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Cherkasy Ukraine

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I saw Svetlana at Date Me Free. I contacted her and she responded with a brief letter. I asked her many questions, none were answered. She would not even provide her last name or address. I knew she was a scammer so I played her like a drum. The money letter came today.

Letter #1

Hi-hi Wayne,

Thank you for your letter and interest ;)
You won't be bored during our communication, I promise!

Ok, first of all some words about myself.
Well, my name is Svetlana. I'm a young girl of 25. My native town is Cherkassy.
I rent the flat with my group mate in suburb. Only thing I'm sorry about is that
there is no telephone in it!
I've graduated from university two years ago and now I'm a professional journalist.
Unfortunately, I don't work by profession at the moment, but want to do it so much,
cause it’s really my cup of tea.
I work as a nanny and believe that I can deal with children easily.

I didn't learn English good at university and now I regret about it so much.
One of my hobbies is dancing. I like to spend spare time with my friends visiting disco.
At weekends I visit lessons of step aerobics. They make me feel good and help me to keep fit.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon,

Letter #2

Hello my dear Wayne
Thank you for answering me.
I was in a bad mood, when I woke up this morning,
but your letter made me smile :)
Telling more about myself, I have to say that
I'm a rather creative person. I like writing different stories and poems. It
helps me a lot in my work, cause I just imagine some fairy tails and games
for children to play.
When I'm not busy with everyday routine I like watching romantic films
with happy endings such like "Runaway bride" or "Maid in Manhattan".
My favorite film is "Gone with the wind". This film is quite old but
it remains popular till nowadays. If you haven't seen it I advise you to
do it, you won't regret. I also like comedies because they give me
positive emotions. What kinds of entertainment do you prefer?
How do you usually spend you spare time?

It's time for me to go, but
I'll be waiting for your next letter,
kiss you, Sveta

Letter #3

Hi again Wayne,

It's nice to see your letter.
I get known you better through every your
letter and it's very interesting for me. I'm really happy
that I correspond with you but it's sad that we can't just walk
together hand in hand and talk about our dreams.

I think, you have already understood that I’m a romantic person.
I like spring because this is the season when nature wakes up and
everything begins to blossom. To my mind it's the most romantic
season of a year, don’t you think so?
I like to listen to the music as well. I like classics.
I want to ask you why did you choose me to correspond with? I'm sure
that there are a lot of good girls to communicate with, so why me?
I had bad experience in relationship and I don't want to feel pain again.

I'm waiting for your answer,
your Sveta

Letter #4

Hi my sweet Wayne,

How are you doing? Hope that everything is ok.
I really feel happy when you write me.
Well,if you don't mind I'll tell you a little bit
about my town,Cherkassy. It's not big but quite romantic.
It's very beautiful in spring because all the trees and
flowers blossom and this smells good. Hope that someday I'll
have an opportunity to show it to you. But the city I'd like
to live in is Paris because I adore romantic places.
Now I should pass to the topic which is not pleasant for me.
I've told you that to write you I use the help a translating
company and I have to pay for this. But now my financial
situation is bad and I'm not able to pay. I need your help.
If you are ready to help me, contact this company, their
e-mail address is
I want you to understand that I don't need your money,I won't
even see it, it will help us not to end our communication.
I don't want to stop it and I need you. Hope you'll make the
right decision.

With love,your Sveta
P.S. You know the answers on most questions you asked, so you tell me
what are the answers!