Scammer sokolova Lyudmila

Cheboksary Russia

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Letter 2

i was suspicious of this women i was writing to in russia. thank goodness for our website! now i know my suspicion is true for sure. her name on your scammers list is different than the one she gave me. this is her name she used on me Lyudmila Sokolova e-mail is [email protected] no phone but has phoned me. her passport picture she send me did not look like her had all .other info: zipcode 428018 street mira42 cheboksary ,russia using agency aleksandria e-mail is [email protected] i looked for this agency and now such extistence.i asked agency for details still no answer.hope this helps men not fall for scam artist.on your website she is anastasya medvedeva e-mail [email protected] her picture under this name is the exact same as the one she sent me under lyudmila sokolova. please write me if need !!

Letter 3

i would like to describe
this scamming scenario so other men will not fall for her deception.thank
goodness i did not send her any money.i was skeptical from the start.we
starting exchanging letters on the hotmatchup dating sevice where we met
online. after her first letter she wanted me to write to her at her personal
e-mail [email protected] she goes by the name lyudmila sokolova.her
residence is cheboksary;russia
both her name and residence are different on your scammer list but her
picture she sent me was EXACTLY THE SAME. as one of her pictures under"
anastasya medvedeva".the picture where she wearing a red blouse with another
girl beside her.she told me her parents were killed in a car accident in
august 2202( note. there is also a picture of her and her parents in her
www.scammerlist profile )she is now living with her grandmother in an
apartment.her supposedly grandmother wrote me a letter telling me not to
break her granddaughters heart since she as experienced enough hurt in her
life.lyudmila told me she liked my gentle and sensitive nature and wanted
to be together with me. she could arrive to me if i would send her 1780.00
us dollars. thought this was strange since i live in red deer alberta
canada.i was to send the money to travel agency named "agency alexksandria."
e-mail is [email protected] i looked this travel agency on the agency from cheboksary by this agency send me a
passport of her and told me all of her documents were ready.all the agency
needed was the money(cash transfer only i could not buy ticket for her) .
does not even look like her!!i asked for her documents and the agency still
has not sent anything! she calls me and says she loves me and wants to be my
wife. i cancelled my membership with this is so upsetting
that people would do this. i do not any one else falling for these scamming
techniques. is there any legitimate sites of sincere russian women
(non-scammers)wanting to come to canada to marry ? thank you for reading