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Comment #1097
Hello my fine prince Benny!! How you today my most sweet? I am very
happy to read your gentle and tender lines of your long-awaited
letter. My love it was for me simply inexpressible happiness to check
up a mail and to find out your letter. It was the most unforgettable
for me the letter, it has brought to me a lot of happiness and
pleasures. Each your word for me as a drink of fresh and pure air
which to me brings forces and gives me a life, a life for you and ours
with you of love. My lovely I love you! I cannot love except for you
anybody. You my prince all my happiness only to be near to you. All my
love only for you. Mine heart overflown with love only for you Benny!
The my dear agent spoke that for me trip to you will cost 300
Benny I love you! So it is pleasant for me to write to you this
phrase which is sense of all my life. I am ready to write to you it
constantly because so it is pleasant for me to receive your letters
with your love. My lovely your letters bring to me only pleasure. My
lovely but on true I shall be happy when I shall be with you when I
can leave from the plane, find the sight of you from crowd and run to
you towards. My lovely I so want to present you the most sweet,
hottest and most unforgettable kiss. My love I want that our meeting
and our love were unforgettable for us with you. Benny you my fine
treasure which I have found which gives to me love and with which my
happiness will be boundless. My love I want only happiness and love
with you. It is more than me interests nothing in this huge world.
Only your love and you - the unique purpose of my life with you. Benny
I love you and I very much hope that our love will be strongest on
light and we shall overcome any barrier and obstacles. My lovely I
hope that I sense of your life. I hope that we shall achieve our
happiness with you. I hope to receive your fast reply. To me will be
so pleasantly to read your gentle words! I LOVE YOU MY PRINCE!
Your beloved
princess! Olga!!!!!!
Comment #1098
My dear I am very pleased to hear from you those kind words!
of course I'm ready for you!
I want to be with you together!
I love you! when we meet?
Comment #1099
Hello Benny!! How you? My dear I too it is ready to meet you!!! I love you!!!
I would like to arrive to you to the country for our meeting!!! But I have no money for this purpose!
You can help me with money? I wait for the answer!!!
I love you!! Olga!!
Comment #1100
Hello my love Benny!!! How you? I am glad to read your letter again!!! Now I need 300 euros to pay to agency!! You can send them tomorrow?
Dear today reading your first letter, I have understood that you till now cannot understand that way by means of which you can send me of money for my trip to you about which I to you have written and now I shall try to explain to you all once again, native in the end of last letter I have written to you addresses of banks in your city in which there is a branch of company Western Union and now step by step I shall explain to you that that it would be necessary make further for that that you could to send me of money for my trip to you:
a) the darling which I have listed you you need to choose one bank from those banks which or most close to be to you or which you know.
b) you should arrive to this bank
c) having come into it you need to find in it branch of company Western Union and to pass to it
d) there you need to tell to the employee of this company about that that you wish to send me of money after that it will give you the form, that is a paper which it is necessary will fill for that what you could to send me of money, and will explain to you as it needs to be made.
e) after that you should fill this form where as the addressee to specify me (that is to enter all my full data, a name a surname, the country, city in which I live), and in the column of the sender to specify all the full data. As there there will be a column about that how many money you wish to send where you will need to specify that sum which you wish to send me for my trip to you as I and spoke you the darling cost of my trip to you makes 860 euros and after that that is after you it will fill all to you it will be necessary to give this form, which you wish to send the passport and that money to the employee of company Western Union.
f) after that in current of several minutes it will process your order, and already back to you will give your form which you filled before, but in it on past that all that you wrote 10-place confidential number number (or as at them it it is accepted to name MTSN) after that you will need to write to me the letter in which will be shown to give to me all the full data and it is 10-place confidential number number (MTSN) and after that in 2 hours I can already go to any of banks of my city where as there is a branch of company Western Union and to receive your money.
The sun well I hope that already now you all will understand that as how even more to explain to you all it I simply I do not know. I love you!!! Olga!
Comment #1101
Hello my love Benny!!! how are you? I am very glad to your letter again. My dearest _____, I am very nostalgic for you and I want as soon as possible to come to you. I hope that it might be fulfilled in the coming days. You know dear, that it depends only on you. My love, I am glad that you give me such good news ..! I hurried to read your message when opening my e-mail! I again give you the data so that tomorrow you can easily send money to me! My full name: Olga Okulova. Address: Russia, city Kazan, postal code 424000. With this information you will be enough to send money. My sweet prince, I did not understand what kind of photo you want to see. You can explain to me again? my dear, I love you! I will eagerly await your next letter ... Millions of kisses Olga!!!