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Comment #1124
Benny you have not sent me the picture. Please make it. I very much
wish to see your picture.
You liked my photos? Well Benny today I will send you some other my
photos. Benny, I am glad, that you also wish to continue our
 Benny I think, which l have already understood, that I have
serious intentions to get acquainted with good person to have with him
serious relations. Benny, I became interested in you and I want, as
far as possible to study you, better. Benny, to me interesting
everything, concerning you and concerning yours a life. I will try to
tell to you a little about my character. I can tell to you that I very
romantic woman. I seldom have a bad mood and about optimism concerns
by a life. I love when round me cleanliness and a cosiness. I very
inquisitive, in a life I wish to see and try everything, actually the
life is given only once. Except for sports, my passion-cookery. To me
delivers great pleasure to make various dishes. I live in a small city
and at me one few possibilities it is interesting to spend a free
time. And how you spend a free time? And you can imagine, how you
spend a free time with me? I like to communicate with interesting
people. In men I appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity to
the beloved. Fleeting novels it not for me. I am ready to give
completely directly only to it the person whom I will really love. To
that person I will not doubt whose love. Till this moment I never met
the person who could win my heart. Though I do not think, that in me
the big requirements to the man. On the contrary, I prefer, when the
person is modest and simple in dialogue. I seldom peer on occurrence
and even on age of men. The core a thing for me, that the person was
kind, fair, cautious also it was able to like the woman, thus
completely it is not obligatory to have many money. I love men not for
their money. Some people say, that the love is not present. But I do
not wish to agree with them. The love between the man and the woman is
present. How you think Benny? You trust the enamoured? Once I wish to
find happiness with the favourite the person. It seems to me, that in
a life for the woman the most important a strong family and the
favourite person, in a place from whom she would lift children. I wish
to ask you Benny Speak to me, you dream, that that the woman every
day about you to see direct? For the sake of what the woman you are
capable to make everything, it to grasp her heart and always to be
together with her? The justification Benny it is probable to I
still early to discuss with you such frank things. But it is very
interesting to me to know, what girls draw your attention. Benny I
short written to you my prospects on my future. If it is interesting
to you then we can discuss these themes in more details. Benny, I
will wait your e-mail.
                          Sincerely yours Elena.
Comment #1125
Hello Benny. I am glad to read your message again! Last time at me was
the boredom in my soul, but has occurred a joyful thing and your
message now for me as a solar beam I With each new message I study you
better and we become little bit closer with you. Benny, it is pleasant
to me to read your letters. From this text I have drawn a conclusion,
that you can be the partner which interestingly and competently is
able to tell about itself, you the romanticist and the present
gentleman. And whether you can present, what we with you together and
you feel, what the attraction between all of us is stronger also you
wish to prolong this moment?
Benny, I send you other picture me I hope, that you wanted it.Benny,
tell to me in more details about your family, you have relatives? What
relation in you with them? As often you gather? In my family always
there were very much close relations, my parents already very long
time together. My name of the father - Nikolai, to him and he works of
55 years as the builder, my mum 51 years, her name -Irina. Now she any
more does not work, she simply housewife, I see, how insistently my
parents love each other, sometimes I look at them and think, how it is
good, when two hearts of love incorporate together, the small born
child and these hearts becomes enclosed to each other even more
insistently, I wish to have the similar future, we live in and
convenient apartment with three rooms, one of rooms - a deposit, we
love to spend time together. We often leave in a city to go somewhere,
for an example at cinema or in cafe, in my family there is a
tradition. Everyone summer we, all family, even go once at coast of
river, there we do a shish kebab shish. It seemed to me, that I love valid this person. He
was cautious, has given me a lot of attention but after I have agreed
to be close to him, has been transferred very few time and I have been
completely disappointed in him, I do not wish to recollect more him.
Now I have decided, that I will not wait, when to me the prince will
be a trip on a white horse, I have decided to go independently on
searches wash the prince. Therefore I have addressed in acquaintances
of service. Here I can probably find the person who will love,
appreciate and understand me as I am had no his value by a financial
position and work which he does, in a profile I have defined, which I
search the person for more advanced age, than I. As I think, that more
mature person with the big understanding and respect concerns women, I
want, it I appreciating. I am ready to give to such person everything,
I will be always devoted to him and in our family never there will be
quarrels and conflicts, on it Benny, I finish the letter, write me the
ideas which you have, having read my letter. I will wait your message.
Comment #1126
Hello Benny. It is pleasant, that you have studied my some ideas in
the last the message. Benny, I usually do not speak about deep ideas
and opinions, but to you have written, because felt desire to open it
to you. I more independent woman, but possibly are sometimes necessary
that there was one person, which can to open and trust - sometimes
often it, happens, hardly reflects over all these things, I am glad,
which has found in you understanding me, it is sometimes difficult to
find the person who looks at a life approximately only as you. I see
Benny, that we are similar something, it is pleasant for me.
Similar that round you - it is a lot of people who are interesting and
kind... But probably, they can not to give you all that you want and
deserve... The one who can not only follow the desires is necessary to
You, but appreciate you, to love, care, cherish, be thus the clever
person with whom beside it is not boring to which you can give much and
receives even more in exchange. And the more to you to happen to
plunge into these thoughts, the it will be easier to understand to
you, that such person is just that that is necessary for you. Perhaps,
you уже can present to yourself as us can be good together as we can
spend together time and rejoice lives as it is good to you with me.
And if you can imagine day from your life, say, year through three from
a present situation you can look back back on three year, the past
from the moment of our acquaintance and to understand that how much
you then, in the past, were right, that have felt to me, that you test
to me, reading these lines, and have accepted the correct decision is
Benny, time to finish the letter now has come, I should run home, to
us profit the aunt with the small daughter. I them did not see four
years. Tomorrow morning they already leave, I have told it, that I
will be come back soon. The last, what I wish to tell in this letter
to it, what I have told about you to my parents, do not worry Benny, my
parents will not object, even if our friendship will turn which in
what stronger, I even have joking them. I have told, that soon I will
go to you on visiting. How you think Benny, on what they have answered?
My daddy has told: "yours a life in your hands, make, as you will find
correct". But I think, to all of us still early to speak about a
meeting. Have good day Benny. I wait for your letters.
                      Yours Elena.
Comment #1127
Hello my dear! I have read your letter, and it was interesting to me
to learn your opinion that I wrote. With each your letter I learn you
and your character more and more. And I am am pleased very much with
that fact, that we understand each other. Thanks, that you have again
answered my questions, I hope that they do not bother you.

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Benny, I see that you are very romantic and clever. And I want you
which about what to ask and learn your opinion. It is very interesting
to me as you think, what such love? I do not know, whether there were
at you people who loved you really and very strongly. But I dare to
think, that it happened, as you very interesting and lovely. And
whether you can imagine that you love someone very strongly; try to
design these feelings not me. What have you felt? It was fine, isn't
that so? I already tried to make as in relation to you, and very much
it was pleasant to me
Comment #1128
Hello my dear! I have read your letter, and it was interesting to me
to learn your opinion that I wrote. With each your letter I learn you
and your character more and more. And I am am pleased very much with
that fact, that we understand each other. Thanks, that you have again
answered my questions, I hope that they do not bother you.