepared delicious dinner with my sister. yes, i can
cook! and they say i am not bad at it! would you like to try?:) then
come, i invite you for a dinner!:)

you know, i think you are a very lucky person because you know
English. i didn't have a chance to learn it when i was a schoolgirl,
and now i feel real pity for this. i wish i could tell you everything
what i think in your language. but i can't. that is why i use
translation firm, where interpreter helps me and translates our
letters. i like you very much and i have caught myself thinking that i
need to take some courses soon.

i have plenty of warm feelings inside my heart and i want to share
them with you. is it too soon for you? but i cannot stop. i have used
to speak directly, from my heart. that is what my mom always taught me
to do. so, i am the first to tell you that i definitely like you. i
want to know you closer. i hope my words arouse some feelings in your
heart, i mean positive feelings. because i am really afraid to fall in
love with no return. please understand me correctly. i don't want to
say i already love you, but everything is possible in future.i just
wanted you to know how i feel. is it right or wrong, i don't know.
let's wait an see. i don't expect you to have the same feelings in
return, i am not the one whom men love from the first sight. ok, let's
quite this topic.

i want to ask you, what you think about Ukraine in general? have you
ever met anyone from Ukraine? tell me more about your country. i will
be waiting for your next letter,. and believe me, i will be doing it

Your ( hope so) Galina.

Letter #4

Good day to you my dear. I hope you are doing well today. Thank you so
much for writing me. It's a good feeling to know that you are
interested in finding out more about me, and allowing me to find out
more about you. In my mind I believe there has to be a reason why we
were allowed to discover each other. To think that two people from
opposite sides of the world are able to find each other... there has
to be a reason for it. Is it fate? Perhaps, but we will know that as
we continue corresponding and find if we are a match. I know that I
like all that I have found out about you so far! If we truly have the
goal of making our partners happy, I think we will discover that we
have much in common.

You asked me if I am a lady you are looking for. It is difficult for
me to answer such question, but I think that your description is very
similar to description of my own. I hope I won't disappoint you. I
think that you intention to move to Costa Rica is very nice. I like
sun and fruits, too.:) Your wish to see me nude is understandable,
but, please, be patient. I am too shy to let you see me in such kind
now. You should know that it has to be a very big decision for me to
look for a partner from other country. To move such a distance away
and leave everything, friends, culture, and
lifestyle. I think I am a very brave woman to decide this is what I
want. But, when it comes to being happy in life there are times that
decisions have to be made. And change can be a very good thing at
times. And if you want to find the kind of life you want, and to
fulfill your dreams.... sometimes there are risks that you have to
take. So I want to assure you, if we decide we are to be together....
I will make sure I do all within my power to make you happy and to
make your dreams come true. So, let us continue our passage to
happiness. You may ask me anything you would like, and about any
subject. I will always be honest and truthful with you. Only a
relationship built on honesty and trust is going to last.

Dear Just yesterday if as sitting at home in silence and thinking
about work and my friends but then dear I caught myself on the fact
that I am thinking about you!! and this happens everywhere whatever I
am doing I am thinking what is he doing now!!! Today look Today after
work I met with my friend and We went to a cafe because she wanted to
talk to me:) You see Dear while she were talking to me my thoughts
wandered somewhere with you!! I know this is impolite but what could i
do!! Simply in spite of the fact that we have exchange only several
letters I keep on thinking about you!!! I think we all learn from
life's experiences. Sometimes they are good, and we hope to enjoy
those experiences over and over. Sometimes they are bad, sad, or
dangerous...and we must learn and try to avoid those things if at all
possible. I hope you are able to send me many of your photos. I know a
photo is never as good as the real meeting, but for now it will be all
I can have of you. It allows me to look upon your image, to view your
eyes, to see your beauty.... only to hope that one day the smile on
your face is because of me! So please, send me your photos....
clothing is optional. ;-) Wishing you all the best... and hope to hear
from you again soon. Your Galya.

P.S. here is my address:
91000, Vatutin Block, 54/16
My full name is Galina Snopkova

Letter from Agency

Dear sir,

It's a pity,but our client, Galina ,can not use the services of our
agency any more .The term of her contract is over already.
Though she is very interested in
you,her account is over .That's why,she can't reply your letters .We were
sorry to disappoint her,but our services are equal for any client .

If you wish to continue your corresponding with Galina,we will be glad
to inform you about the services of our agency .If you are not interested
in the girl any more,let us know,please .

If you have any questions you may call us on the telephone:13158492835.
Please,take into account the time difference .We work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
according Ukrainian time .

We hope for our successful

Sincerely yours,
the manager of "Intertranslationservice"
Vladimir Tokarev