Scammer Bulygina Tatyana

Nizhniy Novgorod Russia

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She was registered in our agency but as soon as we saw that she gave her email to everybody we removed her profile and added it to scammer list (it was obvious that she is one of famous Kazan scammer group). However, she managed to give her email to several men. After a couple of months we were contacted by a man who asked us whether it was safe to send money to the girl who was registered in our agency some time ago. We asked him for her letters and photos and - surprisingly - the scammer group was as carefree as to send him photos of some other girl! You can find her on this site also named Tatyana Bulygina but with another woman in photos. She asked money for airfare and visa.
Here are some of her letters:

Hi, my dear friend John!!!!
how are you? i hope that you are fine!!! As for m i'm cool!!!!
It was very interesting to me to read yourletter and know about you.
I am looking for my love too!We maust learn each other better!!!
In thins letter I want to tell more about myself, in detail.
As i've already written to you, i have no husband and children either!!!
So happend that i couldn't meet the worthy and the right person for me!!!
i had some relationship with one man but he betraied me unfortunately, of
course i couldn't trust him anymore!!! I hope that you do understand
It was very difficult for me.
Now I 'm looking for my true love.
As for me, I like classical music, theatre, cinema, sports, flowers,
What music do you prefer??? Do you like sports?? What are yours hobbies?
By the way i'm fond of cooking!!!
My favorite season is spring. How do you find it?
My favorite color is red. And yours?
I like reading books, I collect ancient coins, sometime in my spare time
I can knit a bit.
Unfortunately i've never been abroad and i'd like to see the see, to feel
this fresh air!!!
I'd like to live in a warmer country!!!! It's a dream of my childhood!!!
I'm a Christian and i believe in God.
Do you believe in God? Do you go in church?Whats your religion???
On the religious holiday i usually go to the church.
You know, it's really difficult to live in Russia, but i hope that my life
will change for the better!!!!
Now, i hav to go and i have to finish my letter!!!
I'm looking forward to your new letter!!!! that's really nice that i got
acquainted with such a man as you are!!!!And one question to you!!!Do like
my big letter to you or not:)))?
Take care,

Hello my new friend John! I am very glad to receive the letter from you.
I hope, that we can know each other better then.
I'm going to write to you a little about me. I attach my photos too.
I'm 27 years old.
I was born on the 21th of August 1979. I live with my mum only.
My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
I miss him a lot!!!!Since 2 years old my mam grew and educated me alone,
It was very difficult for her and I love her very much.
And now she is the best friend for me.
I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but I
dream to have my own family,
children. My mum works in Cheboksary in the hospital as a medical sister.
I'll tell you more about my parents in the next letters.
Now I'm going to tell you evering about myself.
When i was a child i went to the kindergarden.
As my mum could not spend much of time with me. (she worked a lot!!!)
When i was 7 i went to school.
I studied very well. I finished school in 1994 with Red diploma, by the
I entered the Krasnoyarskiy Academy.
As I had studied perfectly at shcool, I could study in Institute
In 1999 I graduated from this Academy.
In 2000 year I began working in dental hospital as a dentist in
I also work sometimes in the other hospital. During a week I work about 50
I feel sorry for people who come to us with toothache!!!
I'm sure You've got good teeth???:)
My mam works not far from me.
You know my job is rather difficult, but I like it.

I'm really glad that i deal with children!!!
I guess sometimes it's moe difficult to work with children than with the
But anyway it's a great pleasure for me!!!
It's cool that I can help children.
I shall inform to you concerning it little bit later.
My friend suggested me looking for a man in the Internet. Why not?!
Let's try to know better each other and i think that it's a good chance.
by the way I've got some questions for you. How do you find Russian ladies
and would you like
to have some relationship with Russian.
Now i have to finish my letter, unfortunately.
I would like to see some of your pictures.
You can to me send some?
please write me about yourself too!!!
I'm looking forward to your e-mail!!! Please and don't forget your
By the way i hope that you do understand my English!!! :)
Take care,

Hi, my dear friend John!!!
How is your mood? Thank for your nice letter to me!!!
Its very interesting for me!I see your photo!!! Great!!!
Ok,Now i'm going to tell you about my family and city, where I live.
As i've already told you my father dead when i was a child, he was a
driver of a large lorry.
My mam told me thathehad run into the large tree.

Today I'm cooking okroshka.I hope that you hear smth about this dish??? It
is very tasty.
by the way how do you find Russian ciusine?

Cheboksary is an ancient city in Russia.
i like it very much, it's not so big as Moscow, for exaple, but it's very
clean and smart. there are a lot of parks and churces, there are a lot to
see and there a lot of tourists!!!! i think it's worth visiting!!!
Cheboksary is a capital of Chuvash Republic, it's anadministrative,
economic and cultural center.
The population is about 1 million people.
Our city is 650 kilometers far from Moscow.
Have you heard anything about my city?
by the way, my home address: Baumana St, 37-19,Cheboksary, Chuvash
Republic, Russia.
my name is Tatyana Bulygina.
i hope that it's really interesting for you to read my letters and i hope
that we'l continue writing to each other!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Take care,

Hello my dear John!!!
It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the next letter today.
In this letter I shall tell to you slightly about my city.
Our city not big but also not small.
He is not so rich, but very beautiful we have a remarkable nature.
Around of my city approximately on distance 20-30 km from him it is
located more than 6 lakes.
At us it is a lot of factories and factories but basically they do not
work or have become outdated.
The main property of our republic is a wood.
We it is successful it we trade. At us I was a lot of parks in city
frequently I walk there and I reflect.
In the winter at us it is very cold but it is very hot in the summer.
In the summer I frequently go to lay under the sun and I very much like to
float and play on water.
It is interesting to me and what you do in the free time?
I like to read books and to listen to music sometimes it weaken.
Frequently when I listen to music I think of you dear John.
On it I while shall finish the letter.
I wait your answer soon lovely.
Strong I embrace yours Tanya!!!

Hello my dear John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulate me!!!!
I have good news!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't imagine, BUT Itoday i've won the LOTTERY.
But today when I woke up I fel that it's a very good day.
And when I went to the shop and saw a department with lottery tickets.
I couldn't believe my ears when they told me that i won!!!!!
Have You ever played the Lottery???? I am very happy!!!
I do not know yet how I shall spend money.
But anyway I so am glad and happy!!!!!!!!!
Kiss you my dearest man!!!!

Hello my lovely John!!!!!
John, i have not yahoo messenger, i dont know about it.
Today I went to the bank and have received my prize. My prize is about
900 euro .
Still I can't believe my luck!!!
Ihave never won anything in my life!! I am really very successful:)!
I'm thinking all the time how i can spend my money!!!
But I think that it will be better if I waste money to see you John, What
do you think about it?
I can arrive to your country. It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then
write each other thousands letters!!!
I'm sure!!! I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
i imagine our meeting, i'm sure itll be wonderful!!!
Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait
for me. And then our eyes'd meet.
We understand that it's cool that we would have met. We'd go to have
supper with candles.
We talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment. there wouldn't be anybody
but we were only.
Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic. Do you agree? What
do you think about it?
i'm looking forward to your e-mail, my dear!!!!
Kiss you!!!

Hello dear John!!!
I'm so sorry that i had to wait so long for your answer!!! I am glad that
you agree to meet me.
Yes of course, i will pay for all!!!!
Today I'll go to my work and take my holidays to arrive to you.
Also I'm going to prepare a lot of documents and go to Moscow tomorrow.
One of my friends lives in Moscow and today i've called my friend and she
agreed me
to stay at her place for some tim abn she'll help me with the documents
We are friends since our childhood. But she entered the Moscow state
Now she has found a good job and has stayed living there.
I think that it's very good that she allowed m to stay at her place
because it's very expensive
to live in the hotel in Moscow!!!
I shall write to you as soon as I arrive to Moscow.
I think that for my visa I will need your full address, your full name and
the closest airport where you will meet me.
I do not know, but it is necessery for me to take your invetation. You
could write it to me and then i'll print it!!!
I'm very happy my dear that i'm going to meet you very soon!!! I miss you
a alot!!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Kiss you,