Scammer Kramskova Kateryna

Kharkiv Ukraine

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I contacted Kateryna at She also has profiles at Global Date and My Beloved. As you know, all 3 of these sites are full of scammers. I thought Kateryna was too good to be true, beautiful lady with professional photos. I played along with her. To her credit, she did answer questions. The 5th letter she asked for money and then I got the money letter from her “agency”

Letter #1

Hello Wayne!
I'm Katya,
I'm a very joyful and optimistic girl.
I work as a fitness instructor.
I'd like to get to know you better and
I hope you'll write me a letter and tell
me about yourself a bit. I'm looking
forward to get a message from you soon and
I hope this will be a start of
more than friendship. Here you can see
my e-mail address: [email protected]
A kiss,

Letter #2

Hello dear Wayne!
Thank you for writing me, I'm very glad to meet you. So, as you know
my name is Kate. What can I tell about myself? I'm a normal girl, I
work as a fitness instructor. I adore my job, and I'm constantly in a
good shape, and this is very important for me. In my mind a lady
should always be a lady, and certainly in her inner world too.
Unfortunately in my country it's quite difficult to be a girl, because
women here work a lot and they have many responsibilities about which
men don't care. And this is the explanation why I applied to Internet
- I don't want to marry Ukrainian man. Certainly I understand that
it's wrong to speak about all Ukrainian men, but I've never met a man
in my life who could do really nice and romantic things for me. You
probably know that men in our country like drinking most of all and
when they drink they forget about everything - children, wife, home...
And I'm sure it happens in your country too but not as often as here.
And my wish is simply to find my soul mate who can take care of me,
who will love me and will never betray me. This is my the most
important wish. I want to feel like a lady, to be treated like a
princess, to be respected. And I'll adore the man who can give me all
this. It's difficult to tell about my own traits, but I can tell you
what my friends say: they say I'm very faithful, loyal and
trustworthy. I have a great sense of humor though I know when to be
serious. I like to play jokes with my friends. But these jokes are
always kind, and I never hurt anyone. By the way, I have many friends,
and I know I can rely on them. I seldom get angry, but what can really
make me angry is hurting people which I love. If anyone says something
bad about my favourite people I become like a tiger. And are you a
defender by nature? I'd like to have a man who can defend me, and not
only from other people but from difficult life situations. I want to
be sure in my future and future of my children. I'll adore the man who
can provide me with happy life. Happiness for me means to be with such
man as I've told about. What is happiness for you? How can your soul
mate make you happy? Simply be with you? Or what? Your answer to this
question is very important for me. I think now enough talking about
love, I'd like to tell you about my family: I live with my dad and
mom. They're very dear people for me, they've given me everything they
could - my character, my traits, my education, my way of thinking and
so on. And what's about your parents? Do they live the same city with
you? Tell me more about your family, please. Do you have children?
Would you like to have more children? And what are your plans for
future? Ok, I'm looking forward to your next letter, I hope you're
still interested in me. :)))) I'm very glad we've started our
A kiss,
P.S. Thank you for the nice photos!

Letter #3

Hello my dear Wayne!

I'm very glad to continue our correspondence. Thank you for telling me
more about yourself. I feel you're honest and a very nice person. I'd
like to ask you several questions: how do you imagine your soul mate?
I don't mean outlook, but inside world. Should she be kind, faithful?
What is the most important in her character for you? And is her
appearance very important for you? As for me the combination of
appearance and traits is very important. I've met a lot of people who
are not attractive but when a person started to communicate with this
person, he forgot about everything in the world, because of his charm.
So, for me it's very important that you're charming, honest and
understanding. And thank you a lot for the very nice photos! I like
you wearing a cowboy hat!

And now I'm going to answer your questions.

1. Full name - Kramskova Kateryna (and by the way, I like all three
variants of my name - Kate, Katya and Katenka).

2. Address - sorry but you probably know that to give such information
in Internet isn't a very good idea and when we get to know each other
a bit better certainly I'll give it to you, I haven't got any secrets.

3. Age - almost 26.

4. Height - 165sm.

5. Weight - 53 kilos

6. Hobbies = interests - as you know, I'm fitness instructor and I
adore this job. I also adore swimming, I practice three times a week.
My another hobby is knitting. I can do it very well, and recently I've
made a sweater for my nice. She's a very cute girl of 5. We're great
friends and in general I like children. When I communicate with my
nice, her name is Masha, I forget about everything because she's so
innocent, kind, true. She doesn't pretend to be someone else like
grown people like to do. I also enjoy cooking meal for her. I can make
very nice pies and cookies, this is my another hobby. Can you cook?
What do you like to eat? I like vegetables and as far as I have always
to be fit, I have to keep a diet and I don't eat meat, bread and so
on. I also like watching TV, I like different films. Certainly I like
love stories with happy end and sometimes I imagine myself to be a
heroine of this film. :))))))

8. Expectations about this relationship - I'd simply like to have an
understanding and loving man by my side, this is what I really miss in
my life. I want to feel I'm a woman, a weak woman who can relax on a
shoulder of a strong man. This is very natural, what do you think? I
know women from your country don't appreciate home comfort and they
are less family oriented but for me family comfort is the most
important, this is the item which will be on the first place for me.
Work, friends, carrier - all this doesn't mean for my happiness as
much as my future family. It's really wonderful to have a quite nest,
my own nest where I'm a hostess, and my loving and caring husband is a
host. I'll take care of my family, and certainly I want to be taken
care as well by my husband.

9. Likes and dislikes - well, I don't know what you mean - I don't
like spiders, I don't like to be hurt and to hurt, I don't like when
my close people are ill, I don't like bad weather. I like good
weather, I like good communication, I like fluffy animals. How can I
tell about everything that I like or don't like? Can you tell about

10. Likes and dislikes in the bedroom - well, the same - I think it's
impossible to tell about everything I like or dislike, I like to give
pleasure and certainly I like to receive pleasure. And I'm open to the
most type of activities in bed! :))))))

And I like short skirts! I would wear a skirt you would like me to
wear. And I adore shopping! And I can't see anything bad if I walk
nude in front of you when we are together and if we decide we match
each other.

It's getting late here and I'm afraid I need to go home. I hope you'll
write me soon and I'll be very glad to read your letter. A gentle

with tenderness,

Letter #4

Hello my darling Wayne!
Having read your letter of introduction I had to think a lot. My
darling Wayne, the problem is I'm really looking for a man who will be
my second half. It's so difficult to find a man who can understand me,
and more difficult to find a man who will love me. I don't care about
age difference, I don't care about the fact we don't speak the same
language and in general I don't care about from what country he is and
what he had in his past. I simply want to be loved by a man! And I
want to love! If I feel I'm taken care I'm sincerely ready to give
EVERYTHING for this man. I'm ready to leave my family, study, friends,
everything to follow my future husband! I know how difficult it will
be for me to leave all this, but I'll do it for him. I'm absolutely
sincere and I know I'm faithful, I don't need any other men if I'm
loved by one, the best for me man. I am not like any other woman who
doesn't take care who she is with, and stays with a man only for sex,
money or something else. I understand perfectly that sex and money
isn't real happiness, this is just temporary pleasure. BUT!!!! I
demand from a man absolute care and love from his side. And how can I
call a man caring if he doesn't want to help me? I haven't got used to
ask for help, more over from a man who I love, I want him to suggest
me his help, I think this will be honestly and nobly from his side,
especially if a man knows I need his help. And if I read nonsense like
"I don't send money to anyone", I am not able to understand it! How
can I, a woman who you love and going to spend all your life with, be
compared with "anyone"? Will you prefer to know I am suffering? Will
you be happy saving your money this way? Certainly I'm not dying of
hunger here, and I'm not asking to pay my bills, I don't know - maybe
I'm too serious about all this, I know many men are looking for
entertainment here. I don't care about money, I know I'll earn enough
when I graduate from the University, the matter is trust, and care
from a man's side. Beautiful words are wonderful, all this is very
romantic but to my mind everyone can tell romantic rubbish but not
everyone can show his feelings and prove them. Honestly speaking I
wasn't going to write you again, I didn't want you to think I'm a
scammer and want only money from you. But now I don't care, I would
blame myself for my whole life if I wouldn't say you all this. I don't
know whether you want to continue our correspondence after my these
words but at least now you know my thoughts and my way of thinking. If
you decide to stop our correspondence I wish you to find a good and
kind lady who will not need your help and who will accept you as you
are. I know you're a very kind, sincere and sensitive man, and I
sincerely, from all my heart wish you to be happy. With all my love,
sending you the warmest kisses,

Letter #5

Hello my sweetie, Wayne!

I'm happy to receive your letter with the explanation. And I
understand everything. You're so charming, and interesting man, I feel
if we were together we could communicate from the early morning till
the late night. With every letter we're closer to each other. Did you
notice that? I already can't imagine my life without you writing me,
and I'm constantly thinking about you, and about our first meeting,
our future life. How do you imagine this? Certainly I will be happy to
meet you in January, and corresponding with you till January I think
we will easily wait to the moment of our personal meeting! And what do
you plan to do after our meeting? Would you like me to visit your
country? You know, you're not a stranger for me any longer. I want to
meet you in person, I feel I'm ready to meet you! When we meet for the
very first time I'll smile you, and I'd like to smile too, ok? I'd
like to come and to kiss your cheek, will you do the same? I can't
believe I can really touch your hand, and I think I'll tremble when
you'll hug me. Tremble not because I'll be afraid of you :)))) - I'll
tremble with happiness! We'll cuddle all the time, do you enjoy
cuddling? I don't know English but I'll learn several tender words for
you and I'll tell them to you. Please, let's make my dreams the
reality! From your letters I feel you're mature for serious relations
too. Darling, I have to ask you for help. Please, believe me - I
wouldn't dare to ask you for it if the situation wouldn't be so
serious! For translating our letters I go to a Translating Company. I
paid them money, they opened a separate account for me in their
company but now the money on my account is almost over and I can't
charge it soon. I don't want to lose you, and I am sure you also don't
want to stop our correspondence. So my request is if you can, please,
charge my account at the company. I don't think there is not enough
money for translating your next letter to me even! I knew it but I was
afraid to say you about it in my previous letter. My darling, I hope
we can correspond till our personal meeting, and you can also phone me
through this company, would you like to talk to me? I need to go now
and I hope to hear from you soon. I wish I were there and give you a
tender hug and kiss.

With love and tenderness,

Letter #6

Dear Mr. Wayne !

You are troubled by the translating company, we're informing you that
Miss Katenka, who uses our service, is not able to pay for the
translating of the letters any longer. As far as she's interested in
further correspondence with you you may charge her account if you're
also interested in correspondence with your lady.

With respect,
Top manager of the Translating Company "Alians".