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Luhansk Ukraine

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Translation agency scam. I contacted her on and she wrote me 3 letters. Each letter contained a more revealing photo to lure me in. She told me that she has to use a translation agency. I told her that I would not pay for it that they wre a scam. I offered to come see her. She quit writing. This week I contacted her on and I got the same initial letter. If she can't afford a translation agency, why did she contact me again? I have now found 6 profiles on other websites that use the same photos. However, they also use 6 different names and 6 different cities. Here are her letters.

Letter #1

Hi Wayne!

My name is Nastja and i am from Ukraine. I do want to find my better
half and I do hope that will have success. My life motto consists of
the quotation by Bernard Show: The gold rule of the life is not to
have any gold rules . Saying in one word, I am very different. I
always try to be optimistic, I always believe in myself and I rely
just on myself. I am also cheerful, spontaneous, and purposeful. I am
quite active, I lead a healthy lifestyle, do some sports (fitness). I
like harmony in everything, especially in people relations. If you are
interested in me and if you want to find a good friend or perhaps even
something more in the Internet, please write me to the address . I
will reply you for sure.

Letter #2

Hello, Wayne!

I am happy that you replied my e-mail I did not have wish to bother
you with my life story from the very beginning as I was afraid that
you are not interested in me but now I can have a hope that it is not
so that is why I will start telling you more about me if you do not

So, my name is Nastja, but I hope you remember that from our previous
correspondence. My full name is Anastasia but my friends seldom call
me this way, anyway if you like you can chose it to address me in your
letters. I live in Ukraine. My city is called Lugansk, it is situated
in the eastern part of Ukraine and it is not very big but rather
shinning and beautiful. If you want I can send you some pictures of

I have been living in the city during all my life and I have a lot of
friends here, some of them are even from the kindergarten, can you
imagine?! I am doing my best to keep in touch with all of them... I
think that friends are very important in my life, I do not call a lot
of people in this way but some of them are really like relatives for
me. As for my family I do not have a lot of real relatives. The only
person I consider my family is my mom, she is really wonderful and I
need her greatly. She presented me with life on the 28th of October
and she has done her best to make my life happy. I am grateful to her
for everything. Unfortunately i do not have concrete reminiscences
about my father as he left us too early in my childhood but I have
never felt absence of anything as my mom was giving me all her warmth
and she worked hard to make me happy.

I have some questions for you.
- Which element of my profile has been determinant to choose me?
- Find your sex taboo?
- When could I be sure that you really love me? Which sign show me that
you're in love?

After such a warm talk about my surroundings you may wonder why I am
looking for a partner abroad and I am ready to reply you that it is
not my prime target to live far away, I do not dream about Prince and
castle but i am dreaming about fairy tale love, perhaps it is a little
bit old fashioned but I do want to give all my warmth to my beloved
person and if it will be so, I am ready to live my country and I am
ready to overcome all other difficulties... I do hope you can
understand me and my words does not sound funny. Thank you for finding
time to read more about me, I hope it is enough for the first time. I
wish you to have a wonderful day. Nastya.

Letter #3


I am so happy that you are still with me. It is really great that you
are in my life. We become closer every time and it is nice feeling of
the step by step exploration of each other.

I am happy that you are interested in me and I do hope that you will
be glad to know more about me. In my previous letter I have told you
about my date of birth but I have not told you about my age and it is
interesting for you as well. So, I am 25 now and I do hope that you
will be satisfied with my age:)

I am happy to tell few words about my education as well. I have
graduated from the college and now I am working at the beauty salon as
a hairdresser, i dream to continue my education and become a designer
but unfortunately I do not have such a possibility now but I never
give up and I will try to make my dream come true next year I always
fail English exams here as my knowledge is not very good so I decided
to kill two birds with one stone, so I try to find my soul mate and
learn English at the same time but i had difficulties while
registration at the dating site so I had to go to the translational
firm to help me and I write letters with their help now as it is much
more convenient though I hope that in future I will be able to do that
by my own it is pity that it is impossible now as my knowledge is too
poor to write you long and profound letters I wish you were by my side
and I had a possibility to master my language but it is impossible

Here is the information you are willing to know and I want to hear the
same about you:)Full name: Anastasia Mokina Address; Lugansk, Vatutin
Block, 23/78 Age: 26 Height: 167sm Weight: 60kg Hobbies and Interests:
I have already told you, please, read my previous letters and
profile:) Likes and dislikes in the bedroom: I like experiments, like
kissing everywhere and oral sex, I like anal sex but not every day, I
hate rudeness and I do not like sex without prelude:)

What man I am looking for? I have been thinking about that for a long
time but I do not have concrete reply on the questions as I do not
belong to the type of women who want broad shouldered or dark eyed or
whatever else man. I need my soul feel comfort but i do not know what
exactly my partner should have to bring the comfort to me... I only
want to tell you that now I feel good by your side and I enjoy each
your letter. I also want to ask you about your views on love,
friendship, relations between man and woman and what you are looking
in a woman. I am waiting for your next letter with impatience and I am
sure it will be as nice as the previous one. Your Nastja.