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Letter 2

Dear Gary, As it is good, that you have written the letter for me. I am very glad to see yours the message. I received your letter 20/11. I think it you have not received my letters. Well, I shall try to explain once again to you my news from travel company. Yes, you have
correctly written. There is no direct flight from helyabinsk up to London. It is necessary to do change in Moscow. It not the problem for me to move across Russia. Do not experience about this. Yes, I shall
require also in international the passport and the visa plus 4 tickets and medical insurance. To me searched for flights on 23th December. If to pay my travel 1th December. To me will make the visa 22th December
exactly in 2 weeks. O.K. I asked to count up all cost of travel. These are greater money 735.44euros. But it not the most expensive flights. Also me warn, that many Russian tourists go to have a rest for Christmas holidays and consequently it is necessary to hasten with the order of flight. I without your help and can do opinion nothing. I
shall wait yours for idea, because our meeting in your hands. Thanks you for all sweet words. I respect with you, to an ohm that we have trust. I am happy, because have got acquainted with you :)) YOU learn
me to a life and force to smile.

Your Mariya

Subject: Re: (no subject)
Darling Gary, me painfully to tell to you these words.
I cannot go on a meeting with you today. I shall remain
up to 29th in Moscow. Because have transferred my travel
because of a problem. I could not receive the visa because
of theft of money. The police does not promise anything to me, but it is necessary to press and hope for the best only. I do not know that you now think of me. But I the fair person also wish to see you in a reality for this Holiday. Yes, I also understand you. You trust me and consequently always helped. But now you have most not pleasant ideas also as well as I. I Think we have an opportunity to meet. Because the visa have not arrested also police promises to search for the thief. I shall wait for news and to inform you quickly. Do not leave me. I wish to feel your care of me.

Subject: Re: (no subject)
Hello my Gary. My darling Gary. My love. I know what you think now when you read my letter. I know that you thought, I'm in airplane now and fly to you. No, Gary. But please, read thing firstly, before you decide something.
I change my flight. Gary!!! I do not know what to say, ow can I describe you situation which happened with me! Really, Gary, I have not enough words and all which I had I spend to damn myself... Well, I explain you. esterday I have received your information and there was the happiest. But we have not sung to receive translation.
Because the office was closed. Today in the morning I and the aunt successfully were in bank. The aunt left in the airport with mine The luggage - I thought, that it was easier for me to go in in Embassy without it. And I was the most happiest woman in the world! I thought that I will go the embassy now, then receive visa (in that moment I know that I will do it in time)... I came to the metro station and sit in the train. But I got out from
the train already without money!!! Gary, somebody cut my handbag and steal my purse with all money. I just return from the militia office, but I even do not know how the thiefs looks like!!! There was a lot of people in the metro. Policeman told me that may be they follow me even from the bank, it is usual for Moscow. All my documents was with my aunt. I had only passport but it was in another pocket of the bag and I have it still. My love. I do not know, can you forgive me or not. I promise that I return you all the money which you spend on me. You are the best man in the world and I thought to made you the most happy. But I made you only problems...

My love. Just tell me what to do. Hope that still your,

Subject: Re[10]: Re
Hello my dear Gary! I just return here in the Internet-center from the Embassy. Dear Gary. I have something to tell you right now. It is really serious and I even do not know what to do my love. Well, here is a problem. I tried to receive visa and I had an interview... Everything was fine, my visa is ready. Just one problem. I could not receive it!!! Only one reason. When I issue my documents in Russia I made all the things right. But I may be you know that I have not my own bank account. And one of the terms of visa receiving- I must prove
my responsibility. There are two ways, as Embassy worker told me. First is to show bank account documents to prove that I have money on it. But I have not account, Gary! And the second way is to show enough cash! This way I must have 100 euros per each day of my staying in
English!!! I have not such money, Gary, I do not know what to do! And now I have only one way to ask your help again. Dear Really, I made all the things right. I tried to do as better as possible. One my fault I have got my travel agent wrong in this aspect. I want to cry now, my Gary!!! What can I do... I can only hope in your help. I want to stay with you 30 ull days and I need 3.000 euros... But please, just do not get me wrong, I need only to show that money in the Embassy and second Garye in the airport! I will not spend even one cent and I will return you whole amount in the moment when we meet. Just help me, dear Gary. Or even write me and we'll decide together what to do... Please, forgive me... I know that I made you problems. But you are only one my man. And I'm your woman, I know. I could ask
you and only you and nobody more. Write to me the answer.

Your Mariya

Dear Gary!!!
I do not understand that occurs. What should I do??? Tell please where to me to go? I shall complain. O.K. Yes, Gary, our country is very strange. But I think I nderstand the reason of a problem. Because I have no the Moscow registration. Well, Gary, I shall write to you
details of the address aunt Lena. she can help me. I shall go together with the aunt to office moneygram. Only I shall know confidential number. I could receive transfer without problems in Chelyabinskbecause had ID with the local address. I think it a unique problem. I do not understand why ask personal questions. Gary, can be they wish to see my international ID? Please know a problem. I shall be glad to help you. Because it is not difficult to me to receive a copy of the passport. I very much experience also sweat on my face... For what I
receive all these sufferings. I only wish to love and be favourite....
Try to send money addressed to the aunt. Copy all details. I shall urgently wait your news. Explain other reason of transfer. Let my aunt will be your relative. O.K. I do not know that they wish to hear from me.

Lasn name: Elena
Ferst name: Yugova
Street: Kutuzovski prospekt 22 - 135

Subject: Re: Re
Hi My lover Gary, I write the letter for you. I very much today am tired, but I have pleasant news to you. I have details of flight and have ordered travel on 22th December. Gary, I want as it is possible is together longer and consequently to me will make the visa for 1
month. It is good for you :)) I shall come back home 21th January. I shall spend with all of you the free time. Yes, I accept all your kisses and love. Our meeting will very soon. To me have told to wait the visa from 18th up to 21th. As soon as it will be ready, I shall start to go to Embassy UK, for interview. Dear, I shall inform you. I
shall transfer all to news. Please watch my mail. O.K. Please copy all details of flight and necessarily meet at the airport. You cannot present that I test pleasure on a soul :)) Please write back soon. I shall go home and to inform parents pleasant news. I have warned all on work about we wash travel to your country.
I wait for you. You only mine the man!

Your Lover Mariya

Subject: Re: Re
Hi MY Dearest Gary, how are you weekend? Thanks you for attention. You today again force me to smile :) I wait your news every day and it is pleasant to read your letters. You cannot present my happy face. Because I understand our meeting now really and soon. Yes, Gary, I own the information on office moneygram. It about my house. I shall write all of you to a detail and the address. I the first time use similar service and your help will be necessary to me. Please you also inform me on news. O.K. Gary, I require in your full a name. I have your address from UK. You wrote to me earlier. I keep all your letters and a photo. Because I like to re-read. I always dreamed to see you in the person only as have got acquainted. Now you solve our destiny all in your hands. For me very important our meeting. Because it is stimulus
of my life. You gives me the most expensive gift for hristmas. It is our meeting! Every day we come nearer each other. It is necessary to wait not long. I every evening talk to mum about we wash travel. All I
wish our only good luck and love :) I feel your strong feelings. Keep all force for me. Because to wait not for long. If I correctly understand you. It is possible to receive your transfer on Monday and to order flight. Well as soon as you the information transfers me, I shall go directly in travel company and to order flight. You will know all my details and consequently should meet at the airport. O.K. Necessarily and please. Because I know nobody in your country. Yes, you have told correct words. We are closer on one step!!! O.K. I shall have a gift to exchange with you. Gary, tell to me. How many days, can arrive in your country??? I need to know for the order of the visa. O.K. I now shall go home. I am am waited with a family supper. These are my details and the address of office moneygram:
CHELYABINSK zip code 455052

Lasn name: Mariya
Ferst name: Maschenko
The country Russia,
Street 40 LET POBEDY, 25-123

Take Care

Your Truly Mariya

Start: MOSCOW 20:30 on December, 22nd 2006
Arrival: LONDON 21:40 on December, 22nd 2006
Flight: SU 247, the plane: Airbus Industrie A321