Scammer Asakasinskaya Yulia

Kazan Russia

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Agency: American singles
I am waiting for its reply.

According to one of the Russian antiscam agencies, she is a scammer and she doesn´t live in that address.

One of her letters:

"How are you? I have received your letter and am very glad, that you do not detain with the answer. I am very
glad to hear, that you have received a copy of my passport for travel abroad. You interested by why my Surname
is various. Want to tell you that it is necessary to read my letters better and then you would understand that
I want to tell my full name Yulia Asakasinskaya. to you that I email was taken from a fairy tale about Alisa
in the country of miracles. Miracles it Chudesnaja. Alisa- this name of the girl in a fairy tale and so if film
refers to as " Alisa in the country of miracles " from here I is taken email Alisa_chudesnaja. now I hope,
that you understand me.
Concerning flight and the air ticket. You probably badly read my letters. I have written to you in my last
letter what is necessary for me the information, it is necessary for me to fly to what airport?????? As for me
it is necessary your full home address???? Only then I can find out in travel agency about that, will cost how
many air tickets.
I am very glad, that you liked my photo. Now you see, that I have the passport for travel abroad. I as would
like to send you a copy of my passport which confirms my existence in Russia, the passport of the citizen of
the Russian Federation. Where my full name Yulia Asakasinskaya is written that.
Now about the sum which is still necessary for me. It $1500USD. I have no this money, but they are necessary
for me. It for purchase of air tickets and for hotel in Moscow. You know about it? I already wrote to you. You
may send me this money. Like has told all that wanted in the letter and I shall finish and wait now for your
answer. Yulia".