Scammer Makarova / Galiullina Vicktoriya / Nella

Vicktoriya / Nella
Makarova / Galiullina
Omsk Russia

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Letter 2

I received an email from as to the effect that I had email on there server. With in this there was an email from Vicktoriya Makarova asking me to email her back. I just for some reason suspected an scam so I googled her name and come up with you site. There was entry under that name so I continued to email her until the push for money come up. So when this happened I re-googled her and found at all the sites listed above. I have put a site on the web about her where you can find all Known Email address on her and have written to Gmail about her to see if they can remove her from there email. I have not had a response from Gmail as of yet BUT I Only Emailed them Yesterday. All of your efforts in this Matter will be greatly appreciate for she is still very very active.

Letter 3

Typical visa and airfare scam. It was so sincere she had me hook, line and sinker. She first contacted me through then we communicated through our own personal email. She talked with me for two months before the conversation regarding visa and travel money came up. Talks about her ex-husband and her friend Amnesia frequently. She said she didn't have a phone but she would call me from a public phone using a phone card. She called several times. We had what seemed to be very sincere conversations regarding my friends, her friends, my daughter's new baby..and so on. It seemed so real.....on one occasion when she called, she even spoke with my daughter on the phone.
After we decided she would come to visit here in USA, then the money discussion occured. She actually did not ask for money at first. We discussed the expenses and she indicated that she "had no savings at this time but if she had the funds in her hands she could have travel documents in 10 days" She was very smooth and sincere. Of coarse I offered, like a fool, and sent the money via Western Union. The cost was 755.00 for plane fair and 355.00 for a visa and travel documents. The money was sent October 1, 2006, in her name Nella Galiullina. She was to travel to Moscow and get her visa and plane tickets.

On the day she was to arrive in Moscow, the eye-opening email came. She also sent me a copy of her new visa attached to this email. I did not ask for a copy of her visa, she just included it. This is what raised my eyebrows! This is when I finally woke up and thought I'd better do some investigating. Here is a copy of the actual email.

My dearest Paul,it is Nella,
i am so happy to hear from you !
how are you doing ?
Moscow is great city !
papers are in my hands and
i fly to you October,12
as the closest date
i have been told.
this is information
about my arrive :

1:15 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Washington DC (IAD) 9:36 pm Thu 12-Oct
Duration: 16hr 21mn
Delta 31 / 5495
Connect in New York (JFK)

My love Paul in embassy i have been told that
it is necessary to have economic solvency
funds in cash to enter US which is about
1000 dollars,i did not know about it my darling
and need your help again,this funds will be
with me when i arrive,it is just to show in
airport.When you send them,
to Moscow.Also hotels are so expensive here
and i need 237 dollars to pay them,so everything
i need now is 1237 dollars your help.

My dearest Jamie,
how are you doing there ?
you know,here took place very un pleasure
situation and the reason of it is my ex-husband,
he come to me and asked to forgive him and to marry
again.He brought flowers and bottle of red wine,
i asked him to leave because i am not interested
in any relations with him,you know,he broken my heart
in the past being not honest with me.I told him that
there is no way we can be together.He asked to give
him one more chance,but how could i do it ? i do not want
to feel lost anymore and i can not trust to him.
It make him angry,i have never seen him so angry !
i just do not know the reason...Then he left and
i hope he will not come any more.I have no feelings
to him,I just want to feel
your support Jamie,i need you in my life and you
are the most important to me.I am so lonely,
just want someone to share this situation with,
but you are only one man i feel free to speak
about all,i want you to know that i miss you
so badly and can hardly be alone.
We communicate more than month,it is not short time
and we become very close,Amnesia asked me that
if you have feeling to me,why have not you send me
flowers yet,by this way if you are my man and i am
your woman and i will be happy to get small bouguet,
inexpensive,attention-this is what really important
for me,you know,post does not work out well here and
when sister's husband Kurtuluz tryed to send me flowers
for birthday this year,it could not went throw also,
he tryed 3 timed with different sites and at least
i got nice flowers in time throw this site :

by this way you should use the same site,i do not need
expensive,i hope you understand me.My address :

Russia,644000,Omsk,Vatunina St.11 A /77
Vicktoriya Makarova.

Do not get me wrong,but i just want
you to carry about me and i want to feel that you
really need me as i need you.Here is not easy
for me now and if you could hold my hand with
yours it would make me happy.I feel lost and
i want to be with you,i want relations and i want
to get up with my man every morning,to cook tasty
meal for you and to share everything the best
i have in my heart,i want more,than to see you
in my sleeps,tell me if you want the same,
i trust you and i belive it is right choice.

Write to me soon,
your words are balsam for my soul

what number i can reach you on phone
this week ?

Yours V.

2nd report:

First name: Victoria
Last name: Makarova
country: Russia
City: Omsk
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Russia,64400,Omsk,Vatuniast.11A/77
Details: Money went through western union in her name. 980.00 and 1237.00. What ended it is when she asked for more money because she got in trouble trying to bring a gift to me and she did not declare it. She asked for another 900+ dollars.That was a red flag for me.

originally on but she asked me to be her penpal via her own email [email protected], when i asked her what that scream name meant she said it was before her divorce and awaiting papers.