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Luhansk Ukraine

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A blind man can see through this scam. I contacted Galina at Adult Friend Finder. We exchanged several letters. She does provide a lot of information about herself but has continued to avoid many questions. She has not given me her full name or address even after many requests. Her e-mails come from the same address in Lugansk as 4 other ladies that I am writing to. She has now started to hint about having to use a translation agency even though I have told her to write to me in Russian. I am expecting the money letter any day. I received another letter today and it appears to be a different lady. I know this lady as Anna Reshetnyak from Mariupol, Anna Korrt from Donetsk, and Marina Perlifonova from Lugansk. If any of you have the software to trace an e-mail, this is the address you should avoid. It is the address where the scam is coming from.

Frunze St. 4/139
Lugansk, Ukraine

Letter #1

Hi Wayne,

I'm glad to hear back from you! Thanks also for giving your e-mail
address - it is very convenient for me and we can talk more private:)
Your profile caught my interest too and maybe it will grow to
something bigger:) I would love to learn you better! shortly about me
- my name is Galina and I am from Donbass, in it on the east of
Ukraine, almost on the border with Russia. Thank you for your warm
words about me;)) I am attractive but a very lonely lady. I feel that
now I am ready for long term and serious relations but I am not in
love. I am single and have no any relations. In the Internet I will
try to find this special man. Well, I am not quick tempered, but I
have character:) I am merry, funny, I like many things in life, adore
sport, seeing new places. I love music, ice cream, and making love:)
Yea, these are three of my passions:) maybe we can join all of them
when we are together?:)would be not bad I think!I want to find a
person so we burn a fire with! who can love, who is passionate and who
knows what he wants in life. I value this. I hope you found something
close in my words and hope you will write back. I'd like to hear more
about you - what passions you have? what are you searching here and
which women you like? I attached my photo so print it and look any
time you miss me:)i promise to send more and hope to see many yours!
Please send your reply to my e-mail address which I am writing from
now: [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you,


Letter #2

Dear Wayne,

thank you for the fats and proper reply. You seem to be an interesting
man. But why you didn't simply tell about yourself and sent me some
standard information. Thank you of course, but I am a sensitive lady
and I would like if you just talk to me. But ok. It is just the
beginning and I hope we will learn many new and interesting things
about each other. So as you know I am 26, I work at the shop, I am
thorough accountant! I like figures:) I enjoy it, just maybe wouldn't
mind if my salary is higher:)unfortunately my working experience
doesn't let me demand more then I have now so I need more time. Work
doesn't have all my time. Three years ago I used to have relations
with one man - we lived together but weren't married. It didn't work
and we split. Since that time I am lonely and couldn't find a special
man. Frankly say I am very disappointed in Ukrainian men who think
that each woman dreams to get married and forget that woman also must
feel happy being next to man. This feeling I didn't have and think
maybe foreign man will give me this attention and love which I didn't
have. Ok, you already know about my three passions:)) also I am active
lady, like sport and think that woman always must be in a good shape
and look sexy! i don't like too noisy places, like disco clubs etc. I
prefer cozy cafes and warm company with friends or like to have guests
at home. I'm not bad in cooking I will boast:) and of course great
sex:)) I am a very creative woman at this point and if we are really a
couple you will feel it:) do you find me a sexy lady??:))) I hope
so:)) I am an easy-going person and many things in life are
interesting for me. I'd like to try a lot in life but of course it'd
be much better if I try them with my man because i want to share
everything with him - my positive emotions, excitement,
disappointments, desire...unfortunately I have never been abroad so
can't share any experience with you, but that is one of my dream and
maybe it will come true one day. So what about you? maybe I am not too
good in writing so ask me anything you want to know about me. Just
Internet it's a new way but I hope beginners will be successful!ok, I
wish we find more common things between us. Is such woman like me
could be your type of woman? Ok dear, i won't make you tired of my
talking! I am very anxious to hear back from you and to see many of
your photos! I am sending you mine today and hope you like it! I'm
thinking of you and sending you warm hugs,


Letter #3

Hi Wayne,

Ok, thank you for the explanation. But still i don't understand you at
some points. As you are experienced at the relations with Ukrainian
and Russian ladies it is strange that you haven't lost the hope to
find your right one between them. I don't know whom you contacted to
but if you write them then you react on their profiles. They don't
find you by themselves, right? We know each other just a little time,
but still I have to confess that I wouldn't like I am one of the many
many other women. I want to be the only one and the only special one.
I don't ant you copy letters for me. Again and again you are sending
me the standard list of the questions - I won't answer it because it
is a standard ones. You are asking me about sexual desires - read my
letter. Many interesting things are written there. I was really afraid
that the English barrier will stop our relations and I will never hear
from you again. I would like to keep on using them until I speak
English. of course if everything goes well between us and we will try
our relations. I have paid for all the translated letters from you and
from me, it is still quite expensive. I don't know how long will I be
able to keep on but let's try anyway. Wayne, I want you understand
that I want serious relations. When I started searching for a man i
couldn't believe that I can find such a perfect match! for these days
while we've been talking you have become a very close for me person,
honey. I value you just who you are - so simple, so free and so
affectionate. It's wonderful that we attract each other! Indeed I am
fascinated by you and have so many dreams about our lives. Maybe I am
hurrying up but I hope I'm not:)) you are a magic man who just
discovered me and I was not ashamed to talk about all my past life and
my feelings. I want you know that after long time you have become the
person number one in my life. I'm thinking of you each moment and
trying to guess - what are you doing this moment? are you thinking of
your ice-cream lady or not or not:)) looking at my photo and maybe
smiling?:) I want to use a long time in our bed at our home and to
give you the best love you will ever get. I want to discover your
whole body and give you an unforgettable time. My skin, my breasts and
the whole rest of my body will be filled with ecstasy for a long time
and I want to pass you this wonderful pleasure. I want you to see me
in so beautiful lingerie and after that you will undress me so
slowly...and you see me without clothes and we will start our journey
to ecstasy. We will have a lot of time to give each other the best
because that is what we both need now... I really need you in my life
sweetheart.. You have given me a feeling of something new and fresh, I
want to taste it with you. I want to try new life with you - I am sure
that these will be the sweetest times in my life and hope as well as
in yours:)) You have seduced me and what I am suppose to do now?:)) I
really like you and hope we will start new page in our lives and these
relations will be what we were searching for over here. I am sending
you another my photo and hope you like it very much. I am expecting
for your answer and hope it'll be "yes":) I want to be your lady and
always to make you happy with my presence in your life:) Many sweet
kisses for you! I am eager to receive your reply!