Scammer bogdanova Irina

Luhansk Ukraine

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Her full name is Irina Bogdanova.Her
email is [email protected] .Her profession (she says ) is nursery.Her
birthdate is 13/09/1982 I contacted her on
I unfortunately sent her fake tur agency and to her totally 1000$ thinking
that i'm covering her travel expenses.
This woman says she resides in Scole,Ukraine.Her fake adress is : Mazepa
st.3/11, Scole, Ukraine. But she took the money from Luhansk according to
western union. She's living in Luhansk. She took the money by using her real
name. She is a talented scammer. She wrote to me for 4-5 months and she's
convincing. She demanded money for tickets,visa,travel insurance, later for
grandmothers medical expenses.I unfortunately realized she is a scammer when
she said her grandma got sick. She works with a travel agency called
intertur email is: [email protected] This agency sent me a license to
convince that they're real.
The agency has a controller called Mischenko Elena and another person called
Milana Maskulina as they're working together.
I talked to Ýrina Bogdanova her on the phone her number is +(380)508609918.
I think they use this cellphone just for the scamming. Irina Bogdanova says
she lives with grandma called Nataly. . She wanted money from me after
writing me for 1 month.She didn't directly wanted money from me and instead
she firstly wanted me to contact this tour agency-(intertur) and after that
she wanted money.
Intertur is taking the money to the name of Mischenko Elena and telling that
they're making the documents and buying the tickets.Then, I sent Irina
Bogdanova 300$ as a travel money.I asked this travel money to Turkish
customs and it was true,i think tur agency(intertur) is really professional
on details.I asked them several things and they were right about the visa
regulations,passport,etc. When she said my grandma got sick,i checked from
turkish embassy if this woman obtained a visa or not,the answer was no. She
continued to write to me still i told her that i asked about her to the
embassy.I can send these letters if you want,anyway

Here's her money letter:
Honey Mete!
There is a way you really make me feel like a warm fire burning inside
me each time. I am fine but a little bit sad... cos' I miss you...
and when I miss you... I just close my eyes and I'm with you!
Well you know dear, I have read the letter from the agency very well for
several times in order not to miss some information and i think it is
really a great chance for us to meet each other....
If they can make all documents it is great....They can make all documents
i need: passport, visa, they even can buy tickets for my coming to you...
Darling, i am sure we have to take this chance and soon we will be able
to see each other by means of this travel agency. We can safe the time for
being together!!!!!! I am so happy that soon we can be together, and look
into your beautiful eyes and I wonder will that day will come that
I can meet you with my own eyes, that will be very nice.
I am so glad you to say you this news.I can not even believe
that soon we will be close to each other, we will
begin to build our future. I don't know how to
tell you because i feell awkward about it but there is one little problem
before our future happy life. International passport, getting visa and
tickets for flight need money. I have no enough money just now. And it is
probably to collect all summ right now. Can you help me , please. Please
don't think wrong about me....i am honest with you and i tell you all this
because I want to share all i have in my life.
I will wait for your answer and will accept any your decision.
Your Ira