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My lovely,
As usually I have good mood for you. Yesterday we had a few rain. But today weather again
solar. How is the weather at you?
I thought yesterday of you much and I think, that the meeting is necessary for us completely to
understand our feelings. I think, that we the big friends now and when we shall meet we can
waste time well together! What do you think? I would like to meet you, your friends and family.
I think that it will be pleasant acquaintance! We write each other that I could trust you enough,
therefore I am not afraid to go in other country to visit you. I know, that you can take care of
me while I am in your country! It so? :) I also understand that will be a little strange, if I
shall arrive to you and you will speak, that we like each other. Probably we can protect feelings
us two only and you can speak your friends, that I have arrived to you as your friend! And it things
will go well between us we can tell everything, that we like each other! What do you think?
Denis, today I have the big news to you. I went to agency of travel and learned about necessary
documents. To me have in detail told about those documents, which I shall require to visit you.
First there are many kinds of visas to visit you. But me recommended to use the visa of the
tourist. Her to receive more quickly and it is cheaper. There are also student's visas, the visa to work
and travel, the visa to work, business visas. But as I have already told I shall use the visa
of tourist! THis visa will be valid during 6 months. To me also have told, that I should go to
Moscow to receive the visa. Because it is the city closest to me in which there is an embassy
the you country. Cost of the visa makes 150 $. I shall require also the passport for travel.
But I already learned about it yesterday. I spoke you about it and it costs 100$ Other requirement I
could receive the visa this my health. I completely the healthy person. In Russia teachers on
a regular basis check the health. It is necessary at work wth children. Therefore
I have no problems with health. Medical check costs 50$, but I shall not require it. Also
I should pay registration and filling of biorgraphical inquiries. It costs also 75$. As you can see
I shoulc take many things to receive the visa to you country. But I am ready for this purpose. Except for that
I shall soon have holiday an dI shall have a free time to receive my visa and to arrive in you. My holiday
will be in 2 weeks. In agency to me also have told, that I should prove absence of "imigration intentions". It
means, that I should show the proof of that I have no intentions to remain in you after
term of my visa to end. I have such the proof, therefore I shall not have problems with it also!
To me have not told what is the time will occupy reception ot the visa. But it around of 2 weeks. All this time I should
live in Moscow and I shall require money for residing also. I think, that on it it is required around 300$. Travel
up to Moscow will cost also 60$. In general it will be necessary for me around 800$ to pay all my charges with the
visa. These are the big money in Russia. I rescueed money and now I have 900$ and I can pay my charges with the visa.
I for a long time wanted to visit other country during my vacation and now I thingk, that I can do it!
I already am completely ready to move to Moscow and receive my visa. My work at school comes to an end, and I can alredy
take my holiday to start to receive my!
I hope, that now you understand my intention to arrive to you serious. I want to arrive to you and to spend with you
my holiday. For that time, that I shall with you we could study each other well.
You agree? I planned to remain with you around of 3 weeks. It will be good for you? I understand, that is
possible you will be occupied on work in the afternoon, but we could spend our evenings together. While you
on work I could cooking for you a supper and help you with cleaning a house. for me the big happiness will help you.
I spoke you, that I wanted to arrive to you independently. But we should thingk also of my tickets
of the plane. Unfortunately I paid my accounts and now I cannot pay my tickets. I thought of it
and I have decided, that will be fair, if we shall divide our charges. In agency to me hve told,
that the ticket will cost around 500$. And I hope, that you can help me with the ticket of the plane. I ask you to learn about
cost of the ticket of the plane there. I shall be very grateful to you if you will help me with the ticket of the plane. Inform me,
that you think! Ok? By the way, I already spoke with my mum about my desire to arrive to you. She knew that I wanted to
see ocean always and yesterday she has told to me, that if I shall fly to you I shall have chance to execute my dream.
My parents not against I flied to you and they have told to me, that they will soon write the letter for you also.
I shall send you pictures of me on BBQ. I hope, that you will love it!
I also ask you to send me other recent pictures of you.
I shall finish now my letter and I shall wait your answer.
I also ask you to inform me the nearest international airport to you. Also I ask you to learn about
tickets of the plane.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow.
My hot kisses for you. Write to me soon!

Yours Julia!