Scammer Kruzhilina Elena

Luhansk Ukraine

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I met Lena a few months ago on Millionaire Match. However, she was using the name Anna at that time and claimed to be from Kharkov, Ukraine. She gave me her address after I requested it and it was fake. I sent a friend to the address and it did not exist. I am now writing to her as Lena at Date Me Free and she says she is from Lugansk. However, I traced her e-mails and they are coming from Kiev. She is also on 1000 Lovers as Anna from Poltava, Ukraine and Anna from Kharkov, Ukraine. She is also known as Dasha from Lugansk. This is obviously a man or a group that has purchased photos from her or is paying her a percentage of the “translation fees” I asked her for a photo of herself wearing a bikini and she said she did not have one. Well guess what, I HAVE ONE. If I have a photo of her wearing a bikini, why doesn’t she?

Letter #1

hello,or as we say in Ukraine, privet!:)

i am sure you know my name, i am Elena, or Lena, 31 years old from
Ukraine. i have long blond hair, they are blond by nature. i have
hazel eyes. i am not very tall, i am slim , and i have always been
slim. ok, i think you can see it all in my pictures. i don't know what
to say more.. let me concentrate:) i am searching for long-term
relationships or marriage. i guess it is called like that. i just feel
i want to have my family already and somehow i didn't manage to do it
here, in Ukraine. don't ask me why.i have never been married and i
don't have children. i have had some serious relationships in the
past, but it just didn't work out. i have understood that appearance
and financial status is not important at all for serious commitment.
so, the most beautiful girls can be unhappy and lonely:). so, it is
everything i can remember about myself right away:). please ask me
questions if you have. i hope you can also tell me about yourself. do
you have some photos? i want to see with whom i correspond:)


Letter #2

Privet, Webarnes!

How are you? i hope everything is ok. thank you for your letter, i am
glad to hear from you again. I didn't answer you because I have no
photo in bikini and you are not the man with a serious intentions,or
may be I am wrong?

more about me. i am many-sided, outgoing and they say nice person, but
i am afraid i am just average. so if you are looking for someone
special it is not that variant. i don't smoke and i drink very rarely,
only socially. by the way, i am a me's hairdresser so if you or your
friends need a haircut, you are welcome.:)

i have lived all my life here, in Ukraine, and i love my country. life
here is not bad, and it is not some economical reasons that i want to
leave my country. i actually do not mind living here with my future
husband. but i think that your country gives more opportunities for
both of us. i know i will be missing my family very much, but i want
to start my own!

i want to meet...well, i don't really know. i just don't want to make
any patterns and imagine some definite person. i think each person can
bring something good into your life, and everyone has a chance. but
anyway,in men i appreciate decency, care, intelligence.

What’s to say about my week-ends and spare time? Usually I meet
friends. We go shopping, watching people (yes, yes, women like it!),
have dinner, make a grill-party or go out in the evening to dance or
to visit cinemas. In the wintertime I visit museums, theatres, go
dancing or I enjoy a rest at home with a good book and music or I
watch an interesting film. And last but not least, I have also to do
my housework. I have never enough time to do everything I want to.

About my hobbies and the city I live in, I will tell you in my next
mail. I am also very interested to know much more about you! Your
dreams, your future goals, what kind of woman do you prefer and what
you like or dislike. what are you afraid of?

hope to receive your big and detailed letter soon. Lena

Letter #3

Hello,dear Wayne!

Thank you for your nice letter! I've enjoyed it very much. It is
really nice to hear that I was wrong! You know I can say now that I
like you,sorry for my words:) My full name is Elena Kruzhilina,I am 31
years old,165 sm,51 kg,My birthday is on the 10th of April. And how
about you? I want you to know that I'm really interested in
communicating with you and I would like to know you much better,so
please ,darling,write me a lot about yourself and the country you live
in in your next letters. And don't forget to send more of your
photos,I'll be very glad to get them. So,my dear,I'll be waiting! And
now I'll tell you something about myself. I'm just a common girl with
my feelings,desires and my dreams. You know may be it sounds
ridiculous but I believe in people. I believe that all the people are
very kind and all of them are worth of trust and we have to trust
people,I'm sure of it,because if we shan't trust people our life will
never get better. What do you think and what are your thoughts about
it? I want to know,it is important for me,I hope you are agree with me
about it. So let I tell you now about my native country and the city I
live in. My native country is Ukraine,and you know,although I have
never been to other countries,I'm sure that Ukraine is the best in the
world! May be because it is my motherland,but surely it is very
beautiful. And also we have a wonderful capital Kiev. I have been to
Kiev for several times and you know I was excited with it's beauty!
Kiev is the most beautiful in the late spring,it is very green
city,there are a lot of trees here and in the spring it is especially

wonderful! Be sure Kiev is worth of seeing!!! As for me personally,I
live in Lugansk city,it is not so large as Kiev,but also very nice. I
love my native city very much and I hope I'll show you it some day...
As I've told you before,I have never been to another country,but you
know,if the truth must be said,I have a golden dream:I want to see the
whole world! I think it is so interesting and exciting to go to other
countries, to see other cities, to communicate to people of other
cultures, to know more about them... I think nothing can be more
interesting,don't you think so? Dear, please tell me in greater
details about all the places you have been to and all the interesting
people you have to communicate to,that is very interesting to me and
I'll be waiting impatiently for your stories. So I think I'll be
finishing my letter to you,hope for your soon answer. Don't make me
waiting too long! Sincerely your Lena. P.S:I forgot to tell you
something,I don't speak English and I have to use the help of
translation agency,but that is ok because I am doing my best to learn
English as quickly as possible.

Letter #4

Hello,my sweetheart Wayne! I am so glad to read your new letter! Even
not one! Your photos are nice,tell me about your dogs,are they cute? I
think they are:)I want you to know that our relationships are getting
more and more serious for me and you are now a very important person
in my life,I hope a lot for our further friendship and I will be so
happy if your feelings are the same... Because it is really very
important for me. My life has become much more interesting and
complete when you came into it,my dear,I hope I have found that
serious man I was looking for... I would like to know you very
deeply,I want to know everything about you,about your life,your
feelings,your dreams,and,of corse,your expectations about me! I think
two loving people have to do all they can to make their relationships
as more sincere as possible,because people have to trust each
other,they have not being afraid of saying each other absolutely
anything they want and they need,it is very important,I think. Love is
not the main thing in relationships,loving people have to respect each
other first of all and of corse to love each other with all their
hearts... These are my thoughts aloud about the perfect relationships
between two people,and what do you think about it? Are you agree with
me? I hope your thoughts are the same! Because it is very important
when loving people trust each other and are striving to understand in
the right way in any situation that happens in their life. So write me
please your thoughts about it in your next letters. Also I would like
to know what are you dreaming about and what are you waiting for of
your life,I think man has to make some goals and then to do his best
for reaching them,and the goal is reached you have not being
disappointed in life and you have to make other goals,only in this way
life will be interesting and exciting! So tell me what kind of goals
have you made in your life,it is very interesting for me,really! So,my
dear,I will be finishing my letter for today,I will be waiting for
your answer impatiently and don't make me waiting too long! your Lena.