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Comment #1094
HI my fine and loved husband Benny!
I am happy to receive from you good news, and I am happy to be with you.
I very much missed on you, and thought, I very much love you, you are necessary for me.
Fine yes I very much love you and therefore I care of you, Fine our life will be very happy, I shall be with you long time-----all life, We shall like each other, and our children, I want to inform honey to you, that I want from you the child, I very much want some honey, I like You.
Fine I want to care of you, and you will be happy... Fine now in us almost in midday and I have arrived to the friend to write to you, As I can not sleep without you more to me not begin the incorrigible alcoholic without You, I think of you each minute, and I want to be only with you, and it - love, Honey which I wish our meeting and it will be, Honey I from the childhood dreamt of prince who will arrive from, is far on the white horse Also will take away me, and my dreams come true you my prince, and you compel me to be pleased And to similar and I am very happy....
Fine I already today would go in you, I try to be patient, but you compel me to love you Very much, and I to fly from a place and I spend we a management in the party you because I love you... Perfectly would do as soon as possible, that we have met, I burn all, I want to be with you...
Honey when I to wake up it, I thinks, that you is close to me, I think, that you on kitchen and do to me Coffee, And then I want to shout to what you have come nearer to me, but I am prevented by distance, honey I Very much need for you.
I very much Love you....
I wait for your fine letters!
10000000000 Kiss Olga!
Comment #1095
Hello my dear Benny! I am glad to your message and gratitude which you understand

Benny, you, one of those few people which are mine mum and mine
The best girlfriend, you Benny in which I also can find understanding.
I have some news to you Benny. Today I had a conversation with agency
From travel. He spoke that I can receive the visa of such kind. And so the information on the visa, that I can make: visa It names " the visa of the bride " also. Its advantage during the period since 2 weeks to 3-month's. It can be prolonged a maximum within 2 additional months, and then I also should recede to Russia. But the agent did not speak me how many all it will cost as it needed to go on meeting. He asked me to come to it tomorrow and it will give me more information on travel and cost. I hope,
Fine, that all will be - well. I have a few excitements concerning all
It, but also and at me is steady intention to meet you road! Tomorrow I shall go to the agent and how many will ask to cost travel to you my dear! And we will meet.
Write to me, road, give me many forces and energy. My gentle kisses!
Yours Olga
Comment #1096
Hi my dear Benny! I am glad to see your message!
I visited today the tourist agent and he spoke me not so good news.
He has informed me how many travel for me to you will cost! It is a pity but for
me it will cost very expensively and I cannot arrive to you. I would not have so
much money which to me allowed to arrive to you. To me it is very sad!
Why two loving hearts cannot meet and incorporate because of money?
Money in our world solves all! And me from it it is bad! But I love you!
And me from it it is good! I feel your presence
In this world even at a great distance! Benny-YOU my LOVE FOREVER!!!
Dear Benny, I miss you. I very much want to embrace you and to
nestle my body to you. I often present as we for the first time see
each other. As we carry out together our night. I think, that we will
not sleep this night. I shall try, that you did not forget it never
and I hope, that you will make too it for me. We shall make a break
only for coffee and sandwiches. Also, lovely, i wanted to take a bath
with you. We could rub a back each other and still something. I very
much wait this time and I am glad, that it is necessary to wait
already a little. I often think of things which we can make with each
other. I think about it in full details. I do not write these details
to you, my confusion does not allow me to write it. I stop my ideas
that there was no big excitation. I have good imagination. Even now I
have some shiver in my body. well well well i stop now this theme in
my message.
Now I finish the letter with grief. I wait for yours the message my lovely.
My kisses and embraces!!!! Yours Olga