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Cheboksary Russia

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> Hi, my dear friend John!!!!
> how are you? i hope that you are fine!!! As for m i'm cool!!!!
> It was very interesting to me to read yourletter and know about you.
> I am looking for my love too!We maust learn each other better!!!
> In thins letter I want to tell more about myself, in detail.
> As i've already written to you, i have no husband and children either!!!
> So happend that i couldn't meet the worthy and the right person for me!!!
> i had some relationship with one man but he betraied me unfortunately, of
> course i couldn't trust him anymore!!! I hope that you do understand
> me!!!!
> It was very difficult for me.
> Now I 'm looking for my true love.
> As for me, I like classical music, theatre, cinema, sports, flowers,
> ice-cream.
> What music do you prefer??? Do you like sports?? What are yours hobbies?
> By the way i'm fond of cooking!!!
> My favorite season is spring. How do you find it?
> My favorite color is red. And yours?
> I like reading books, I collect ancient coins, sometime in my spare time
> I can knit a bit.
> Unfortunately i've never been abroad and i'd like to see the see, to feel
> this fresh air!!!
> I'd like to live in a warmer country!!!! It's a dream of my childhood!!!
> :)
> I'm a Christian and i believe in God.
> Do you believe in God? Do you go in church?Whats your religion???
> On the religious holiday i usually go to the church.
> You know, it's really difficult to live in Russia, but i hope that my life
> will change for the better!!!!
> Now, i hav to go and i have to finish my letter!!!
> I'm looking forward to your new letter!!!! that's really nice that i got
> acquainted with such a man as you are!!!!And one question to you!!!Do like
> my big letter to you or not:)))?
> Take care,
> Tanya

> Hello my new friend John! I am very glad to receive the letter from you.
> I hope, that we can know each other better then.
> I'm going to write to you a little about me. I attach my photos too.
> I'm 27 years old.
> I was born on the 21th of August 1979. I live with my mum only.
> My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
> I miss him a lot!!!!Since 2 years old my mam grew and educated me alone,
> It was very difficult for her and I love her very much.
> And now she is the best friend for me.
> I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but I
> dream to have my own family,
> children. My mum works in Cheboksary in the hospital as a medical sister.
> I'll tell you more about my parents in the next letters.
> Now I'm going to tell you evering about myself.
> When i was a child i went to the kindergarden.
> As my mum could not spend much of time with me. (she worked a lot!!!)
> When i was 7 i went to school.
> I studied very well. I finished school in 1994 with Red diploma, by the
> way!!!
> I entered the Krasnoyarskiy Academy.
> As I had studied perfectly at shcool, I could study in Institute
> "free-of-charge".
> In 1999 I graduated from this Academy.
> In 2000 year I began working in dental hospital as a dentist in
> Cheboksary.
> I also work sometimes in the other hospital. During a week I work about 50
> hours.
> I feel sorry for people who come to us with toothache!!!
> I'm sure You've got good teeth???:)
> My mam works not far from me.
> You know my job is rather difficult, but I like it.
> I'm really glad that i deal with children!!!
> I guess sometimes it's moe difficult to work with children than with the
> adults.
> But anyway it's a great pleasure for me!!!
> It's cool that I can help children.
> I shall inform to you concerning it little bit later.
> My friend suggested me looking for a man in the Internet. Why not?!
> Let's try to know better each other and i think that it's a good chance.
> by the way I've got some questions for you. How do you find Russian ladies
> and would you like
> to have some relationship with Russian.
> Now i have to finish my letter, unfortunately.
> I would like to see some of your pictures.
> You can to me send some?
> please write me about yourself too!!!
> I'm looking forward to your e-mail!!! Please and don't forget your
> photoes!!!
> By the way i hope that you do understand my English!!! :)
> Take care,
> Tanya

> Hi, my dear friend John!!!
> How is your mood? Thank for your nice letter to me!!!
> Its very interesting for me!I see your photo!!! Great!!!
> Ok,Now i'm going to tell you about my family and city, where I live.
> As i've already told you my father dead when i was a child, he was a
> driver of a large lorry.
> My mam told me thathehad run into the large tree.
> Today I'm cooking okroshka.I hope that you hear smth about this dish??? It
> is very tasty.
> by the way how do you find Russian ciusine?
> Cheboksary is an ancient city in Russia.
> i like it very much, it's not so big as Moscow, for exaple, but it's very
> clean and smart. there are a lot of parks and churces, there are a lot to
> see and there a lot of tourists!!!! i think it's worth visiting!!!
> Cheboksary is a capital of Chuvash Republic, it's anadministrative,
> economic and cultural center.
> The population is about 1 million people.
> Our city is 650 kilometers far from Moscow.
> Have you heard anything about my city?
> by the way, my home address: Baumana St, 37-19,Cheboksary, Chuvash
> Republic, Russia.
> my name is Tatyana Bulygina.
> i hope that it's really interesting for you to read my letters and i hope
> that we'l continue writing to each other!!!
> Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
> Take care,
> Tanya

> Hello my dear John!!!
> It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the next letter today.
> In this letter I shall tell to you slightly about my city.
> Our city not big but also not small.
> He is not so rich, but very beautiful we have a remarkable nature.
> Around of my city approximately on distance 20-30 km from him it is
> located more than 6 lakes.
> At us it is a lot of factories and factories but basically they do not
> work or have become outdated.
> The main property of our republic is a wood.
> We it is successful it we trade. At us I was a lot of parks in city
> frequently I walk there and I reflect.
> In the winter at us it is very cold but it is very hot in the summer.
> In the summer I frequently go to lay under the sun and I very much like to
> float and play on water.
> It is interesting to me and what you do in the free time?
> I like to read books and to listen to music sometimes it weaken.
> Frequently when I listen to music I think of you dear John.
> On it I while shall finish the letter.
> I wait your answer soon lovely.
> Strong I embrace yours Tanya!!!

> Hello my dear John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Congratulate me!!!!
> I have good news!!!!!!!!!!!
> You can't imagine, BUT Itoday i've won the LOTTERY.
> But today when I woke up I fel that it's a very good day.
> And when I went to the shop and saw a department with lottery tickets.
> I couldn't believe my ears when they told me that i won!!!!!
> Have You ever played the Lottery???? I am very happy!!!
> I do not know yet how I shall spend money.
> But anyway I so am glad and happy!!!!!!!!!
> Kiss you my dearest man!!!!

> Hello my lovely John!!!!!
> John, i have not yahoo messenger, i dont know about it.
> Today I went to the bank and have received my prize. My prize is about
> 900 euro .
> Still I can't believe my luck!!!
> Ihave never won anything in my life!! I am really very successful:)!
> I'm thinking all the time how i can spend my money!!!
> But I think that it will be better if I waste money to see you John, What
> do you think about it?
> I can arrive to your country. It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then
> write each other thousands letters!!!
> I'm sure!!! I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
> i imagine our meeting, i'm sure itll be wonderful!!!
> Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait
> for me. And then our eyes'd meet.
> We understand that it's cool that we would have met. We'd go to have
> supper with candles.
> We talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment. there wouldn't be anybody
> but we were only.
> Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic. Do you agree? What
> do you think about it?
> i'm looking forward to your e-mail, my dear!!!!
> Kiss you!!!

> Hello dear John!!!
> I'm so sorry that i had to wait so long for your answer!!! I am glad that
> you agree to meet me.
> Yes of course, i will pay for all!!!!
> Today I'll go to my work and take my holidays to arrive to you.
> Also I'm going to prepare a lot of documents and go to Moscow tomorrow.
> One of my friends lives in Moscow and today i've called my friend and she
> agreed me
> to stay at her place for some tim abn she'll help me with the documents
> too!!!
> We are friends since our childhood. But she entered the Moscow state
> University.
> Now she has found a good job and has stayed living there.
> I think that it's very good that she allowed m to stay at her place
> because it's very expensive
> to live in the hotel in Moscow!!!
> I shall write to you as soon as I arrive to Moscow.
> I think that for my visa I will need your full address, your full name and
> the closest airport where you will meet me.
> I do not know, but it is necessery for me to take your invetation. You
> could write it to me and then i'll print it!!!
> Ok?!!!
> I'm very happy my dear that i'm going to meet you very soon!!! I miss you
> a alot!!!!
> Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
> Kiss you,
> Tanya