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Hello, XXXX.
I am glad to write to you on your e-mail address. Excuse that could not write
faster. I am very glad that you have answered my letter and I to be happy is
familiar with you better. My name Yuliya, is possible also Yulechka. This my
diminutively caressing name. So to call me my best friends. You also can call
me so. I am very happy that you write to me and I would like to find out
you more. I can tell at once, that I not for games, I to want to create loving
family. I to want to find the man of my dream. And consequently I write only
to you. It is a pity, that I to not have own computer of a home but I use the
Internet cafe. You probably want to know why I write to you. I to answer
this question. I to write to you because your profile is pleasant to me also
I has read about you there. It is much interesting. I did not think that you to
write to me but when I see your letter I was happy. I to not consider correct
to write to several men if I to want to find only, you agree? I already tell you
that I from Russia city Samara. It is in a southern part of Russia. I to
send you a picture of my city later, ok? I live here not so long ago. Before
I lived in Krasnoyarsk but 7 years ago we have moved here to this city and it is
pleasant to me. I to live together with mum and brother. I to want to tell
about myself it is more. I to work 3 years in Stomatologic clinic of our city. I am
dentist. I studied in this profession almost 6 years and I like my job. We have some
such clinics in our city. What do you do for work? Tell to me about your trade. It is
interesting to me to know about you more. You have the big family? I shall be glad if
you to tell about yourselves more. Write to me soon. I am very happy if you tomorrow
to write to me again. I wait for your letters and new pictures.
Sincerely Yuliya.


Hello again, XXXX!!!
I am very glad that you write me such important letter for me. I thought
that probably to you do not want to speak with me again after first letter to
you but when I see your letter, I was very glad to this. Thanks again. I
yesterday thought of such correspondence on the Internet much, in our city it
is a lot of girls thus married foreigners. I also to want to have such chance.
I would like to learn you all better and better in the future. I continue
tell to you about my life. I have been never married and to not have own
children. I love children and it is possible to want also in future to have children.
I to work almost every day. I rise early in the morning it almost 6.30 a.m. and to
leave on work 7.30 a.m. I work almost up to 7-8 p.m. And I can write to a lunch
break to you letters. I to want beforehand not always to you that I shall tell to
write because probably I cannot find such opportunity. I write to you from the
Internet cafe. But I shall promise that I try to write to you every day as
soon as I can, ok? I could call you but I to not have phone at home. I want
to tell to you about my family. I to live together with mum, daddy and brother.
My mum name Galina and mum now 47 years old, to father - 49 years and his name Alexandr.
My brother Volodya studies in Mechanical institute. Our family is very happy together.
Tell me more about your parents and your family, ok? I shall be glad to learn you and
yours family. By the way, how your weather there? It is very interesting to me to know
your culture, traditions. I think that you can to tell about it in the future letters.
For me this new and for the first time I get acquainted with man in such a way.
You ever knew Russian girls? You to write to somebody letters so earlier? Or it also
with you for the first time? You were in our country before? I never to visit your country
but always dreamed. I probably have it is a lot of questions for you, but I to want to
know about you more. Ask to me questions also, I shall try to answer them. My parents have
been a little surprised that I to meet someone on the Internet, but I explain them all.
Excuse that my English not so well, but to try to study it every day. I very much to want
receive it is more than letters from you and new pictures. Bye - bye.
Your new friend Yuliya