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Hello my love Valantis!!!!
I am very glad to see that you have written to me.
How you have affairs? How your mood?
My lovely I to feel like perfectly and I hope that you too to have good mood.
My dear as at you weather? At us today it is very cold.
My lovely Valantis excuse that I could not write to you quickly.
I to speak you that my mum to want to do wedding. And now there is a lot of affair to organize day of wedding.
Now I to help mine to make mum the entertaining program. As they to want that was many pleasure and laughter:))
I very much to want that you too were present and were near to me. In fact Russian weddings to be very cheerful.
My dear today the groom of my mum has approached to me and to ask me the help. I to speak him that I to have the favourite person in England.
He has explained to me a situation. At him to not suffice cash and he tried to do transfer to Russia, but for any reason for him do not give to make transfer to Russia.
My dear Valantis he has asked for me the help and I to not want to refuse him, as at me with him very much good relations.
Whether he has told to ask you there is at you an account in bank? he would transfer you money for your account and then you my dear to send money to Russia.
I will not think that it difficultly for you my lovely. I think that is necessary to help him necessarily.
As he has told that as will make wedding and if we shall help him. he it is necessary to make my trip to you. Will pay the ticket and documents.
My lovely I ask you to help him.
My dear I constantly think of you and to me so to want that this wedding was at us:))
To me very much to want that soon we were together and spoke face to face.
My lovely I kiss you!!!! I love you!!!!
To wait for a fast reply.
Yours Ludmila.
P.S. My lovely thank for your congratulations!!!! It is very pleasant for me, in fact I love you and certainly all that you to wish me to come true necessarily.

Hello my love Valantis!!!!!!!
I am glad to see your letter.
Thank, I'm fine and I to have fine mood.
But I to speak you my lovely when I see your letter, at me to appear the smile:))
How there are your affairs? How your mood? I hope that at you all well and you feel too perfectly.
My lovely now at us it becomes warm, all people to have surprise. As at this time at us already to become coldly.
And now the snow to thaw and in some places to appear the grass:)) all to have surprise.
My dear Valantis I am very glad that you have received my message. But it is not a pity to me that I could speak with you.
My dear I necessarily soon still shall try to call to you.
My lovely I to thank you for your help and the groom of my mum too to transfer you the big gratitude.
He is really glad that you have agreed to help him and he to speak that you very good person.
The groom of my mum has told that he will try to transfer money for your account during the next week.
He has told that it will be approximately 2000-3000 pounds. As he still needs to make calculation of money.
My dear he has told that the best way to send money to Russia, to make translation through Western Union.
He has told that you should know about this system of translations?
My dear he asked to make translation addressed to my mum Aichanova Tatyana. My dear also write the exact address.
My lovely I constantly to ask him about my trip and he has told that after wedding he at once will do my trip to you.
I very soon to want to meet you and to be with you in Christmas.
I constantly to think of you. Yes I to know that you love me and I shall give you all love and caress!!!
The kiss and to wait fast the answer.
Yours Ludmila.

Hello lovely Valantis!!!
I am glad happy to receive your letter.
How there are your affairs? How your mood?
I'm fine and I to have a smile:)) as you have written to me. I with the great pleasure receive each your letter.
I am very glad! And I to have excellent mood, I hope that you too to have good mood and in good spirit!!!
When we have begun our acquaintance I was really very glad to this. And I even to remember the first feeling when to receive your first letter.
I think that for each of us it to mean much. Now we know each other better and it is easier to us to have dialogue.
I know also to me very pleasantly, that both of us pursue the purposes to find love to find the soul mate and even more creation family and a marriage!
Certainly not game as I hope that all that we wrote all this and told each other it was sincere. It is very very important for me as I to value our friendship.
In the past we to have disappointments and certainly it was very bad feelings to accept a pain for heart. But I to change the kind for it. As it was the past and it to leave.
I think that you Valantis will agree with me.
Now I to understand, that you really fair person and you to have kind oppressing.
I to speak it to you Valantis is sincere, that I to think of you.
And I know, that you will not do not to whom poorly and I as to promise you, that I not when shall not cause you a pain and to do poorly.
Whether in fact I to speak that I to count that the main thing in relations this trust and I trust you xxxxxx. you can to have trust to me?
It is very important for me to know it.
Lately I to come home and at me a smile on the person:)), in fact I know that there is a man which understands me and which trusts me.
I to speak you, that I am always glad to see your letter and now it really is very important for me!!! I very much do not want to lose our connection and certainly the relation.
My mum is very glad for me as she sees, that I really to be lucky enough.
Both of us to want to come home and to see the love which loves you and always waits. I very much to want it. I very much to want I shall meet the person to which to give my pleasure.
To me very much to want that I could rise in the morning and see a line of the person, to which I to give the love to do coffee to the to the man and then a kiss and to tell good morning my dear.
I to speak that I very serious and to want only one man with which I shall have serious relations and only to him I to want to give the love and caress.
And it is pleasant for me to think, that it can destiny and I required only you:)
While I cannot tell it precisely as I need your opinion. I hope it there will be not a sharp letter as I think that I can share with you the ideas.
My lovely Valantis I to want to open to you a secret. Earlier my mum to work in firm which director was English the man. He frequently came in Russia.
And I to observe that, he to look after mine mum. And I was really very glad to find out that they to feel to each other. I to talk to him and he very good person.
But he to work much and not frequently can see my mum. We talked to my mum about him much and it seems to me they to have love really.
And not so long ago there has come the letter that is very fast he to want to visit my mum. Now he to be in Spain.
I think that it was interesting to you to find out.
My lovely I to not have own phone.
You are very pleasant for me that to want to see me but while I to think that else early. And I to not have money for arrival in London.
My lovely I kiss you and to wait yours the fast letter.
Sincerely yours Ludmila.