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Good day, my Dream !

Write to you your Kate-Kitten!))))
I could be the Sense of Your Life and Your Second Half, or just the Biggest Love...
I could be your passionate mistress and perfect caring house-wife at the same time...
But I can't be alone any more... I'm so lonely and cold, and I'm tired to be single in this big world.
I hope you are looking for such girl as me and I will be very happy if you will open your heart for my
passion and love.
I'm ready to give you all you need and make your life bright and happy.

I'm normal girl who wants to share her life with one man and I believe that it could be you...
The winter and my heart is opened for love...
I'm glad you find the time to write to me.
I was waiting for your letter and I was sure that you wrote me.
Yes, yes, I really felt that something good must happen... And you wrote:)
At first i want to ask you what do think about women who
do the first step? I think that in our society now it's normal, may be
it's even better. sorry for lyrical pause.

My name is Ekaterina. short-Katya,Kate as you like!I am from Ukraine in the small town.
I was born on the 18 of August in 1981. My growth is 170 meters and weight 55 kg.
My hair is blond,my eyes are blue!My native city is Boldirevka,
which i like so much, and how you can doesn't like it... there are my
parents, my friends, there i spend my childhood... sorry lyrical step
again. As for my job, I'm a Manager . May be some people say that
it is not a good paid job, but i think that money is not main things
in our life. I've been dreaming about interesting job, in which i
could realized myself as a person. I have been liked to do some
creative in this life. I like it, because i can mix to work. I don't know why
people who comes to me starts to tell me about their problems, about
their life. My colleague says that i should give some more money for
my exchange service...joke of course. I like to help if i can.

But as very honest girl (yes, I'm really so and sometimes this quality gives me a lot of problems)
I trust people and always am ready to help,but some people don't value it!
So, if you want to continue our communication after reading this letter, I will be very glad:)
I think that two people must not have any secrets from each other if they want to build normal relations.
And one thing - I hate fool games with feelings.
I am a very romantic woman, and I love children.
Creative, Passionate, Loving, sensitive, affectionate, determined, hard working, funny, active,
a great Dancer, a magical chef in the kitchen, wonderful with kids, great sense of humor,
easy going,straight forward, honest, well balanced right brain and left brain, intuitive, swimmer,
tennis player, ambitious, always striving for better, perfectionist, warm, make people feel comfortable at
once, interesting conversationalist. Self sufficient, appreciative, realizing the best moment in life, and try to
enjoy every second of it.

Never compromise for some one you do not love, never marry a person that you are not a %100 in love with,
thinking that love will come later. Cause once you are married you better make sure that your partner,
your soul mate, and your lover is the №1 person in your life.
By the way, sorry for some possible mistakes. I write at the
Internet cafe and here are so noisy. I haven't got an Internet at
home, that's why I have do it by this way. But it does not mean,
because despite of it I can communicate with you.
Today i have had an awful working day, I'm so tired. May be it's
because of the weather. I feel myself some sad and broken when it
rains and cold. But it has some advantages - you can walk over the
autumn leaves, getting satisfaction from chilly air... there is some
fascinated in it, do you find the same? But frankly speaking, i like
spring most of all may be because it's like a sign of something new
and interesting in our life. You feel that all is possible. You have a
lot of power and it seems to you that you can do almost all... Well it
seems to me that I have not speak for age, i think it because of
you I speak a lot. well, as for my family - I have a sister, she is married and
has two daughters,she is 32, whom I like most of all in this world. My parents live
in the same city with me. but I live in my rent flat. I have also brother  Denis,he is 36 and he is a teacher of Math in school.
So i am the younger daughter in the family!

Finally those nice words especially for you:
"Life is calm and in harmony. But my heart is frozen to ice, my soul
is burning and cold winds of sorrow are blowing...A heart can not love without love.
Where are you my sweetheart? I am looking for you in crowds of strangers.
Come and call me, just whisper my name...And then, I believe the sun will shine brightly over
our heads and lost dreams will come true. I will come with you through worries and waiting,
through years and space. Where are you, the other part of my heart? I am waiting for you day and night..."!
And what about you? What is interesting for you in this life? Do you
have any hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time? What do you
like more a noisy company or a calm and a romantic atmosphere at home?

Please tell me something about you. I'd like to know about you
everything, if you want of course. I hope that you will answer me as
soon as you can. I'll waiting.
Buy, have a good day!

Blow you a kiss,
Your Honest Kate-Kitten!