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I received 4 letters from Oksana. The 5th letter was a hint about money. Although the letter did not come from the agency asking for money, I remain concerned. I don’t even know her last name and I asked her for it in every letter. She would not give her address or answer basic questions. I know nothing about her except that her name is Oksana and she had enough money to have professional photos made but not enough money to pay for correspondence.

Letter #1

As far as we are concerned, I am very excited to open ourselves up to
each other in many ways and see how our likeness and may be even love
can grow with the new, candid revelations about each other, and
innermost thoughts exposed raw! And ready for absorption, review and
evaluation without judgement! Do you think it is possible? Till now,
we only know each other a little from the Internet. When we meet and
look in each others eyes, we will know, what our feelings say to each
other, where our heart leeds us. And if we really fall in love
together, than I just do what my heart tells me to do and let myself
go and just want to enjoy all the beautiful things that love
offers.... you will see, that if we come together, I'm a very caring
woman. My biggest wish than would always be to make you happy in
anyway, support you in all your plans and ideas and treat you with all
the respect you earn. And than I would spoil you as goos as I can. In
life and in bed... What do you think? I'm waiting for your reply at:
[email protected] Your new friend Oksana.

Letter #2

Hello my dear friend.

I didn't actually hope that someone would send me a letter so I'm
really delighted to here from you. Thank you for telling me so much
about you. You might be curious why did I place my advertisement in
the net. You know it wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment thing. My best
friend Marina has already tried it and now she is not along any more,
she found her soul mate. First they were writing for 2-3 months and
then Derek (from London) came here to meet her and after some time
being together they decided to get married. Now Marina prepared almost
all documentary needed for visa and soon they will be together
forever.I was very glad to receive your attention and now I think it’s
time to tell you about myself.

My name is Oksana, you can also call me Ksusha (by the way I like this
name more because it is not so formal). Now I live in Lugansk, east of
Ukraine. My parents gave me life on the 28th of December 1979, so soon
I'll be 27. My parents had been living together all their life till
the death of my mom 2 years ago, but to tell you the truth it wasn't a
big lost for me, hard to tell this but this is true. My childhood and
adult memories aren't so bright and happy. It was my sister Irina who
looked after and and took all care. She is 42 not and still she stay
for me now a mom and a good friend. My dad also tried to give me such
a care, but he was too busy at work and cafing for my mom. My mom was
a was really horrible for me and my sister, but finally
all this night mare finished 2 years ago. To tell you the truth it's
really hard for me to tell you this but this is true. I'm grateful to
my dad for what they've done for me. He worked to give me and Irina
good education for good future. I've finished University and it asked
me to stay to teach there, so now I'm a teacher of law, but
unfortunately can't make good money for living. My salary now about
150 USD. Also now I'm living with my dad and take care of him, cause
he is pretty old and need someone's care. I don't consider my parents
the model of an ideal family, but after all hardships I had in my
life, now I know for sure what I want. I don't want my future children
to experience any pain. I want to create a family based on love peace
and care. I want to love and be loved and I also want to teach my
future children how to do this. For sure I'll put all the efforts and
do everything to make it true. You can see that I'm very serious about
my and may be yours (Who knows)future.

Wait for your soon reply, hope you like me and my photo. In my next
letter will tell you more about me. I'm so excited I hope you'll like
my photo.

Best wishes, Oksana or Ksusha.

Letter #3

Hello, my dear Wayne

Probably, I've made something wonderful in my life. That's why I was
given a lucky chance to get acquainted with you. Thank you fr your
letter and photo, I understand that you like nude girls, but i like
nude men, so what should we do???

I've told you so long story about my hard childhood and I don't want
you to feel something bad about me. I'd like to tell you more about my
likes....First I like your letter, but also I love horses, they are
noble and entrancing animals and they will never let you down. Riding
a horse, I dream about off-beat places with beautiful landscapes
somewhere in Texas. Can you ride? It’ s such a beautiful feeling that
carries me away each time I gallop in the fields, excited and
adventures. Since my childhood I have been going in for sport and it
helps me keep feet and always be in a good mood.

I’m a family-oriented person and I have always dreamt about my own
hearth and home. Sometimes I go day-dreaming and imagine my future
house, which will be cozy and peaceful, my children, and me, serving
the dinner table for my beloved husband. By the way, I am fond of
cooking. People say my dishes are real masterpieces and I’m just
pleased when they eat them with appetite and relish. My friends say
I’m a kind-hearted person and I’m good to get along with. I am also
calm and it’s rather hard to make me hit the roof. And one more thing,
I consider myself very shy and sometimes I blush without any reasons.

I am looking for an older and experienced man with whom I could share
the rest of our lives and with whom we would build our happiness and
love. I’m searching for serious commitment and I believe that love is
waiting for me. Oh one more thing. Unfortunately, I don’t know English
– I’m eager to learn it but now I can’t afford it and I don't have a
computer at home, so I have to use special which help me translate
letters for you and provide with the net services. Please tell me if
you not agree with this and I'll understand, but with a huge hope I
will do my best to lead our relationship to bliss.

I’m looking forward to your reply,

Letter #4

Hello my dear Wayne,

Thank you for giving me a chance to find out more about you. I enjoy
our correspondence and hope you like to keep in touch with me, too. I
believe we'll know each other more and more, so our first personal
meeting will look like a meeting of two good friends or even
sweethearts and if this is really true then I'm ready to forget about
my dream about children. Agency I use is good and many people use

Could you tell me if you are ready to start serious relations with a
girl from Ukraine, the girl who does not know your language yet, who
has different traditions and culture? I ask because I am very serious
about you and I do not want to lose contact with you. I believe that
thing goes right with us in the future and I think we should meet in
person one day and maybe I will stay with you forever.

I want to devote my life to a responsible and caring man. It would be
great if he is energetic, very determined, strong and respectful,
educated and gentle at the same time. I want to meet a man who would
have similar interests and who would look towards the future with me
in the same direction and who would build the same projects. Life is
very beautiful, especially when there are two of us. I feel ready to
give my love, my energy, my time, my tenderness, my happiness and my
life to the man who will be the one for me (as well as I will be the
one for him). I am eager to discover your inner world, which is
undoubtedly beautiful.

I would really love to keep in touch with you.
Best wishes,

Letter #5

Hello my dear !

I want to thank you for your letter and also I thank Fate and Internet
that we met each other. Our writing was really wonderful and I'll
never forget it, you know till meeting you, I wasn't sure in the
abilities of the net, you may be it's you who make me feel so special?
Thank you for your photo, and I failed to provide you?????I'm doing
this 5th letter now, but if you don't like...

You might think now that I want to leave you...this is not true, I
have to. Do you remember I've told you about using the help of the
translation firm (they helped me with the net and translation)and...I
want to let you know that this is the last letter I can send you. My
heart is aching because I was really hoping that I will find a way to
save some money to correspond with you. But still I'm happy that this
is me who telling you this and none else, I've never lied to you and
don't want this now. This is true, really hard true, but it is. I
don't want to ask you for money - I don't want you to think that I
need something from you , I am not that kind of a woman who asks for
help, I used to solve all the problems myself.

It's really hard for me to tell all this to interpreter and if I could
I wouldn't allow her to press "send" button, but I have to, cause you
have a right the reason of my future silence

It hard for me to write, this is my last letter I am writing to you.
My heart is crying for you, I don't know what to do even not sure
which words should be the last, cause everything just started.....

Hope for your understanding.
Your Oksana.