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Comment #1113
Good day Benny!

I am indeed very pleased that we are so interested in each other. I am glad that I get every day your letter. I hope that you and I will not go. How are you? How was your day? I felt so good, my work day ended and I returned home! But what has not happened, which might surprise you. I am very pleased to learn about you more. I am also pleased to tell you about me. What would you like to hear from me about me, you ask! Just as I, too, can skip a lot of things in the story about yourself. I am very tired of this life, where I live. I did not have no where suitable man with whom I would really like to live and to love him greatly. But I hope that this will soon happen to me and I will be able to feel good. I do not when was not further than Moscow, I have a dream since childhood to live in another country, but not in Russia. You're probably asking yourself this question, but why I do not want to live in Russia. I tell you now, but you should not worry for it. Life in Russia and we are very complex in Kazan, the work simply does not allow that to live well. We have a lot of crime happens sometimes, even a terrible return. Because of this, I set a goal that would leave Russia and to arrange their lives in another country. My mother said yes to me, what should I look for happiness is not in Russia. I hope you understand me. And as your life in your country? How do people relate to each other? I do not want that we do hurt each other and forced to suffer. And I do not want our relationship with you is now ending, I want all this to continue and lead to truly know each other well, just to understand and respect. Home to be trust and understanding. Do you agree with me? I just wanted to tell you about my family. As I have already told you that I live with my mother her name Anna. My mom 56 years old and no longer be working on pension. Sam must realize that her age was no longer allows that to do something for the family. Also, I have a grandmother who lives not far from Kazan and I try to every weekend to visit her, that would help her. I hope what you said, that in Russia I have only my mother and grandmother, so my mother loved ones, and also my family! What can you tell me about your family? I will be very pleased to see and hear it from you. I think today I finish my letter. I will eagerly wait your letter tomorrow. Aleksandra ...
Comment #1114
Hello my beautiful friend Benny! I very much waited your letter and it was really for me to get a pleasure it is today. In my normal day today. If this is so serious. Your letters are very please me. With every your letter I understand more and more, we are really serious touch each other, I do not want to now that everything is simply lost. I think that we will be with you till the end to our meeting, which is hoped will take place when we really ready for it. I begin to understand and realize that we are created for each other. But I think it is some time we will be more friend close to your friend. We, as presented to you, I thought that my life has changed in many ways. I started to look better in this world and understand that I do indeed. I already begin to dream with you, because to me the first time such a feeling, and I can not understand what happened with me. Even my friends tell me that I changed. When I spoke with my mother, I have not made, as all of this say about our relationship with you. My mother was very deeply impressed, and was very happy with this, I said it. I think that we can achieve a lot with you in our lives.

I dream of a good handsome family man who would really trust me and respect, and to evaluate me. You must make sure life to understand all of what you created. I hope that you understand it. I wish that our relationship with you is now installed. My dear, I think you agree with me and that you will trust me. This is necessary for me that my beloved was always close to me, which helped a difficult minute. I like all of this support is indeed in order to prove the current love of man. Tell me, please be more detailed about a family to me very interesting. Well dear? I look forward to your reply. Your friend Aleksandra ...
Comment #1115
Hello dear friend Benny. I am pleased once again to see your letter, it is really very pleasant to read me this, I see by your words seriously, that you speak with me, I believe you. How was your day? I want to say that in me it was good, today we had good weather, I now went to work, and a little tired. Because you know that I am working as a seller of the store, but I can at any moment to take a holiday. Dear friend, I speak with you about the ingredients of our trust for each other. I understand that we are beginning to discover each other and are very pleased in the time between us, that the rules do not trust. So it does not appear? Now of course this is necessary, which would have trusted me and of our relations, which are beginning to evolve, and you see it immediately, and I hope, understand. Confidence is the main, to be between us, if the trust between us to be strong and very committed relationship, and we can grow with you together. My dear friend Benny, if you do not trust me, this is followed by what is not, that to fail us, do you think that I say you now and I think that this seriously thinks that you are doing, of course I do not want you insulted this letter, and I would not like it, our attitude on this was completed, but I do not like when I do not trust, and concern to me is not serious. I understand and you have to understand that in selecting the person must now be careful, because the Internet has a lot of crooks. I hope you consider me on the merits of women and do not accept me, or for whom, because I would be very offensive. I hope that you will say to me all, and you will not be afraid that it is to tell me yet, I always, I understand you, because I really see in you the type of person, a wonderful and passionate, and I hope that you will not be reduced, that is in us. Do you think that I now say to you, and write me a reply. I wait your letter. Your friend Aleksandra ...
Comment #1116
Good day my dear Benny!!!!

I am very pleased to see your letter. Honey, forgive me that I was not so much roughly all you talked about this with you not trust that there are between us. But after I just read your letter, I just saw that it was indeed among us build trust and understanding, and more so I will not repeat. Forgive me. You do not angry at me, my dear? How your day today? How are you doing? And how is your mood? I am totally interested in your life, because we with you far away from each other, and you and I must say that since we come in throughout the day. Do you agree with me? Benny Dear today I have my beautiful day, and when I laid down sleep, I thought a lot about our relationship with you. And I realized that between us all is really good, and we'll connect you with our relationship more stronger. And I was very pleased. I am more closer to you, I am fully available to you and I do not when I will not conceal from you what is not. Because you my dear, and we must understand this. I belong to you very seriously, and what are you talking to me, for me, very nice. And I fully support you. Also, I wanted to talk to you about my feelings that I feel for you. Because I can not keep it to yourself. During these days, I realized that you and I should not not go to stop, and we hope will develop further. Because I really was ready to begin a new life with you. Are you ready to start all over with me to plan our future? Our relations are as much stronger. And I hope that soon you and I will do what we needed. Because we trust each other. I hope that you too think so. I will eagerly await your response. Kiss. Your Aleksandra
Comment #1117
Hello dear, my Benny. Dear I read your letter and I was so pleasantly. I realized that between us really begins love that you and I build and create. I was pleased to learn about your feelings about you and how you spend your days. My Dear I am very pleased that you understand me, what do you agree with me in many of our cases. And our thoughts are with you just the same. How are you doing? How was your day? I just wanted to hear from you about your plans for the weekend? And what are you most like to do, when you have days off from work? Today I just awakened from my feelings for you. And I realized that I no longer do not achieve what I want, because in reality I have found what I wanted. And it is you Benny, changed my life completely, and with thee I am well. I hope that you and I will do everything possible to keep such people as we are with you. And I will listen to you, because every time I am very interested in your views on this situation. I hope that you and I are not going to do when no quarrel between us, because it is completely not what. Do you agree with me? I'm just more aware that we just created for each other, to love and build a family. And I will fight for you to be with you. You just fueled a big fire in my heart, and he go out only when we will together with you, because I will be fully confident that we are not far away are not from one another. And every day I am afraid of one, so as not to lose you. And I try not to do any mistakes, so you just a pet peeve for me. My mother is very good to us you understand, and she knows about our relationship with you, and it is very good for this did. And as you know about my girlfriend, and say about you that you are very good, dear. But I know that I am not who you do not give and I'll be with you. And only you I need. You're very cute, smart, funny, kind, responsive, purposeful, and we are always with you will be seeking all along. I would like to ask you that you have told me more about the place where you live, how you get the situation at home, please give me all this. Well, my dear! I will be bored and with a great look forward to your early reply. I very strongly love you my love! With love, your favorite Aleksandra ...