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To ALL: Men are not the only ones that these scammers prey on. I am a woman and yes I am a Lesbian. I have been scammed by a Marina Fedorova thru dating web site I want to warn everyone that you don't have to be a man to be scammed !!!!! And can you believe after I sent her thousands of dollars she never showed up? Please don't let this happen to you. It is my hope that my story will save someone from experiencing what I have.

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From: marina fedorova []
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 3:44 AM
To: Margaret
Subject: Re: I want to meet with you.

Hello my lovely Margaret!!!!! Thank for your congratulations. Today I
went to the bank and have received my prize. My prize is about 1000
euro . Still I can't believe my luck!!! Ihave never won anything in
my life!! I am really very successful:)! I'm thinking all the time
how i can spend my money!!! But I think that it will be better if I
waste money to see you Margaret , What do you think about it? I can
arrive to your country. It's better to communicate tet-a-tet then
write each other thousands letters!!! I'm sure!!! I hope that you do
agree with me!!!! i imagine our meeting, i'm sure itll be
When I know that I won 1000 euros I was so is happy! I could not tell
words. I have lost gift of speech. I so am glad! I cannot put into my
pleasure words. Certainly, 1000 euros small money in comparison with
17000000 which won yours cousins. But all the same, for me it is huge
money. Yes, I heard musical group ' The Black Eyed Peas ' is very
popularly in Russia. I very much love this group. And I very much
want to go with you on a concert on December, 1. You like Fergie? I
send you a song which I like to hear. I hope you will love it. It
Fergie - London Bridge. You heard it before?
Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the
airport and wait for me. And then our eyes'd meet. We understand that
it's cool that we would have met. We'd go to have supper with
candles. We talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment. there
wouldn't be anybody but we were only. Time would stop for us!!!. It
would be ver y romantic. Do you agree? What do you think about it?
i'm looking forward to your e-mail, my dear!!!! Kiss you!!! Yours

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From: marina fedorova []
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:44 AM
To: Margaret
Subject: Re: You in my dreams.

Hi My Margaret!
I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letter brings to me huge
pleasure. Your letter decorates my day. I am glad that I have found
you in my life.
I am glad that you agree to meet me. Today I'll go to
my work and take my holidays to arrive to you. Also I'm going to
prepare a lot of documents and go to Moscow tomorrow. One of my
friends lives in Moscow and today i've called my friend and she
agreed me to stay at her place for some tim abn she'll help me with
the documents too!!! We are friends since our childhood. But she
entered the Moscow state University. Now she has found a good job and
has stayed living there. I think that it's very good that she allowed
m to stay at her place because it's very expensive to live in the
hotel in Moscow!!! I shall write to you as soon as I arrive to
Moscow. Tell to me the closest airport for you. I should know to look
tickets. I do not
know, but it is necessery for me to take your invetation. You could
write it to me and t hen i'll print it!!! Ok?!!! I'm very happy my
dear that i'm going to meet you very soon!!! I miss you a alot!!!!
I shall wait for your letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses.
Only yours, Marina.

Hello Margaret!!!
Whether Today I went to the airport to take the
air tickets to Los Angeles International Airport. But i've got
problems. I have no enough money
for the back ticket!!! I asked my friend But she cannot give it to me,
unfortunately. She can help me only with 50 dollars. But it is not
enough It's left for me to find 700 dollars. I do not know where i can
find money!!! I do not know what to do. That my visa was approved, it
is necessary to show the air tickets in both ends. I am awfully upset
that I have not enough money to arrive to you. Certainly Margaret I
very much want to see you, I want our meeting very much. I love
you and I want to be with you.
I love you! I love
you and I want to be with you.
With love

My Love Margaret!
I am happy to receive your letters. I like to read your letters. To me
your words of love are very pleasant. I very much love you and I very
much want our meeting. We the happiest women in the world because we
have our love and we have each other. I love you and I very much want to
be with you. I want to kiss your sweet lips. I want to embrace your
body! I dream that we have met as soon as possible. I am very glad that
you can to send me of money through the western union. - just that sum
which I should pay 2400 dollars for my penalty. I spoke with the police
chief and to me have told that I should pay for my penalty. You cannot
pay for me. These are the Russian laws and I should observe them. I hope
that you will send to me this money tomorrow and I can pay for my
penalty. I think that now the most important for us is to pay my penalty
and then we shall search for ways of purchase of my tickets. I am very
glad that you trust me. I trust you too. Trust - a basis of ours
relations. I promise you that I shall never injure you. I shall always
love you. I understand that anybody will never love me how you love me.
I love only you. You my unique love. You my life. You my happiness. I am
happy that I have you. I love you all my heart. I shall wait for your
letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses. Only yours, Marina.

Mine Margaret,
I understand you. And I understand your fears. I promise you that I
shall take all things cautiously. I too do not want troubles and I want
to be with you. I love you and we shall be together on October, 20. I
promise it. I love you all my heart and we shall be together. I shall be
cautious in New York. I understand that around many bad and callous
people. But our love will help me. Due to you and your care I shall be
in safety. I love you! Please forgive, but I shall write to you my
letter tomorrow. I love you! Only yours, Marina.

My Love Margaret!
I like to speak by with you to phone. I love you. I like to hear your
voice. You have a wonderful voice. I shall soon hear your voice
constantly! I love you! Soon we shall together. Today I have received
your money and have paid for my penalty. We have overcome all barrier
together. Soon we shall together! I love you! I promise you that I shall
take all things correctly. I shall not be mistaken. On October, 20 day
of our meeting and we shall meet this day. We shall be the happiest
people in the world. I love you! We shall be together! Yes, in Russia is
scratch off lottery. I am very glad that you have won some money. I
think, you are right. I think that workers can come next week and to
establish hardwood floors. I want to take pleasure in our happiness. I
want that we were pleased with our life and enjoyed our happiness. I am
tired today a little. I shall write to you tomorrow. I love you! I send
you my hot and passionate kisses. We shall soon kiss really. I love you.
Only yours, Marina.

My Love Margaret!
I have not enough time. I write to you to tell that you should not meet
me at the airport today. It is very a pity to me. Please forgive me. We
shall meet later. Probably, next week. Today I called to my mother to
say goodbye and tell her as strongly I her I like. But I could not talk
to my mum. As my mum should be at this time on work I has called her for
work. The boss of my mum has told that yesterday at night at my mum
heart attack was and she has not died nearly. Now she lays in hospital.
I cannot depart in the USA now. I cannot leave my mother one. My support
is now necessary for my mother. I - that have all my mother. I love my
mother. I love you! You and my mum - most dear people in this world. But
understand me, I cannot throw my mum in this situation. I very much love
you also I hope for your understanding. I hope you will understand me. I
have already handed over tickets at the airport and have bought tickets
up to Tver. I shall leave home through one hour. I very much love you!
When my mum will recover I shall arrive to you. As I have handed over my
tickets voluntary, then I can take tickets on any number and I shall not
pay extra additional money. Understand, now I am very necessary for my
mum. I very much love you! And please forgive me. I as well as you want
our meeting but now my mum is sick also I should be near to her. I hope,
you understand me. I very much love you! I love you all my heart! I
shall write to you tonight if I shall have time for this purpose. Only
yours, Marina.