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Hello Etienne . I have just now seen your message and have decided to
answer it. You probably any more do not remember, when to me wrote. I
could not look my mail long time and now I am ready to answer you. My
name is Anastasia. To me of 26 years. My growth 5,7. For me the most
important to find in the life - to find the destiny for home life. I
live in Russia. You probably have such question: why I write to you
from other country. I met some people here, but all of them deceived
me or offended. At us in Russia many people take alcoholic drinks and
badly concern to girls. I write to you because I think, that you live
in other country, you on another are brought up, and you not such men
as in Russia. I the serious, decent girl, also wish to find for myself
the good person for serious attitudes. I write to you now through the
translator. I studied English language at school after that went on
rates of English language, but now I use the translator, because at me
a problem with grammar. I certainly can read in English, but I can not
write from for grammar. I work, the seller, in shop of soft toys. I
like my work because it is connected with children, and I very much
love children. I have a little written to you about myself, and I
hope, that you will answer me, and too can tell about yourself a
little. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
Write to me. Your Anastasia.

Letter 2

Letter 2

Hi Etienne. Thanks for a photo, it very much is pleasant to me. I am
glad that you the nobility some Russian words. I to think that if you
will know one more words it it will be good. Privet - Hi!!! I am very
glad, that you have answered my message. I hope, that you in the
further awake to write to me as often. And we can learn each other on
better. Yes we are from each other very big distance, but I am done
not excited with it. I for me an overall objective in a life what to
find the good person, for creation of family. If my destiny to find
the person from other point of the world I am ready to it. I consider,
that in a life main not distance, and understanding and love. I wish
to tell to you a little concerning me and my life. I live in city
Kirov, in Kirovskay Area. It not the big city, but here silently and
purely. In my area it is a lot of woods, here again very pure air. My
city is approximately 1000 kilometers from Moscow. I live in an
apartment with my parents. I have no house a computer, on it I write
to you from the Internet of cafe. During free time from work I spend
time with girlfriends. We go to walk on park. Sometimes we go to
cinema. Still I like to spend time on kitchen, I very much like to
prepare for different tasty dishes. You have a favourite dish? As at
leisure I like to read the scientific literature, to float or play
tennis. Etienne Inform me, than you like to be engaged at leisure?
Tell about itself. I shall finish on it the letter. I hope to see from
you the answer. Your Russian girlfriend Anastasia.

Letter 3

Hi my dear Etienne. I am glad to see again the letter from you. When I
see the letter from you, my mood at once rises. Now I wish to tell a
little about the family. My family consists from three person. And
sisters at me are not present brothers. My mum is called Nadezda, to
it with 53 years. It works as the bookkeeper in shop. My daddy is
called Aleksandr, to it with 54 years. It works as the driver by a
lorry. At us amicable family, we understand each other. And I very
much love the parents. I informed the parents, that I correspond with
you, they not against it. They wish my only good luck, and speak, that
I already adult, and I can solve itself what person to me is
necessary. My parents earlier too lived in different cities. They have
got acquainted, when my daddy made a business trip. Earlier mum lived
in city Chelabinsk, it approximately 2000 kilometers from us. At them
relations last all month, and they have understood, that cannot live
the friend without the friend, and mum has moved to live to the daddy.
And then they have got married, and till now, 31 year, they live in
peace. I would like, what my destiny has developed as happily, as at
my parents. Etienne Tell to me please about your family, it will be
very pleasant to me to learn better your family. I shall wait and
hope, that tomorrow I shall see from you the new letter. Write to me.
Your girlfriend Anastas

Letter 4

Hello mine Etienne. I am very glad to see your message. To me it is
very pleasant, that you write to me Etienne. To me it is very pleasant
that you have told about the family. I am very glad that I learn about
all of you more. My most favourite dish is Russian kitchen Pelmeny!!!
If you to have restaurant Russian kitchen in your city that to go
there and to order Pelmeny. I will think that you are similar to it. I
to think that which I to try the biggest dish the American kitchen is
a pizza. It is very tasty!!! For these days our acquaintance it seems
to me, that we have better learned each other. To me it is very
pleasant, that you find for me time and attention. Today I plan to
descend with the best girlfriend in theatre. I very much like operas.
You love theatre? I like to go to theatre to vanish and have a rest
from daily cares. It is not a pity to me that I can go to theatre
together with you. I think that to us would be good. Now I shall
finish the letter with ideas on you and I shall hope that tomorrow
again I shall see your letter. Your girlfriend Anastasia.

Leter 5

Hello my dear Etienne. Today I have come into the Internet of cafe
after work and my mood became better because I have seen from you the
letter. Every day we learn about each other more increasing and more,
and it pleases me. It is pleasant to me to know, that there is a
person which remembers about me and pays to me attention. Earlier I
did not think that I can find the person interesting to me through the
Internet, but now I have understood that I was mistaken. I have to you
a question: Why you have decided to search for second half through the
Internet? I heard that in your country many girls marry to receive
only half of money of the husband, and then get divorced. And as many
girls change the to husbands. It is the truth? I do not wish to offend
all women, whether I am simple so heard and the truth has decided to
ask you it. I think that the strong family can keep only on fidelity
to each other, honesty, understanding. And how you think? It will be
very pleasant to me to see tomorrow the letter from you, with answers
to questions. Yours Anastasia.

P.s. I only to wish to speak that I am glad to our acquaintance. The
Christmas to arrive today. Happy Christmas to you and your family. I
hope that Santa will bring to you many gifts and the mood is good.
Many gentle kisses

Letter 6

Hi dear Etienne . Please to forgive to me that I so long to not answer
you. I to speak you that we to have Christmas in Russia on December,
31st. It comes soon and to become madman here. I shall try to answer
your questions. But all over again I to wish to tell that to me is
very a pity that you to think that I to speak with you only from for
that that I to wish to arrive in Canada or to steal your money. It is
very a pity to me that there are such girls which to deceive people
through the Internet. Such girls should burn in a hell. I to not wish
you to deceive. I to wish to find love. I not when would not become
change my feelings on money. I to try to search for the guy in Rossia
but Russian guys like to drink all Russian vodka. They constantly to
drink alcohol and it is bad to address with the girl. I to wish to
find the good person. I to want what it to give me all attention and
love. I to wish to be happy.
1)I to decide to use the Internet what to find the good person. I to
make a structure on Love Happens. But on this site of a network to not
start up people from Russia. I to not know why it so. I to decide to
specify one of cities in the USA. When I to make this that me to pass.
I to understand that I to make badly when I to deceive you. Please to
forgive to me if you can.
2)When I to find you Love Happens I to clean my structure. More
structure on Love Happens is not necessary to me because I to find
you. I to think that if I to leave ïðîôèëüíà Love Happens that other
lonely people to look at my structure and to think that I is lonely
and to write to me. I to think that it is bad when they will wait my
answer and I shall not write to them. I to wish to find one person!!!
3)I to speak you that I to work in shop. It is the big shop name
SUPERMARKET. This shop to work round the clock. I to work night. To be
in the same building the Internet of cafe which to work round the
clock and when I to have my dinner I to go there and to write to you
the letter. You in Canada to not have round-the-clock the Internet of
I hope that I to answer all your questions. If you to have still some
questions that I shall ask to me please with pleasure to answer
them.And to speak your friends HI from Russia!!! I hope that you now
to feel much better when I to answer your questions. I to wait for
your letter. Your Anastasia

Letter 7

Hi dear Etienne. And again my mood has improved, after I have seen
your new letter. I to close would my structure on Love Happends for
that that êîòî to not write any more. I to find you and more friends
are not necessary to me. I to not understand why that I there am
written to Egypt. It should be what that a mistake. I shall try to
explain to that my work is similar. I to speak you that I to work in
the big shop. It is very big shop its area makes 3000 meters. In our
shop it is possible to buy practically any goods which it is necessary
for the person. I to work in a children's department. Our department
to sell toys, diapers, children's carriages and all that can be
necessary for children. Our shop to work 24 hours per day and 7 days
in a week. Our shop to not cease to work not for 1 minute. I to work
about midnight and till 8.00 mornings that 8 hours are. Other seller
then comes and to change to me. This seller to work from 8.00 mornings
till 4.00 evenings that 8 hours are. Then to come the third seller and
to work from 4.00 evenings up to midnight that is as 8 hours. Then
again to come I and to work and so every day. I hope that you to
understand to me. So êà our shop is closed for 1 minute that I to not
have time on what to attempt. I to ask to look a saleswoman from other
department for mine and to go to eat in the Internet of cafe. I to eat
some meal and to write to you letters. Today it earlier than usually.
I have very much got hungry and to go to the Internet of cafe earlier
what to attempt and write the letter to you. Today in my city
excellent weather, warmly also shines the sun. I came back from work,
and have decided to pass through park. In park I have seen many
enamoured pairs. It seemed to me, that they are shone with happiness.
Guys went having embraced with girls, on their persons there were
smiles, and it it was very good. To me it became a little sad, that I
went one. I have felt very lonely. But I have thought of you, and to
me it became pleasant on a shower. I have presented, that sometime we
can as to be passed on park, and to enjoy dialogue with each other.
Etienne And you often think of me? I often think of you, whether about
that relations will turn out at us with you. With these ideas I have
come to the girlfriend, we have pleasantly talked, and it has calmed
me. It has told, that at me all will be good. I am very glad, that I
have such girlfriend who can help a difficult minute. Etienne And you
have a true friend? I think, that without friends to live it would be
very difficult. Now I shall finish the message, and to go home, to
make a supper, with ideas on you. I shall wait the letter from you.
Yours Anastasia.

Letter 8

Hi lovely Etienne! I today have left work earlier what to go to the
Internet of cafe and to read your e-mail. Inform me, you wait the
letter from me? I would like to learn more about you, about your
ideas, about our acquaintance. Whether you have any ideas how it is
better to learn me? I very much wish to learn more concerning you. You
probably have to me any frank questions? You have now what be the
woman, or you the lonely person? I consider you as the good person, I
think, that you probably could have many women. You wish to inform me
concerning your last experience with the woman? I had some relations
in the past, but they have disappointed me. I have lost hope to meet
the good person in city, for creation of family. At us men use alcohol
much and do not respect with the of wives and children. My last
relations have ended in the past to year. I leaved to relatives for
other city for a month and when has returned has learned, that my
girlfriend is pregnant from my guy. And after that I any more did not
have with anybody serious relations. Now I had a new hope, that I can
find the person for creation of family. Etienne Write to me please,
what you are good family? What you would want to have family and
relation in it? I with impatience shall wait yours e-mail. with each
your letter I more well understand with what you inside man, what at
you ideals. I like to read, when you tell about yourselves. Always I
wait for your letters. Kiss you. Your Anastasia.

p.s.I to want I shall not tell to you that I to write to you on
January, 1st and 2. It will be the days off in Russia and all the
Internet of cafe will be closed. As soon as I shall leave on work I to
write to you again. Please to not lose to me and to not forget. I
always to think of you.

Letter 9 (most recent)

Hi my dear Etienne. I Thank you for the letter. It is very pleasant to
me to feel, that there is a person behind ocean which thinks of me and
does not forget me. My darling Etienne today at night I long could not
fall asleep. I all thought of you and about our relations. When I have
fallen asleep, the dream has dreamed me. In that dream we have met. We
were in any fine place at supper. I everywhere saw flowers and burning
candles. On a table there was a bottle of wine, fruit and various
tasty dishes. After a supper you have included slow music and have
invited me to slow dance. We embraced each other so as if have been
created the friend for the friend and who could not separate us. After
dance we have again sat down for a table. You have poured wine in
glasses and have said a beautiful toast for love. Then the sweet kiss
has followed. I was " in the seventh sky " with happiness!!! It seemed
to me, that I am the happiest girl on all planet. After all drunk wine
we were a little drunk, but to us it was very good. You have taken me
on the hands and have incurred. And I did not know, where you have
incurred me, I simply have very strongly embraced you. When I have
asked you where you bear me, my dream has been interrupted. In my
hands there was a pillow which I strong embraced instead of you. To me
it became sad that my dream has interrupted also I has not looked
through, than our fine supper has ended. Etienne How you think, my
dream will come true? Excuse me for such frank question. Simply it is
very interesting to me to learn, that you think of it. Now I finish
the message and I shall go home. Today at night I shall think again of
you, with hope, that you again dream me. I wish you successful day.
Take care and be cautious. I send you the warm embraces and gentle
kisses. Yours Anastasia.

Letter 3

Her name is Anastasia, no last name. She says she lives in Kirov, Russia. But her profile on LoveHappens sais that she lives in Easton PA. She sais that she's 26 years old, living with her parents in an apartment. She told me her parents first names. We exchanged about 9 emails each since about 2 weeks now. She told me that she doesn't want any money and also told me that any woman asking for money should burn in hell. I doubt her truthfullness as she never replies directly at my emails. Her messages are always "generalized". The communication was stopped, but it might have resulted in scam